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  1. So just to get this straight, we need to get past Floor 4 and finish the side quest to continue right? Or is the letter from Our Dear Friend Snake Skin but currently not in them Lady, The last quest? As in Until an update in which they add the new area/next arc, That quest will remain there... Just making sure I'm not trying to do Mushin unprepared Since people are calling it "End-Game" which for me means it's the thing you do when the story ends. PS: Managed to get to the 4th floor but 700k might be too much for my gear, surprised I even got it's health to 50% with a "
  2. Low or Moderate. It'll be sad if you expect nothing at all. If it's reasonable then it's fine. Thinking about it It's sad that that's the kind of mentality we have to go by, but it's the only logical and reasonable thing to do.
  3. The one I see isn't started by him, seriously the only one I know from him is talking about the store. I mean if you Power Level your self to the "End Game" sure and if you think combat is all there is to it. Depends on what you expect from the game. Always keep expectations low or moderate and be pleasantly surprised.
  4. Shows you how people likes to disregard other people's concern. Like some of the people who posted here who told Wish to pretty much STFU
  5. Your welcome. Yes you are lucky I'm not your father else I'd be playing all the games you play. That and If I had you as a kid I would have some SERIOUS pick up lines when I was 5 (Assuming your a teen)
  6. Well that's good to know, personally I haven't seen any issues I Assassinate as an Assassin.
  7. Monster Hunter Online. Phantasy Star Online 2. I'm sure you can find some if you look. I'm not your father.
  8. Sadly I won't be able to help you since I'm under Master Hong's Server Flag. But I do bid you luck in your vendetta
  9. There's quite a lot of games that are Region locked. For one they don't want their servers having influx of players from another region when that region can has it's own servers. It might also be a way to keep their servers stable. Could be a variety of reasons.
  10. It's fine man. You make some good arguments and points don't want them being brushed aside by people claiming it's a rant of a Hater.
  11. Again the whole balancing issue you mentioned. Shouldn't they have "Fixed" that is what I was talking about. I apologize for the confusion.
  12. Atleast those trying to be serious guilds. Personally I've seen very few guilds who are running/Pvping as groups. Keyword is FEW I saw some but that was 2 groups in a full week.
  13. Just saying, since that's what your comment sounded like to me, they literary left the game broken even when they had the fix. Also why not push back the game when it's fixed?
  14. Right like Gear totally can't carry you in BnS. Totally Soloed Dungeons PURELY cause of skill. Managed to Kill a few Reds all cause of skill totally not cause of my gear that game me ridiculous health and Evade stat. As I have mentioned in some other thread BnS' combat is tactical and that's a separate skill from what is required from BDO. BDO is more similar to FPS in skill requirement. More reaction and twitch based. Much like the arguments that defends BnS say: The moment you start to bad mouth others you lose credibility. Being respectful of other's opinion goes a l
  15. And this is why we can't have nice things. Hope you lose your money,
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