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  1. Just sharing some love and knowledge about Soul Fighter <3

    hi,dears. I'm glad both of you found this useful but as I mentioned in my original post, I already quit the game for almost a year now or may be a bit less. I gave away my main SF account to someone else before I left ages ago and last I heard was that they got it permanently banned. (well,shame haha) So the info up there and that I currently know about SF is more likely to be somewhat out of date. However,what I wrote up there and what I know is about SF since its release on NA/EU server till the date I left so there is that but I'm not updated on any new changes since the date I left. I'm really glad someone found the info useful,however. Also,for the earth or frost question,honestly,back in my days,both were great in their own way. I personally always preferred frost (at least for melee stance). When SF first came out,you could go frost+earth hybrid so I used to go frost melee and earth ranged but then it forced us later to choose 1 of both elements for both stances (kind of sad,loss of flexibility in builds but it is what it is) When SFs as well as most other classes were forced to build for 1 element or the other at some point,I went SF frost and never looked back since then. Aside from the fact that frost was pretty fun to play (at least for me),Earth was easier to do more damage with early on but later on,when people got certain high level bracelets with effects,there was a bracelet stronger than dragon bracelet for frost SF which made it become op at this point when you could get that bracelet or so I heard. Other than that,I'd say both builds back then were almost equally good,imo but different play style. If you're into more anicancel combo then you go Earth but if you hate anicancel like myself then Frost is your friend. 2 things to notice also about frost,Frost storm which is frost's V allow you to hit and do other skills while its in action while King Fist which is earth's V doesn't allow such luxury but the attack itself yields more damage than frost storm.That's how it was at least till I quit the game. However,I've always found it easier to stack chi levels on frost than on Earth.It definitely became easier to stack them on Earth build as well later after SF remake but I still felt frost was faster at stacking. it could be just me,however. Frost storm can also cause some fps drops for lower spec machines due to its effects..Even on lower graphics but its not a very big issue in most cases or was not for me,at least. To say the least,frost storm (V skill for frost) was so op that it could 1 hit multiple ppl in battlegrounds that they had to nerf it multiple times already and I still found it amazing even after multiple nerfs so there is that. In PVP,I find frost better for CC and earth better for breaking/disabling defenses so I believe earth works better against stuff like BM or KFM,etc but then again I might be wrong on that. I've gone mostly Frost either ways and it worked very well so except against some classes that blocked approach skills like Summoners or FM,those I could beat,too but struggled against more than most others specially after they increased cooldown on the elbow smash 1 counter from 3 to 6 sec ;_; So in short,I'd say ask other SFs about these stuff because,again,I'm not really up to date of how it is now..Much could have changed so my info could be invalid in some way so it would be safer to confirm from other SF mains who still play. My point of view here is based on my knowledge a year ago or so before I quit. Thanks for the great compliments and I wish you good luck and best of wishes,dears. <3
  2. Greetings, Introduction: (Feel free to skip my insignificant trashy introduction and move right to next subtitle if you prefer to get right to the point.Cheers. <3 ) I don't know if anyone remembers me or not (probably not since I'm rather an insignificant person not worthy of recognition) but anyway,my soul fighter was Lune Violette from NA-Zulia server and I was Crimson faction. My other characters were NightSwan, Nona Jojo, Seeress Yeul and was also known as "Vengeance" if anyone ever cared to check my account name,anyway. haha c: I've made my SF since it was released on NA and well,I've quit on May or June this year and gave my account to someone else since I basically wanted to quit the game for good then later,I was told that my ex-account got permabanned for some reasons but it doesn't really matter as I already quit ages ago so if you can see my characters still there and playing,that's not the actual me,that's the other person. Sorry for the long details but I thought I'd point that out. Anyway,when I gave my account to that other person,I sent them a notepad with my experience and what I managed to learn about SF in the time I played it so it might help them play my SF (since it was my main and most geared so easier for them) if they wanted to. My noob humble knowledge of SF class: (The information I want to share in this post are below this) While I understand I'm an insignificant noob,I thought to share the contents of that notepad with what I managed to learn about SF in hopes it might inspire or help any SF out there in anyway: (Notice that it could be out of date since I quit since May or June this year 2018 and I don't know if there were any significant changes to SF since then) (Notice also that my information are mostly about frost SF rather than earth,I have knowledge about both but I've personally always loved and played frost mostly so I've got more knowledge about frost SF than earth SF and its just a matter of personal preference,really) (Notice that I also had all SF HM skills,Blue Moon badge and 60 HM Pts from HM levels) There you go (copy pasta from my notepad): How to frost SF.txt "This is for frost SF only: RMB(right punch) in melee>1-2 energy 10 energy=able to do F Iron Shoulder. F>1 chi 5 chi=able to do V frost storm on melee or windstorm on ranged. V>golden dragon stack 3 golden dragon stack+5 chi=able to do V Ice Helix on melee. V Ice Helix> consumes all golden dragon and chi stacks and gives rising buff for 15 sec instead. Rising buff>X chi burst=more heal. Basic melee combo: RMB>F 1 chi 2>F 1 chi X 1 chi V at 5 chi Z>V>hold RMB>V Better not Z when you have 3 golden dragon stacks so you won't waste the free stack from Z. Advanced Ranged+melee combo: Melee: X 1 chi 2>F 1 chi RMB>F 1 chi Switch ranged: V 1 chi then spam RMB+LMB anicancel 2 1 chi V>2>RMB+LMB basic ranged combo. Tab switch back to melee and V frost storm. Ranged 3 skill step 3 (Ice Coil)> 5 chi instantly+switches back to melee So 3 in ranged then you get switched to melee automatically and use V frost storm. Intermediate rotation: Start with ranged and do 3 (on ranged) then V frost storm (on melee) then Z>V>hold RMB>V Now,you have 3 golden dragon stacks and next frost storm will become an Ice Helix instead (stronger frost storm and gives rising effect instead of golden dragon) Try to collect 5 chi quickly while you have 3 golden dragon stacks to do ice helix as follows: In melee: X 1 chi 2>F (Breeze Kick) 1 chi RMB>F (Iron shoulder) 1 chi Then you can stay melee and RMB>F,etc till you get 5 chi for V (Ice helix) OR switch ranged and V>RMB+LMB anicancel>2 Ranged V=1 chi Ranged 2=1 chi Then switch back melee with tab and V Ice helix. Use stage 3 counter (1 skill) on pve and stage 1 for pvp. Stage 2 (the block) only useful for blocking stuff like Asura orb,etc. When you do Ice helix,your 3 golden dragon stacks are consumed and you get rising effect instead which has 15 sec duration. During rising effect,your X (chi burst) has stronger healing for party,etc so try to do your X(chi burst) after you do Ice helix and have the rising effect. You have 6 dashes,3 in melee mode Q,E,SS and 3 in ranged Q,E,SS. You have 3 gab closers (charges) in melee,2 and Q and E. Also stage 1 counter (1 skill) teleports you behind enemy when successful but that's more pvp. SS dash on melee switches you to ranged mode so you can SS twice if you're in melee mode. In melee mode,pick stage 2 3 skill which does KNOCKDOWN on pve and stage 3 of same skill which does KNOCKBACK (and blocks DEFENSE skills) on PVP. On pve,picking stage 2 of 3 skill on melee means you can joint 2 Knockdowns on melee mode so your 3 and 4 skill are joint knockdowns. On ranged mode,4 skill is 2 joint stun. Stage 2 chi burst (X heal skill) is good on pve for HP buff but stage 1 better for PVP for counter and defense buff. Use 50 of your hongmoon points in offense in P menu and 10 in defense to get the bonus which lets you get +100 AP when you IFrame damage.That's for PVE. But for PVP,better go for 10 points in debuff defense,10 points health regeneration and 20 defense,rest in offense. Try to get Sagewood badge from TOI shop in Mushin's instead of Bluemoon badge. Sagewood badge lets your F Ironshoulder give 3 chi instead of 1 chi. BlueMoon badge lets your F Breeze Kick on (2>F) combo give 1 chi instead of no chi and increases Breeze kick damage by a good sum. Both are nice but I think Sagewood is faster for collecting more V froststorms. Using X heal (chiburst) for hp buff makes potion (healing Tonic) healing better because,it heals max hp % and X stage 2 increases that max HP for all party including yourself. It also makes C (invincibility skill) small healing better because of same reason. Ranged 3 can get cooldown reset from weapon effect but Z skill doesn't get cooldown reset so that's why you do ranged 3 then V frost storm first before Z>V frost storm combo. X in melee gives you 20% more crit damage and Ice Helix V gives you more crit damage % as well for some seconds. Having 5 chi or using Z while you're in ranged stance enables you to do F windstorm instead of V froststorm. Windstorm gives you 1 golden dragon stack as well and has life drain/lifesteal so its good if you need healing/sustain and generally better PVP than PVE because,its damage is not as good as V frost storm on melee and it can't become Ice Helix like V froststorm can. Melee X skill,use stage 1 of it on pve but stage 3 on pvp (which blocks defense skills and lets you charge at enemy if they block/counter) SF AERIAL COMBOs: Aerial combo in melee is 2(stage 2 of charge skill lets it stun) then LMB then F Or in general,you need enemy to be stunned then you LMB them when they're stunned to aerial then F to knock them down and get 100% evasion thing. Aerial combo in ranged,you'll need to get stage 2 of 2 skill in ranged (displace) and you'll need to stun enemy then ranged 2 them which aerials them then hold/spam F windstorm while they're in air. SF In PVP is more about timing your dashes,counter (1) and using both your Aerials more often. Ranged mode is better for sustain/lifesteal/healing while melee mode is better for breaking enemy defense/counter,dealing more damage and CC/disables/freezes. Most basic thing you wanna do in PVP is land successful Z>V>hold RMB>V combo which should freeze enemy. Your ranged 3>V combo. Your 2 aerial combos. Your ranged V>RMB+LMB anicancel combo. On pvp,its better to go for stage 2 frost storm V(which pulls enemies towards you and casts it around you like a shield)and to go stage 2 RMB (right punch) which lets it collect chi slower than stage 1 but lets it chill enemy on crit which is much better for PVP. Stage 2 ranged RMB is better as well for the freeze. On PVP,collecting chi through basic combos is not as important as it is in PVE but it focuses more on doing Aerials along with the quick methods for V frost storm like Z>V or ranged 3>V,etc because,its harder to hit your enemy more often on PVP if they're not disabled/CCed. Stage 1 counter is pretty good against Summoners and FMs in PVP. Make sure you time them right to be able to deal better against those 2 in PVP as SF. Same story for Q and E." Cheers and I do hope my humble noob knowledge of frost SF helps or inspires you in anyway. <3 Goodbye: (Just goodbyes from an insignificant someone aka myself who deserves no goodbyes so you can skip reading that,too if you'd like) I've had both nice moments and sad moments in this game and I'll admit that I rather enjoyed both and probably learnt something or 2 as well. :P I love and miss you all,sweet people whether the ones who used to be on my old NA-Juwol server or the ones who were on my (after merge) NA-Zulia server including the positive,the normal and the toxic. I miss and love all of you from my very nice old friends and guild mates like Bromosexual, Wiccassan, Tulls and later Rainage and RainWind and all the others!! to "Rich Chigga" and "SporkFuSensei whom I enjoyed to troll every now and then (with good intention!Honest :D ) *cough* I wish you all goodluck and fine days. If my characters are still being played,that's not me. If I ever come back to this game,I'm more likely to start fresh on EU server (since ping is slightly better for me on EU server) and try out assassin again since it was alot of fun for me as I leveled it before I quit. Eventhough,I doubt I'll ever be back to this game. Goodbye,sweet people of old NA-Juwol server and of the after merge NA-Zulia server as well as the sweet people I met in cross server occasionally. <3 Regards, Lune Violette (Vengeance)
  3. Greetings, I can access this account on both the launcher and the NCSoft official site while I can access my other account through the launcher but NOT through the NCSoft/Bns official site. I wanted to change the email of my other account but now,I can't because of this. I've logged out of this account before trying to log in the other and I also remember trying this months ago and same thing happened. When I try to log in my other account through whether NCSoft site login or Blade and Soul site login,it says something like "error!Something went wrong on our end". It's probably worth mentioning that my other account got hacked/hijacked a year or 2 ago but was retrieved by NCSoft/bns support who helped me change its email and password back then to keep it protected. Anyone knows how to solve this problem,please? I have already submit a ticket but thought I'd ask here as well,in case there is something I can do myself to fix it because,I'm really confused,at the moment.
  4. Account Hacked: Should You Risk Spending Money on NCSoft?

    I won't reply to the white knights I already replied to as I stand by my rule: "Don't expect anymore replies as long as you insist to lie/defend your lie because,it would be a waste of time for both of us." They are just repeating themselves and I definitely replied to all what they said before logically but they are exposed and their tricks are out of date so they can't think of any other means but repeating each others' words as if they use some fixed "formats" that they say to others.. This is to other "normal" people: To prove to people that what the white knight was saying was completely non sense though I will explain how this: " im too lazy to check the link now and besides im sure u know of it urself in which the mod basically said that the hacked accounts got hacked cuz of either 3rd party software or using the same email/pass combination on another compromised site. Ontop of that i also want to say that i said this even b4 the mod mentioned it. " is actually a big "lie". I for one never used my log in info anywhere else but in the "Official" game launcher and "Official" forums.I never tried to get hacks for this game nor was interested in them. I like to play my game fair and square to fully enjoy it..I never bought gold as I am a full F2P player so never even bought gold using NC let alone from gold spammers..ha And guess what,guys?I still got hacked.. Users won't shut up..Their stuff got hacked and hence their right got violated..NC is responsible to recover that and that is unquestionable.. Idk even who these white knights are,they might be even disguised members from NCsoft itself trying to let us give up to reduce complaints and support work but yea I said "might" so its just a guess.. They also might be the hackers and gold spammers we are suffering from and trying to protect themselves by indirectly giving NCSoft false feedback so they can keep their security lowered. You never know. All I know is that they look pretty much like a minority.Bothersome "special cases". Hence,people,please,you shouldn't follow their lies mindlessly and not just follow their misleading evidence but sniff for a real valid evidence. Notice how they lie,people. :) Look how they are exposed and keep exposing themselves even more..Funny...May be the truth and simple logic are irritating them so much? However,let's not bother with them anymore that their lies are brought to light and they are exposed now anyway... They are not but distorting us from asking for our right and preventing us from delivering the proper feedback to NCSoft.. They are to be ignored beyond this point,imo. Sorry for inconvenience but I couldn't stand but clean the mess around here because,it has gone off limits.
  5. Account Hacked: Should You Risk Spending Money on NCSoft?

    Wow how adorable..A white knight protecting his brother in arms white knight. Wow I am so touched. Keep coming,white knights..I think my comment was quite the bait?ehh it wasn't meant to be a bait at first place but it still works and shows people who are the white knights around here. :o Logical explanation?lol I already put logical explanation in my first comment here but you know white knights like to put whatever lies they want and try to prove the logical illogical so I am not trying to convince the white knights further more..It is a waste of time. :o What else?What else?hmm,ohhh yess!Fun fact:Calling what I say bull and trying to indirectly tell me I am ignorant and need more "education" indicates something! Guess what that could be?It indicates that you yourself are ignorant and what you say is bull so you try to tell others they are what you are so they would defend themselves instead of attacking you in that weakness point.. Ohh guess what else?Your friend @Taemek is trying to do the same thing and calling me ignorant as well..Wow,modern white knighting I guess.You definitely didn't see what I did there. :v Try harder! ^_- White knight harder,please. Lie more so people can see where the truth lies. It's so clear that you guys are lying (what you are calling "logic" is filled with flaws and not supported by "logical" evidence and you know that better :v) so go tell your mommy to teach you not to lie then come reply back to me when you have learnt how to say the truth and stop lying..Good idea,right? ^^ At least,my mom taught me not to lie..Even if I am being "ignorant" as you say (though you know well who is the ignorant here :v) then being ignorant is far better than being an unethical liar,don't you agree??? But yea,I am not replying to your brother in arms Taemek either,guess why?why? :) THIS: Don't expect anymore replies as long as you insist to lie/defend your lie because,it would be a waste of time for both of us.(logical?) You just needed to take your share of the cake but yea same applies to you as well,later. Good bye and with respect. <3
  6. I'am amazed by the increase amount of upset ppl

    I believe this is one big reason for people being more upset: Be careful,secure your account with 10000000 locks..Hackers seem to have kinda went on a rampage recently.
  7. Account Hacked: Should You Risk Spending Money on NCSoft?

    Shhh..Don't let them notice it so they won't remove it. XD
  8. Account Hacked: Should You Risk Spending Money on NCSoft?

    I am chill.Trust me if I wasn't even half chill,you would not be able to reply at first place. Encourage NCsoft to let its security down more. :) Keep white knighting till you eventually get hacked,hun but when you get hacked don't come back to these posts you used to white knight in crying..No one will know you. ^^ The people can see your lies..You are just making it worse as it shows you are more of a hypocrite. D: Try harder. ^_- As you see,my post was kinda general and wasn't directed at someone exactly so getting offended at my post feels like "HEY,STOP IT,I am a white knight!" or "HEY,STOP IT,those white knights are my friends." You do understand that those hackers can know alot of info,business deals or whatever personal info you have on email..You do know that getting your account hacked here vents off to your email? You do know that this risks your IP address getting hacked as well (I will let you search for what hackers can do with an IP address yourself ^_-) and NCSoft is unintentionally/indirectly being their medium to do that? Are you aware that some people's money and credit cards are at risk of being stolen when they play blade and soul now (speaking of paying players)? As if these questions would convince a white knight to stop lying anyway..May be I am being abit more optimistic today but nah,I am sure 95% it won't stop them from lying. Shame,I see some white knights are even starting to defend even bots recently..lmao What if those white knights are the bots and hackers and trying to indirectly defend themselves and make it easier to hack others by indirectly giving NCSoft false feedback (that its not even partially their fault)?(Just guessing but you never know?) Hint hint,NCSoft. Well,you can call me a dark knight then?I hate hypocrites and liars. :v The irony is that assuming I am a "dark" knight,I am trying to fight the wrong ideas and the lies "white" knights are trying to put in other people's minds using logic. I am not trying to convince white knights of my words and I already explained why..However,I am trying to guide others who read their lies so they can see the logical point of view which shows how little sense their lies actually make. :) I am actually going easy on the white knights on here..That is my first stage..It's not worth exerting anymore effort! I am not even sure if those white knights are even "real" people. :v Btw,hackers don't need to enter your email to change your password (when you change password from site here,it sends you notification in email but doesn't ask for a confirmation from email ^_-)...Imo,its vice versa where our accounts getting hacked is what led them to our mails hence venting them off there and letting the problem become even more serious. Nice try on that one,it could deceive someone else but not me.Try harder,hun.*claps slowly* Oh I almost forgot to add,as far as I recall,I never got hacked till I played this game..I never tried any other NCSoft game but this one gives me quite the "impression"..I have been using the internet for more than 10 years now,played tons of MMORPGs and I even used to play a MMORPG which had many people from vietnam etc (and many good hackers) that one day,I saw a hacker hacking the GM on chat and blocking GM chat and guess what?I never got hacked in that game either..I didn't even get hacked in "Runescape".Do you remember "Runescape"? LOL You tell me more about the individual faults,hun.. Behold the cool white knight lies,people. ^^ Don't expect anymore replies as long as you insist to lie/defend your lie because,it would be a waste of time for both of us.(logical?) <3
  9. Account Hacked: Should You Risk Spending Money on NCSoft?

    Roflmfao. That's because,the hackers change the password once they steal players' accounts so players can't access their main forum account either and have to use a new account with a new forum profile to be able to post on forum again. The real irony is that you couldn't figure the reason yet find it ironic that this happens.
  10. Account Hacked: Should You Risk Spending Money on NCSoft?

    I am so tired of white knighting. I am putting these here and nuff said: I am not here to convince people to stop the white knighting.. I am 90% sure most of the white knights are either hypocrite who know that they are wrong but just think they might gain something (or actually were promised to gain something) off this or are biased where they think they are right and can never be wrong.. In both cases,only way for them to be convinced that the matter is really serious is by getting their own accounts hacked. (assuming that all of them are normal players and not disguised NCSoft staff members who would normally try to act they aren't through a sarcastic reply or absolute denial..No offense but I believe business is business and won't be surprised if that actually happened). I am here to show others that what the white knights are actually trying to prove like "The matter is not that serious and its your problem.Must be from your end and NCSoft has nothing to do with it." doesn't make sense at all and is not but mere lies.Why? Are those 4 links I sent up there not enough to convince you that the matter is serious enough or do you want to keep white knighting till you get hacked yourself?(up to you but when you get hacked yourself,we will tell you the same thing and white knight like you did so you can feel how it feels like ^^) Do all those people that encountered the hack issues (which are many as mentioned in the Dev post) get the problem because of their own errors with NCsoft being completely innocent? If that is ok with you then I will tell you that terrorists kill people because,they don't carry weapons and not trained well enough to defend themselves not because,the security in their countries failed to detect the terrorists before they caused trouble. (Same logic,deal with it) Should people have an application firewall like the ones used in big banks so we can play B&S or something? I got hacked recently as well and just got my account recovered yesterday..Also,I can't access my main forum account till now because of this.(using my alternate forum account). I am also 100% free player so I don't use Paypal etc. Lie more,white knights..Try to deceive us more but bear in mind that we are not naieve nor little kids that you can fool easily..Try harder. ^_-
  11. What pisses me off the most

    Have you guys tried to accept their friend request then delete them from friend list after? I think that might shut them up. lol

    @little bucky Ok,I FINALLY got my account back today. As promised,I am gonna tell you what happened: First the support sent me a mail with these questions: • What are the names of any characters (and the server they are on) that you are hoping to recover? • What date of birth did you use when you created the account? • List all possible emails that you would have used on the NC Account. • Does anyone you know have your password? • What is the country/city where the account was first created? • Did you login your account outside the country? If yes, please specify the country. • Did you recently change the email of your account? That was after I sent ticket by like 4-6 hours. I sent them the reply like 3 hours later when I checked the email again. They replied back after like 12 hours or more and told me they temporarily banned my account so it would stay safe and to make a new email and send them another ticket from that new mail with mentioning my older ticket number so they can follow up the case. I sent them back after like 1-2 hours when I noticed the mail. they really take their time and after like 10 hours or more they reply back and tell me that my account now uses the new email and ask me to put a new password,verify through email etc and after some minutes I could log in back. I find everything I had not changed..All my gold,outfits etc are all the same on my both characters..(I am relatively poor to begin with,I have only around 40 gold total on both characters if not less T_T). Only thing that changed is that it asks me to put a new forum name,I try to put the one I used before I got hacked and it would tell me that name is already in use! I just sent them a ticket to get that matter fixed,I also ask them to give me back the wasted spins on my daily dash because,they took some good time to fix that I missed around 4 free spins already. :( Seeing that my account is pretty much the same in terms of gold etc,I am not sure if the hacker really hacked me to steal gold or stuff etc. He might have hacked me to steal my stuff but probably had my account on reserve and didn't have time to steal its stuff before it got recovered or may be someone who wanted to prevent me from progressing in game or logging in,in general or may be someone who wanted to sell the account itself or may be he wanted to use the account himself though it seems that my characters were not used by the hacker at all. May be they felt pity for me because,I am so poor u_u?lol May be its someone who is trying to attack NCsoft themselves by just hacking the accounts of others to get people to leave game which would be a strategy of one of the game's competitors or just very dissatisfied clients that just want revenge? You never know. Anyway,judging from the increasing number of the hack incidents the past few days that I can see on the forums,I think Blade and soul security has been breached one way or another (even if "some" users were not aware and shared part of the blame) and NCsoft needs to be careful or else they might lose many customers in little time. Getting hacked is a really serious matter,NCsoft,be careful! (in case anyone of their staff reads this) It scares clients off and gets them dissatisfied very quickly so they won't trust you anymore either specially when it messes up with their privacy in the process.Hence,that might affect all your current games and games you release in the future. This is not but an advice and my opinion on the matter. I hope you recover your account soon,little bucky.
  13. Yura Fanart (Mature Content)

    It actually looks nice.. Just keep working on it. :)
  14. character info and market place doesnt show status

    Wow it always has been like that for me that I thought its something normal. Good to know its just another bug.
  15. Soul Fighter

    lol,Its inevitable to reduce that flame whether a new class comes out or not..It will inevitably increase because of many things. The game undoubtedly has many issues and they increase with every new patch (as far as I have noticed). Some people have little patience..Wait,that's like many people... You wanna stop like 70% of community if not more from flaming on forums?Good luck.lol Also new classes get people busier normally because,they level new character and get something new to do so it might actually have somewhat its own positive effect till they get their characters to max.