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  1. There should be a name cleanup for accounts(key word) that only have low levels and have been inactive for a certain duration. You guys need to realize that many of these accounts with level 1s and no activity are just holding names being sold on third party websites. NCSoft doing a name cleanup will enforce their own ToS.
  2. I assume you are westerner? I recommend 無盡的愛, a Jackie Chan song from movie "The Myth." I think you can search for it in english as Endless Love Jackie Chan
  3. That is very sad lol I usually post and strictly enforce 600+ just because people with higher gear are less likely to bid war on every single thing in the loot.
  4. I am Chinese and I think that it is obviously a difference in culture. Perhaps the liberal upbringing of Americans and Europeans actually makes them more self centered and competitive? Also think about it this way. I know Chinese people spend lot of money on games. Pay 2 win is very real for Chinese people. Our credit cards do our grinding. Therefore we have room to be more patient with newcomers because we don't need to be running dungeons for efficiency, for money. We just swipe our cards and get everything we want instantly. In this server indeed people feel they need to get goo
  5. My interest in the game has officially been doused by the continuing rise of Moonstone prices and fall of stinger prices. It felt reasonable when an item that i could get reliably from dailies was the same price as moonstones. New dungeons do increase potential daily supply of quest gold, but not gold/time to match inflation. The time has come for me to take a break and maybe peruse these forums and post occasionally, awaiting the day moonstones are greater in quantity.
  6. Thinking about replacing my beido pieces with Twisted. Any thoughts? I have heard that the new dungeons are "Less awful" than Nexus.
  7. 50$ I think is a reasonable price to include a Gender, Appearance, Race change and a Weapon swap voucher.
  8. Soulstones are obtained from quests that involve killing NPCs and mob. Except for 1 quest in Misty Woods. It is all PVE content in a place labeled as PVP but where PVP barely exists.
  9. People don't know yeti gives a damage buff via the heat. People don't know efficient rotations, how to play their classes. People play from places not even remotely close to the servers and latency kills their DPS. LFP is indeed pretty bad.
  10. Where do you live? There may be ping boosting options that put you on a more optimal connection route.
  11. First room is really easy. Just learn Chinese! The mob are numbered by Chinese numbers: Yi Er San Si Wu Liu Qi Ba Jiu Shi Shiyi Shier (I think they write er as arr or something) So you start with Qi, Chinese for 7, and as someone said before if the guy gets knocked up, you are searching for higher. If the guy is knocked down, go lower. So after 7, if knock up go to Shi, 10. If knocked down, go to Si, 4. Bomb that guy and see where. It's really simple just counting Chinese. You do have to guess a bit still.
  12. Jargon from another game where I am pretty sure this guy was in my clan.
  13. Is this the real wang yuanji from SHOJO? The great 140 player from clan league?
  14. I like how you seem the be the only one making Nostradamus level predictions and repeatedly posting it in thread after thread. If you have no hope in this game maybe you shouldn't care so much to tell about it on the game's relatively unactive forums.
  15. Cerulean faction chat has bots spamming as well and is not very active either in Master Hong. However us blues just automatically gather at SSP. When one channel's grindtooth dies the next channel's Suljun is already being killed.
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