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  1. Ah, you're speaking of Sins that go for a timewin and only play with shuriken/bombs? No, you shouldn't do that.
  2. Of course it matters. Class balance is a system of rock paper scissor. Why should scissor run from paper? If a KFM wallhugs a Sin, it's simply more ok than a FM who is likely to win anyway Some good tips right there. Thanks for explaining it more detailed
  3. How to create an E-Sport game: Step 1: Easy access. No unneccessary leveling/getting skillbooks/xp grinding. Step 2: Good optimization Step 3: Good connection Step 4: Profit So.. apparently they skipped step 1 to 3 and just gone with 4..
  4. Well. I agree in that part that wallhugging directly from the start for 2 minutes is pretty lame. If you do that to me, I'll just /sit on you. Had a few matches where we waited for like 2.30 min until someone went for a little damage but I won because it's pretty unrealistic to win in such a case vs. a Sin. But, normal wallhugging is absolutely fine to me. It's not like it's that strong, honestly. Of course, neutral game as a Sin is pretty bad but you can dodge CC pretty good if you know how. Most people turn away from the wall once you're near them. Also, in many cases you can sti
  5. That's intense. I wish I had dev skills to make such a tool myself. It sucks so much that you can't play this game correctly without any kind of ping tool. Cheers
  6. Dude, that's crazy ping if it's true. I guess you're checking it with this ping tool from dojo? If so, this isn't really your real ping. We don't have a good way of finding out our ping but by guessing currently. The problem is that we get routed through US back to EU - doesn't make any sense, but it means that our ping is maybe at 60 (with a VPN) at best. If I use the dojo tool I'm at 30-40 (before update 20-30) to EU (Frankfurt) and to US (Dallas) 150-200 (100-150 before) but my real connection is more like 150-250.
  7. I actually live in germany and still have these problems. 25-30ms to Frankfurt but since like 2 days I have like a 200-400ms delay. Before that it was more like 100-200. I don't know what's going on but it can't be my fault because my connection is the same, I still have the same mb/s and everything.
  8. I don't know if it's Gameguard, though. Of course, Gameguard does effect performance and connection, but Gameguard is back since 2 weeks now? And I only have these immense connection issues since 2 days. I was at around 100-150 ping. Since Gameguard is back it's 130-200. Since 2 days it's more like 200-400. I don't know why. No idea. My connection is the same and I get the same mb/s as usual, so it can't be my fault.
  9. So is everyone who is experiencing worse lag from EU? (or atleast not from the US)
  10. Nah, it's not only you. Arena ping is the absolute worst today. I feel like I have 250ms, sometimes even 400ms delay on skills. This is ridiculous. I already quit PvE, so let's see how long I'm gonna stick with Arena if it's this bad. By the way, ping tools don't really help with ping currently. Dunno. Maybe a tiny little bit, but it's not big of a difference.
  11. 4.5/10 ++++ Gameplay. +++ PvP is pretty good. Balancing isn't the best but I've seen far worse. ++ PvE is fun for awhile. ---- Poor optimization. ---- Poor connection. Especially for EU. -- Botting. Pretty big problem. - Hacking. Not THAT many hackers, but still. -- You have to PvE to PvP / PvP to PvE. I personally don't like it. -- Grinding / Upgrading for PvE is or can be a problem. - -- Game has become P2W (for now.) / Leveling. I personally don't like it, but that's just me. / Questing. Some are fun. Daily quests can
  12. Yeah, you're right. I think I wrote something about this concerning the costume-gambling where some people spend a few hundred bucks on costumes to salvage them and get that one by transmutation. I don't know but isn't this form of MMO-gambling even restricted in some asian country?
  13. So you want to say that it's absolutely fine to make all endgame upgrading materials available for money simply because "it's fine if a company wants to maximize their profit"? Man, they could give us 10 costumes a week or make this game b2p. I wouldn't even care about that. There are other ways to make more money, but releasing a P2W event is simply wrong.
  14. Oh, no. I'm willing to spend money on costumes and whatever, but not on P2W stuff. You can whitewash this all you want, it simply isn't good. This isn't about server costs either. NC makes enough money out of this game to pay for servers AND make a profit. The profit just isn't as big as they'd like it to be. Edit: I can't even believe that people are used to stuff like this. Man, the F2P-MMO-market is *cricket*ed up.
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