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  1. mihwK, please tell us you're just trolling us all this time? I mean you really can't be this uneducated in regards to online gaming and the terminology behind a lot of the references these days? Or did you P2W your online gaming experience?
  2. zomg, but guys ... to be a real gamer I have to say everything is P2W because I'm not as good as everyone else! zOMG! [enter random urban-dictionary link about what a real gamer is]
  3. zomg guys, people are selling items for large amounts of gold that I can't afford ... it has to be P2W!!!!
  4. "zomg guys, it's P2W because I can't afford the skill people that people are selling on the Auction House!" mihwK I just need to go and tell me mum what you said as well, as I'm sure she will also find it very informative.
  5. It's not for the weapon to lose durability from the attacks that you do. So of course if you do more attacks, the higher the durability chance is. In regards to your Poh6 run, losing 25 durability means you were getting slapped around a bit, even if you didn't die as you mentioned. For example, I can only do 3 to 4 solo runs in Brightstone Ruins, before I have to repair my weapon. You just get used to it after a while.
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