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  1. Blade and Soul: RNG Hell

    10 silver for one key at level 8?? I didnt' even make one silver yet.
  2. BNS crash before getting into the game

    In that case it may be that they are currently investigating the bug. Or... they just told you to sod off.
  3. Blade and Soul: RNG Hell

    Let me tell you a story about RNjesus. My friend introduced me to this game and I decided, lyn were cute. So I made a pretty awesome blade dancer and was going swimmingly across things. Rnjesus didn't hurt me at all because my friend gave me little wings to spread and fly across it, that character is currently 29 and no complaints. I decided to make an assassin for something a bit different in terms of playstyle. Everything is going fine before I hit the first rnjesus. Apperantly, I'm satan, because RNjesus did not forgive me for my sins of just having a friend pass me through the content. I required the stalker dagger to use as an upgrade material for my blade, so it can be all wooshy wooshybadass. instead I got 8 stalker guantlets, 2 stalker bangles, 2 stalker staffs, 3 stalker warlock things, 2 stalker lynx blades, and 2 stalker swords. Then, I was out of keys. Now, here's the kicker. I am unable to obtain the weapon through the market place until later. I am unable to trade until level 15. I am out of keys. The fact I had to spin the dumbass wheel for an hour was stupid in itself. RNG for endgame content, or cosmetics is fine, double rnjesus for a required weapon to upgrade your current one at level freakin' 8? Are you *cricket*ing shitting me? That's not fun, that's not hard, that's just stupid. Of course, keys and seals are overly priced in this game and you can only reliably get them through quests, so I would have to literally backtrack to get the blade then upgrade it and still feel pretty far behind in the process. Look, the game's combat and cosmetic system is really rad, but that rngness is just... so... broken. No one should ever have to suffer just to progress their weapon... BUT THEY DO! Apperantly these steps occur multiple times in the damn game! A solution? Remove weapon chests and just... give them class weapons. There are so many classes that all have unique weapons that it's way too painful to have to deal with opening up a chest and getting jack shit for another class. After just dealing with getting the chest itself. That's only for the wheel of *cricket* you. I haven't experienced raids or anything like that yet so end game content I'm clueless on.
  4. BNS crash before getting into the game

    If you spent 120 dollars for it, and get a faulty product which they will not give you professional support for, that may be grounds for a lawsuit y'know.
  5. So the help button is broken

    I don't know if it's just me, but I needed some help with my Ncoin business (which I already found a thread for that). After a very fustrating day of rng taking a warm *cricket* down my back and losing 18 keys to get absolutely nothing, I tried to open a ticket and just see if I could report my lack of ncoins after 2 hours of purchasing them and nothing happening. So I hit esc, click help. And ads pop up, the same intro ads for future dlcs and the shop that I'm having trouble with. I realize no one would be so mental to put ads on the help button and no actual help so clearly this must be a bug, right?