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  1. Struggling to keep playing

    I know how you feel, I love everything about this game, but lately cant find anything to do, anything that I havent done 100 times before. So now I just log and do a few dailies, then off. Its a free MMO thou, even if you got bored like me we still had fun with it and besides, sooner or later all games get boring, then you simply move to a new one.
  2. Class discrimination - can we please not do this?

    Thers 2 easy solutions for this, 1: make your own group 2: go random. I for one rarelt join a pre made group, the auto group find system is one of the things I love in this game. Sure sometimes you get a really bad group, but most of the time its fine. Atm im with full Yeti and it was all with a random group. So dont take all that too serious :P
  3. Why everyone is quiting

    Im trying hard not to quit, because I think its an awesome game, graphics, combat, pvp. I dont lag, bots dont bother me at all, its just the lack of contant, you can do dailies and thats it, but after you do them all a few times, it gets very boring. But its a free MMO and I had a good few months, so there shouldnt really be anything to complain about.
  4. Why everyone is quiting

    Its nothing unusual that people quit games, it happanes everyday in every MMO. This past month over 15 players from my Clan quit, including the leader, no one mentioned bots or lag, they just got bored of the game, which is totaly normal for any game, you play it til you get bored of it, then you move on.
  5. Aslong I get to kill Jinsoyun im happy lol, she shouldnt be forgiven no metter of her past.
  6. I loved the story until the last chapter, it seems they are trying to make Jinsoyun look nicer, which I hate, I really just want to hurt her, badly, hope its what happens in the end.
  7. Daily Quest Limit

    I would like to do the new ones, but then I would have to skip E Fleet, Nightshade and Misty Woods Faction. I also cant find much to do without the dailies, really cant see the harm in increasing it by 20.
  8. Daily Quest Limit

    Hey guys, with this new patch my Daily Quest Limit gets burned within 3 hours, I usualy never had to worry or think about it at all, but now it needs to be increased. If you agree with me on this one, please leave a comment in hope NcSoft will hear us.
  9. Bad Community, why?

    Hehehe, nailed it indeed
  10. Hide Cat from UI?

    Hey guys, anyone know if thers a way to hide the Summoner Cat from the UI? As in CTRL+F but for the cat only?
  11. 3RF Macro Request

    Thing is ive been using the Razer Naga forever, its a mouse with 15 buttons, am really not used to clicking the numbers on the keyboard, and with the Naga I Just cant get the macro to work. Have a Diamond KFM in my legion and I asked him for advice, he told me his macro, and he has quite a few, but as we dont use the same mouse the macro wont work.
  12. 3RF Macro Request

    Pathetic cause I wanna use something 90% other gamers do too? Ok, thank you for that worthless and not helpfull at all comment, hope you got ur 3 min of fame, funny moment or the feeling of ur d*ck growing by an inch.
  13. 3RF Macro Request

    Hey guys, im using the razer naga with razer synapse, and was wondering if someone can PM me with a 3RF saved macro file? Ive been trying to make one, but it doesnt quite work as well as the ones I see elsewhere. If anyone is thinking about commenting wether macros are allowed or not, I have asked support and it seems that the kind of macro (razer naga) I am using is allowed.
  14. Bad Community, why?

    Hehehe I relate to the pking. Well, guess its gonna stay a mystery :P
  15. Bad Community, why?

    Hey guys, I dont mean to flame or anything, this is just something that both I and some of my mates kept wondering, its about the BnS Community beeing very toxic (rude, incredibly fast to insult others, easy to irritate and so on) and no, im not talking about the PvP lobby, people lose, get angry, I understand that, im talking in general. I understand that people are people, no metter where you go you will always find good and bad ones, but ive been playing lots of MMOS and online games, and I have never met this many toxic players, and I just cant find a reason for that. So I was wondering if someone has the answer, whats so "special" about BnS, that it has this toxic of a community?