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  1. I don't know how to even start :/

    What you need to do is play your class, in either PvP or PvE(asy). Learn your skills. Read them and specc into each variation. Use those skills. See them in action. Read them again. You will memorize each skill tier/rank and their effects and uses. The ability to make a build that you can call your own will come with knowing your class.
  2. Kill yourself before I do it for you...
  3. What do you mean? What mechanic is this? If I face a summoner I can potentially revive his pet for him?
  4. 3 questions about blade master

    Helplessness? You misunderstand the situation. I'm asking a question about a video game. I'm not asking you to chew my food for me. I'm not asking you to tie my shoes. I asked you if maybe you had knowledge on hand. I could of went to google, you're right. Hell, I could of logged on to the game and spammed my question in chat (probably would of got a decent response from a decent person). The window that was open on my PC at the moment was BnS Forums (a resource of information??). No need to dive the scary depths of Google in a hurried search for my answer. I mean, it's a video game we're talking about here. Knowing what "BSH" is has no affect on my life. I admit, you sound clever with your witty response, but I re-iterate... A person asking a question about a video game has absolutely nothing to do with his/hers ability to help themselves. Shaving at this point won't help you. You are in dire need of a waxing on that Neck-Beard
  5. 3 questions about blade master

    But instead of typing "Bloodshade Harbor", you choose to type some other smart alick response right? You're literally just a bad person. .Going out of your way to be a *cricket* on forums is the definition of Neck-Beard. You could of simply ignored my post, but you chose a different route. Character traits are on the front display broham.
  6. 3 questions about blade master

    So basically you just throw out the idea that maybe I'm a BRAND new player? Been playing for like two weeks man. Barely hit 45. I'm sure you're just being a *cricket*-wad cause it's a menial question. Forgive me for considering the forums a good place to get information. Bloodshade Harbor, I see. Thanks for that...
  7. 3 questions about blade master

    What exactly is BSH? Acronyms op
  8. My Siggy is broken?

    Clueless twit lmfao
  9. My Siggy is broken?

    Nothing better to do than be a smart ass on the internet?
  10. My Siggy is broken?

  11. Sigh

    Thanks for the tips man! New to BnS here. Gonna refer back to this post during ma' learnins'
  12. Damage Counter

    Admittedly, this sounds like me. XD