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  1. Yes, Warding spirit... But here lies the problem...Warding Spirit has a cooldown of 18secs, but the actual cooldown is 1 minute (which does not make sense, btw), because you can not use Warding Spirit without using the Soulblade stance and Soulblade stance needs you to cast either Flock of Blades or Blade Call(usually Blade Call, as it is one of our main burst DPS), both of which has a 1 minute cooldown. Moreover, the problem with Warding Spirit is that party members need to be within my circulating blades which is just 5m. For a skill that only stops projectiles and heals 1%, 1 minute cooldown is terrible. If Warding Spirit could be used without Soulblades, it would have been one hell of a party defense. For instance, just compare it with Divine Veil of FM. It is basically the same thing as Warding Spirit, with 18 secs cooldown. But it actually has a 18 sec cooldown, unlike BM's Warding Spirit, which actually has a 1 minute cooldown, because, well, you need to use Blade Call(which is absolutely stupid design, I mean why the hell give Warding spirit 18 secs CD if I can't use it anyway?). Moreover, reserving your Warding Spirit means you lose out huge DPS from Blade Call. The faster you use Blade Call on an enemy, the better, since your Blade Call will be ready again earlier. BM has some serious design flaws to be honest. We need to waste an iFrame to go to Draw Stance which is our DPS stance. Just think what will happen if FM had to waste an iFrame every time it goes to Frost Mode...See, how stupid that design is? I mean, why cant BM have a dedicated key to switch modes? Why do we need to waste an iFrame to do that, if our Lightning Draw is on CD, which has a huge 45 secs CD.
  2. Listen to this guy and go for Assassin. I main a BM. And BM are downright useless unless and until you farm up Winged Protector, aka HM Block or buy it with like 400g(for both the skillbook part). BM does not even have any type of party buff. In fact, BM is the only class that have a party protection on HM skill. Every single class has a normal party projection. I was upgrading my gears all these days and don't have Winged Protector and I feel useless at Asura fire phase, when I have to ask out WL to provide projectile iFrame. Having said that - BM is the best tank you will get. A BM can tank for days, without any worries. A good BM will be able to pull agro all the time, unless you have someone in your team who has 100+ AP more than you do. So, if you are looking for tank, go BM. KFM is a good tank with team buff, but KFM is very hard to play and is the most ping dependent class. But keep in mind that this game actually rewards DPS in many aspects of gameplay. On top of that, making gold is easier with Sin even at level 45 because you can easily solo MW Blue dungeons and sell MW tears for gold. BM is actually terrible for solo runs. I have a FM and WL as alts and both of them could solo things I never could on BM. And Sin is pretty much the solo king.
  3. I don't understand your business model

    Yeah, I kinda said that in the next posts. Brilliant Keys.
  4. I don't understand your business model

    So, now you are trying to imply that upgrading things in the game only involves evolving? Don't make me laugh. Anyway, evolve, breakthrough, whatever the hell you were talking about, I do not care. As for picking bits of information, I suppose picking "just evolution items" from the concept of upgrading the weapon/acc. is not picking bits in your textbook. Uh-huh, ok. Oh, I do not see you replying to the fact that even "evolution" weapon can be bought indirectly using Brilliant Keys, but anyway, I don't care again, as not in the mood for mindless arguments. Anyway, as I said earlier -
  5. I don't understand your business model

    Still wrong. Weapon and Accessories can be bought. Stop trying so hard. You were highly inaccurate in saying that all weapon/acc. are non-tradeable. Want me to quote that part again? Edit - Just for the clarification, I am talking about Blue weapons in the above sentence. As I have said in my earlier post, the only things that can not be traded or bought are the purple weapon/acc. And even then, the problem with purple weapons can be bypassed with Brilliant Keys, which again can be bought from F5. That leaves just purple accessories that needs one to play and as I said earlier, I would be hard pressed to call it playing the game if one is playing just to get a couple of purple accessories. Bottomline is that 90% of the upgrade materials in this game can be bought with money. Deny it all you want. My post is not gonna change your view. This is Internet after all.
  6. I don't understand your business model

    I am talking about the accuracy of your statement alone. I am not talking about the accuracy of your statement in relation to OP's statement. Yes, OP said everything can be bought and the game is not needed to be played. That is somewhat true. If one can buy 5 out of the 6 things needed to upgrade, I would be very hard pressed to agree with your statement. As for the accuracy of your statement, there is no Secondary mats. There are 2 things needed for upgrade - Weapon/ACC. and mats. Of course, weapon is weapon and not "Primary mat". Just because mats are in the second row of the UI does not make it insignificant. You also said - This is highly inaccurate. The only things you can not buy are the purple weapons/acc. Everything else you can buy. Every single thing except those are tradeable. Of course, I am not considering Naryu Silver. The purple weapons/acc. are only a small fraction of upgrade items needed to upgrade. There are like 2 or 3 weapon that actually needs one to play the game and "grind". And even that grind can be bypassed by buying Brilliant keys. Now, of course, if you consider running Asura a total of 5 times as "playing the game", then you are accurate. But when I compare the number of times non-paying users need to run Asura to upgrade, running 5 times is not exactly playing the game, at least imo. The only thing in BnS that actually needs one to play the games are the Soulshields. Thats about it. Everything else can be obtained with money with the bare minimum amount of playing the game. Hell, even the HM skills can be bought if you spend enough money. I will be hard pressed to consider the bare minimum amount of gameplay that you consider as playing the game, as actually playing the game.
  7. I don't understand your business model

    Actually, you aren't accurate either. I am not sure why you classify Stingers and Moonstones as secondary mats, but those are the actual timewalls/grindwalls. And every single mat can be bought with RL money, legally. Thanks to currency Exchange. Be it Stinger, Moonstone, SS, STS, SPTS, Machismo, Poharan perfume, MW Tear, MTS and what not. Right from the beginning of the game, you can buy things, as simple as Viridian Potion. The only thing that can not be bought is the weapon/acc needed for evolution/break through. And that is the least of one's concern. As a matter of fact, most notorious upgrade accessories can be bought like Tainted Lab or Dark Glimpse. BnS made a huge mistake. BnS designed the game in a way that one can straight up buy their way up to top gear. Upgrade materials should always come from gameplay. That is an ideal design. Being able to buy upgrade materials, even something as important is SPTS, is the worst possible design a game can have.
  8. Class Changer Item

    Yes, this game is one of the most melee-unfriendly games I have played. If you think USE SOME SKILLS = MELEE UNFRIENDLY, you are pretty ignorant of the fact that melee needs to constantly iFrame, dodge and block/counter attacks. And the ranged classes in this game are straightaway OP. Every single ranged class. Ranged classes are supposed to be glass cannons. And by no means, are any of the ranged classes in BnS are glass cannons. And this does not end here. Every single Melee has iFrames having times like 0.5 secs, whereas Ranged have iFrame as high as 10 secs and party wide. Here is the example - The highest iFrame BM has is 1.3 secs. The highest iFrame Summoner has is 5 secs and FM has 10 secs. Moreover, all melees need very accurate timing to iFrame. A bit of lag and you are dead. Meanwhile, FM can just cast Frost Sheath and wait for the enemy to hit. Same goes for Summoner. While melees have to use all of their iFrames and then some at Nightmare phase of Scorpion Queen at Necropolis, ranged can ifarme half of the hits with one long duration iFrame.
  9. why are ap elitists a thing lmao

    Hey, get this straight - People are leaving this game less because of community and more because of NCSoft. Stop trying to make it sound as if people are leaving mostly because of us. On to other points you keep babbling about - Why is it a problem if OP open a room stating that he/she needs 400+ AP players for a BSH run? If someone with 350 joins, kick. As simple as that. And what are you even on about not able to upgrade due to not able to run something like BSH? I didn't get carried when I was low level. I did not cry here. Instead I made a party of the minimum AP required for BSH and instead of facerolling Hae Mujin, we struggled and finished the dungeon. We did it to upgrade our gear to reach the level we are at now, where we can faceroll Hae Mujin. And if I have limited time, I am not going to do a charity run for low AP players. And don't you dare blame us. Blame the game design. Blame NCSoft and Bloodlust for designing a game where everything is a competition. Upgrade you equipment just like we did. Stop trying to join parties so that you can get carried and then cry here if you are kicked from a 600+ BSH run. Make your own party of 400+ players for BSH. And if you are not geared enough for BSH, then upgrade your gear by running BSC.
  10. Soulstone plains ... Suggestion

    The system was meant to be abused. I am not sure what the developers were thinking while they designed SSP. Did they really think that this game's engine can support up to 60 players in a single instance!! What NCSoft needs to do is at least lock channels at 24 people. And I mean hard cap. If someone joins a party whose leader is on a filled channel, the entire party should be transferred to a new channel. Hell, I even think they should not allow people to damage Grindtooth if they haven't done at least half of the mining phase. I am sick of people camping in own faction's Terror butt and melting the Boar when it spawns, while I and a few others grind our ass off to keep the mining going and not get Boar loot. Also, just for your information, there are times when all 3 channels are filled. It has happened that when I am on 3 and tried to go to 1 or 2, I found it full. At that exact same moment, my friend and clan mate tried to enter 3 and got it as full. In such a situation, new channel is supposed to be opened, yet no new channel was opened for hours.
  11. Soulstone plains ... Suggestion

    Please use your common sense. Our server, Angler's Watch had 2 channels open during low peak hours and 3 channels open during peak hours. OP says Starfall Crater always had 3 channels. Angler's Watch and Starfall Crater are in the same group now, along with Ebon Hall and Twin Wagons. Let's assume that the later 2 servers had 2 channels worth of players. So, these 4 servers should have at least 8 channels worth of players during low peak hours and a few more during peak hours? How can the server decide itself to condense 8 channels worth of players into 3? Unless of course, the developers increased the channel capacity?
  12. While I agree with most of the things you said, I can not take you seriously when you argue that life is hard for ranged - Blame that to your high DPS and continuous uptime. You sound as if it is melees fault if they can not hold agro, but it is not. Once we lose agro, it is very very hard to get it back, since our gameplay involves dodging, blocking and damaging, while you can just keep damaging till there is a Red AoE. If you want us to hold agro more effectively, ask NCSoft to add an extra tree to our Block/Counter to have agro generation. Since we block a lot, that would help. I do not know about KFM, but as a BM, I have only 2 skills that generates threat. 1st is 5-point strike that generates 3x threat and has a cooldown of 36 sec. And it is our main threat generation. How do you expect us to keep threat when our main threat generation skill has 36 sec cd? 2nd is Cyclone - a very useless skill with only one good thing, 1.5x threat for 30 sec. But you need to block first to enable it. But this skill is just not enough to hold that agro. And you should. We are not the ones with free party resistant. And how can someone even miss Frost Sheath, unless and until they got skill delay or lagged? It has such a huge window for activation. Meanwhile, most of our iFrames are 0.5 sec. FMs do not even need to do anything. You guys can just cast Frost Sheath and wait for that Yeti AoE while most melees needs to be accurate enough with the timing so that he/she gets the 0.5 sec iFrame. And the iFrame times every single ranged character has is ENORMOUS, like huge. The highest iFrame time we BMs have is 1.3 sec with a freaking 45 sec CD and apparently, that was supposed to be removed in the latest KR patch(not sure if they did). Meanwhile - FM - Frost Sheath - 10 secs personal iFrame, does not need as accurate timing as any of BM's iFrames. 1 min CD. Divine Veil - 15 secs party projectile iFrame Mind you, FM has similar 0.5 sec iFrame on Q and E as well. Summoner - Petal Storm - Not even sure when it ends. Party projectile iFrame. True Friend - 5 secs Seed Shroud - 1.5 secs on counter with just 8 sec cooldown (The hell?) Warlock - Sanctum - 6 secs party immunity. And these are the major ones. There is always SS and for FM, even Q and E. Let's compare these with BM, shall we? BM - Multislash - 1.3 sec with 45sec CD. (Really now?) Cyclone - if you spec it, also, it needs you to successfully block first and therefore, it is useless most of the times before Red AoEs, because there is usually nothing to block before those. 5-point strike - 0.6 secs with 36sec cooldown. Warding Spirit - Party resistant to projectiles. 18 sec CD. Fun fact - We can ONLY use this when in Soul Blade stance. Soul stance = When we cast Flock of Blades/Blade Cal with 1 min CD. So, technically, Warding spirit has 1 min CD. Funny right? Winged Protector, aka, HM Block - The one and only party skill that BMs have is a *cricket*ing HM skill. I am not sure why the developers hate BM so much that the BM does not have a party buff like KFM, Warlock or Sin, nor do they have party protection unless and until they get the HM skill, whereas, all other classes have it normally. I mean why, why do BMs have to be so useless in a party? No party buff, no party protection, no grab, no party shealth, no party heal. Nothing, literally nothing. The only thing BM have better than FM is 8 sec CD on Q.E and SS as compared to FM's 16 sec CD. And there is another problem with BM. and this one I absolutely hate. To do DPS, we need to go to Draw Stance. Basically, BM needs to switch between Basic and Draw Stance quite a bit. And to go to Draw stance, we need to waste at least one iFrame(Q or SS) if our Lightning Draw is on CD, which, btw, has a 36sec CD. How would you feel, as an FM, if you had to waste an iFrame every time you switched to Ice mode from Fire mode? So, yes, ranged are OP. Deny it all you want. And by no means, are ranged harder to play than melee. And I know what I am talking about. I have a HM9 BM, HM5 FM and just started leveling a WL. FM and WL could solo things my BM never could. And that too, very easily. Yes, increase damage. Because our damage suck. From a BM pov, increase my 5-point strike iFrame to at least 2 sec? Or keep iFrame for the whole 5-point duration, which lasts for like 2.5 sec. Afterall, this skill does have a 36 sec cooldown. And no, I am not talking about damage increase in PvP. I agree FM has problems against BM and KFM, because we can block almost everything. I am talking about DPS increase in PvE. Really? Insults because melee people just want equal ease of playing SSP and what not? I would not have bothered to reply to such an obnoxious person had I read this line earlier. I missed it, apparently. Yes, they survived. But they never thrived. Also, about low AP, please explain to me that how does a Summoner get almost double the PP from a simple Pig(Captain) with 550 AP, when I have 620AP? Yes, thats the difference in DPS.
  13. And it should be. Because Arena players do not need even a fraction of the amount of gold a PvE player needs to upgrade his/her gears
  14. Edit - Nevermind, I didn't read the thread fully. Sorry. Still, my point stands - 2-manning the hardest dungeon inthe game yet is not the same as playing Arena in Silver, like DomiSotto wants to.
  15. Context. Also, can you guarantee me that I would get 70gold in 2 runs? Because the link you provided uses a cumulative data of 300 runs.