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  1. Wonder what kind of people will be queueing up for the new dungeon ... profane/infernal again. I just hope the new dungeon has a requirement for awakened siren accessories and at least Siren weapons.
  2. I want people to bid on everyone ... I want more gold!
  3. I think you can find the answer via the search button!
  4. You can always get banned for singing the following song ingame:
  5. Yeap Pigsty is insanely quickly if you get into a routine.
  6. I make Lyn characters because I don't play to spend time looking at the pixel boobs, but rather on how annoying I can be to another player with emotes :P
  7. I'm still on the fence on if I should make a Warlock or not when I get home this evening. It would give me something to do, after I've completed all my dailies on my Summoner.
  8. @Eladriel, it's just my preference on who I want to play with. I just don't like having to carry people and not of the bad players I've personally encountered and people who try and do into 4mans who are really undergeared and then wonder why they die within a second from being looked at.
  9. I didn't see that as being rude. I just said it was too generic, in the sense of because it's a Warlock doesn't mean you have to give it purple hair etc. It's better to be unique, then look like a vast majority of upcoming Warlock characters.
  10. mihwK, please tell us you're just trolling us all this time? I mean you really can't be this uneducated in regards to online gaming and the terminology behind a lot of the references these days? Or did you P2W your online gaming experience?
  11. zomg, but guys ... to be a real gamer I have to say everything is P2W because I'm not as good as everyone else! zOMG! [enter random urban-dictionary link about what a real gamer is]
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