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  1. Warlocks dps

    LMAO can't believe you posted this, Here on NA/EU servers it's against the rules to use a macro or any 3rd software that alternates the skill to mouse. Surprised you havent been banned yet....Since you moreless just admit to using both? Has for the videos and damage, you should explain gear first since your under preforming....I hit with Helix over 20k+ and 10k on Bombarbment right button skill I'm on Master Hong, Lvl 50 HM8 Warlock 637 AP, 60.01% CRIT and 114% ACCU Even though I quit the game 2 weeks ago, due to the Aggro reset bug where game thinks Locks are a melee class. If they ever gave a response and a fix to it , then I might comeback.......Thats why I check forums ever 2 days
  2. Warlock Noob build

    Well full shadow, but if he just starting out doubt he would have hm book for tier 5 volley on right click. So bombarment is still the the way to go for right click, combined with shadow helix....for non-stop dps spamming
  3. Mob Resetting

    Ya I canceled my membership, due to this bug or having to stay in melee range crap...Warlocks are a ranged class. I've had floors in Muchin, get boss down to 10% or lower and it resets like 4-5 times. With no real responses from admins or dev or support. So screw NcSoft, I go to Black Desert They seam to like my money more. Great game but 2 patches ago this reset crap was reported by many.....
  4. Hacks etc etc

    So since playing for about two months now, I've seen 4-5 speed hackers in soulstone plains, reporting them does nothing far has I can tell....See them there everyday My favorite still is the horde of bots all on top of each other mostly destroyers going around killing faction npc's its funny due to they all vanish and all on top same target each time Now that im 50 decided to go pvp did well starting but thats expected Then harder matches was fun, got my ass handed to me a good bit. Then I got a match with a Destroy it was like he was teleporting all over the stage, then a match with a summoner that spent the entire match flying high in the air...Kill the pet and it respawned instantly, with summoner still in the air...2th match with summoner I ran out shackled him soon has he jumped never seen my chains go that high before for the entire durations and not once did he come down. Was excited about new content coming out, since my warlock cant go any higher in gear at the moment at 630 ap now. But now not has excited anymore, due to all the botting and hacks that take away the fun. Now dont get me wrong I've seen bots that havent seen in awhile most likely banned. But I have seen premium paid accounts that are bots that have been reported several times from soulstone plains but they never get banned has of yet. Is it due to them paying for premium membership? Most likely... Myself and alot of friends about 30 of us came to this game from En Mass Entertainment Tera due to hacks and bots starting to over run the game. Most of my friends are pvpers and most have been having talks of leaving to go to Black Desert or Paragon since most of us received beta invites...Was just sent a Founder pack for Paragon for free in a email from that company. Cause its seam like game hack prevention for this game doesnt really solve anything...which has happened in the past with other games. Bots doesnt bother me that bad in pve, just pvp.... Only thing bothered me was I played KR BNS and TW BNS servers when my father was stationed in Korea. Its way cheaper to upgrade and get stuff on those servers,by almost x6 then it is here...But Ncsoft has been known to be greedy in the past before. Korea,, TW servers they are allowed to use macros, but we arent allowed or be banned? Which in my opinion is kinda stupid since Ncsoft is pushing to be in the world tournaments against them. Let me point out that over there in the tournaments they are ALLOWED to use their own keyboard and mouses with Macro's. It has only been talked about changing the rules to Allow the marco's up till the final 10 then switching out the gaming keyboards and mouses with standard ones. So NcSoft wants NA &EU servers to compete against KR servers that are allowed to use macros, But we cant?.........LMAO For people that dont believe about the Macro's go look it up on the official tournament rules. There is alot of highly skilled players on NA and EU, but sorry that can never compete with Macros. I'll most likely keep playing, with hopes that the botting and hacks get dealt with...But will mostly quit soon has they try to merge pvp with korea and tw..due to the marco's Thx for reading my wall of rants, have a nice day Oh forgot so editing this in for people that want the link can;t post it here might be against rules but can say Ncsodt wants to merge with kr and tw servers for Esports pvp and tournaments. So just look up Official Esports page But I can link a topic that has already talked about marcos and 3rd party software that KR and TW server are allowed to use:
  5. My warlock is at 613 AP, when I run yeti or anything else I just go with what I'm matched up with. Not see the point in waiting 20 mins to a hour to find a perfect team. Then when Im done doing Dailies and main dungeons, I spend cpl hours just helping lower levels get thru stuff. Rather have many friends then just 3-5 people that have high AP, cause you never know when those people could be banned or just grow bored and move onto something else. But I'll say this I've seen 500+ ap groups 6 man that still die on Yeti, cause they dont know the mechanics of boss fights Then go WTH the person with 450 ap is carrying the group.... I rather have a group of 420+ ap people that know their skills and mechanic of a boss fights. Then a 500+ ap team that dont know mechanic or when proper time to use skills
  6. Warlock Gems

    I used Ap, Life leech, Evasion on crit and evasion 500 The evasion is op for yeti
  7. Class discrimination - can we please not do this?

    I feel same way not matter about how much AP you have, long has you know the mechanics. I'll take a party with 420 AP or less if they know what to do..... over a 500 ap group anyday
  8. The pitfalls of character creation...

    That is AWESOME
  9. I have no problem making 150 soul stones everyday, just rescuing bodies in pvp
  10. I believe in that also, But NCsoft is pushing for NA servers to be in the Esports. Just dont think it be right that KR and other asia servers can use them against us, that doesnt prove they are better
  11. Regarding forum account

    I log I log in from main site and then go forums, if some how it doing it to another account its Ncsoft side not mine
  12. Regarding forum account

    Good luck getting a answer for this....I myself Was WADofMEAT on the forums, after the first big update my name changed to this. Even though my profile still says its WADofMEAT Yet they still havent answered my forum topic about it or my ticket
  13. Well I just gave the rules for the Esport, NcSoft wants in the the world of Esport....but its ok for them to use such programs till the semi finals, but not us. NcSoft will have to make changes to the rules on macros and keybinding for NA/EU servers to be able to use also
  14. Just looked up KR rules on Esport, it says key remapping and marcros are not forbided but they think people should only use key remapping to make it easier on the player 1 command per key, but cant really tell if someone is setting more then 1 bind per a key . Think this is the reason they saying this year at semi finals and finals only a standard keyboard and 2 button mouse will be used Also there is many many topic on their forums about facing NA/EU in future tournaments even NCsoft wants in on the action But NcSoft forbids and marcro or keybinds to mouses etc etc So ya they want to face us with their marco's up till semi finals, since we arent allowed to use them
  15. This is their saying about macros: Macro usagePer se, it is not forbid. They are used for repetitive task, and on PvP they are used for things like anicancel and maybe some little combo where it is possible. Used a lot on PvE. Even when forbid, there is no way to understand if you were using a macro or you just play that way (please notice about difference between macro usage and cheating: they are two different things). They have also said Macro's will be allowed up till the semi finals after that they will be blocked from using same has it was last year. Like I tell people you watch the videos of them ranking up they only hitting 1-2 buttons....but come semi or final matches the macros are disabled and you see them struggling and tapping keys like crazy to win