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  1. Lost like 20 pet pods that ive been collecting for like 2 years cuz i never evolve my pet
  2. "I do agree that they are too op in 6v6, but that is no reason to nerf it" Omega ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing lul xDDDDDDDDDDDD
  3. Braindead logic. Now this event dung take like 20-30 mins. So spending 1h on yeti or asura is f******* braindead.
  4. 0 out of 8 attempts from that time im not even bothering to craft them.
  5. I mean they should make instantly tokens or somekind of crit that if u have 100+ runs the chance increases or somehow idk. have 100 runs 0 gloves btw. kms
  6. They need to do something about it. When they changed from 4man to 6man the drop chance got ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed up.
  7. Fm is now the most broken class in 1v1.
  8. Lol i saw wind earring 1 time in 10 runs...
  9. i already got team for 12 man and now you are making 24 again?????? is everything ok with your mind?
  10. thats it. you are not making eassier to get raid you are making people to lose it.
  11. Make place where you could get it 100% waiting for 40 mins for cb boss then not getting stone is disgusting.
  12. I would really suggest making MSP drop evolved stones. The game would be more newbie friendly like end game gear players would help newbies more. Newbies would be able to get legendary soulshields more easily. More newbies would stay with the game.
  13. Yeah they care only about money they dont care about us or our ideas many bugs are being reported but none of them fixed. Sorry devs but you are ruining this game.
  14. 180 runs already seen 5 bracelets got outbided everytime 1.5kg + always. And still dont have bracelet for my self ;(
  15. So yeah when you merged Hard Mode with Normal Mode the drop rate got really fu*ked Some of the techniques for Hm skills went from 100g in marketplace to 600g+ its just insane new players cant aford it even me playing 1year+ this game its still very expensive. Items wich drop rate was f*: Offal of Silence Offal of Darkness Asura Ember All lost hongmoon secret techniques.
  16. Bug with summoners Dodge "SS" skill when you use skill Dodge"SS" your cat should ressist as summoner in game it says it cat should ressist for 2 seconds but it doesnt this bug causes a lot of cats deaths and then wipes in dungeons. One idea: When you finish Tower of Infinity 5 matches or when you die there should be a button like "Try again". Coz now it pisses everyone of when you have to leave Tower of infinity "loading screen" then enter it again "loading screen" it wastes a lot of time. I hope these bugs and this idea is going to hit server very soon! Best regards!
  17. Toi bots have Seraph weapons. The more you hit them the more they get resets.
  18. Good thing i have friends group so i do all purple quests with them. :) But yeah NCWest doesnt care about us they should have fix it in a hot fix but yeah they dong give af bout us. And i garuantee 95% they will not fix it they will make it like in Taiwan.
  19. Please developers make Class Change Voucher because some mmos has it and its really usefull. Like I have destroyer and i dont like him and i realy want KFM and i hate leveluping... SOO i would buy Class Change Voucher and change my class... Thanks.
  20. Ping is getting higher and higher after your useless maintenaces :(
  21. So as the title says. Some of my friends saw this link:http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/game/wings-of-the-raven/. But i cant see it. Idk why. I cant find those news in this website too. Please explain something to me.
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