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  1. Ncsoft's "security" system

    Oh well i give up NCsoft's security is fine. It's all my fault. I'm dumb and they have top notch security. *rolls eyes and runs away from these forums*
  2. Ncsoft's "security" system

    Assume much? I earn my gold. If you don t have anything useful to say, don't say anything thanks NCsoft's security is full of holes (no mail verification for security changes, REALLY?). If it wasn t the case i wouldn t have been hacked period. So yeah, people may have to do all these things because ncsoft skipped security 101 i guess. Is it ok though? Hell i don't think so.
  3. Ncsoft's "security" system

    Yup i thought being in the game industry for 10 years + maybe they would have learned a few things... Guess not. 20 moonwater stones and 100 g down the drain. He had all of our savings. we liked this game so bought premium. Not going to continue if one can be hacked so easily...
  4. Hello, Warning for you all : My bro's account got hacked this morning. He doesnt know how. The "fun" thing is, if someone gets into you ncsoft account via the website (keylogger or something), they can change your pin code without a simple mail verification. The pin code which is supposed to be a protection against keyloggers can be changed if the hacker gets your password via a key logger. Very clever, ncsoft. And the fail doesn t stop here. The hacker can also set up the 2 step authentificator via the website WITHOUT a mail verification. So now his account is probably stripped of everything, and he cannot get to it. Good job Ncsoft. Maybe you shouldn t skip security 101 courses next time? You know, like requiring MAIL VERIFICATIONS for security changes in account! To sum up : don t be like us and believe the pin code actually protects you. It's just for looks, and to make you click like a dumbass at the game startup, thinking this somehow protects you. IT DOES NOT. Set up the authentificator in advance before some hacker gets trough ncsoft dumb security policy.
  5. New Launcher Feature for maintenance

    now what about actually respecting the schedule for maintenances for a change? Around 5 hours ago in game : "Hello, maintenance will last for 1h35..." Yeah right. Can t do anything properly Ncsoft huh?

  7. oh they change their hours again?

    yup, they announced 1h35 in game, been down for 4 hours now and counting. go ncsoft.