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  1. i have problem disconnected from server error 1000 132 10054 i can't play the game will everytime i go to dungeon or play the game this *cricket* comes and i can't play the game please help
  2. nothing happen to me the issue is still here
  3. i cant play the game because every time i login into the game they said unload the data and debugger issue please help me
  4. i don't know the problem i think they update the profile character maybe
  5. Just now, the client crashed and when i tried to log back in there was an update so I proceeded to update the client but after the update I was not able to play any more. I logged in and the client seemed to have closed entirely but left an empty ncsoft box
  6. did someone hear what did he say
  7. how i can delete my character quickly not like 6 days
  8. i hope this and i love you advice
  9. i want to change my gender from female to male
  10. i have put my problem but how mow much time to know if my problem solved and how i can know if they relpy me and how i can know if they relpy me
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