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  1. 5000 peaches reward bug from chol mugo

    Go ingame to Options --> Game --> HUD Information and check the box for the peaches... click apply and voila they should be visible :)
  2. Laggy Lag

    I just keep dc-ing in Ebon Realm.... every 5 min or so :(
  3. 100 hours for WIngs

    Could someone please share with me how I start the auto-hunt function?? Can't find that knowledge anywhere and ingame none will answer that question :( edit: nevermind found it
  4. Weapon crafting materials question

    Sadly you can't upgrade then.... since you will be needing them more and more for next upgrades... You can consider crafting them, but that is also expensive or very time consuming (if you're farming the mats)
  5. Show off your characters!!

    http:// http://
  6. Changing displayed forumname

    To bad... Guess i'm undercover on the forums then... since none of my chars has my forumname..
  7. Changing displayed forumname

    The Support "button" on top of this page leads you to NCSoft support sadly enough and not to forumsupport at all :(
  8. Hay all, Can someone tell me how i can change my forumname?? In my profile every time i want to edit it tells me i can't... kinda strange i can't edit my own profile ^^ but yeah would realy love to change my forumname.. Any help?
  9. Some Advice would be Nice :)

    Hay, Thx for the fast replies, i've come up with this Hope it's any good :)
  10. Some Advice would be Nice :)

    Hay all, I'm playing BD as an alt recently and i must say so far i like it very much :) i've just been wondering wich skills i should focus on getting? I've looked at this forum and the website that lets you plan your build, but since that is old info i would really like some advice from experienced BD players :) I'm lvl 36 now Thx in advance!!
  11. Bugg on Minimap??

    nvm allready found it..