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  1. My main is fm too , i did a BD and i can say its really funny im loving it , would chose bd over sm any time, "already tried sm" its just another range spam class , if you want something difrent go for BD
  2. A great idea , yet gonna be ignored like many others, This idea actually makes sense and would encourage a lot more people to do pvp, and would not affect the whales in any term, since ranked was with the current standards, 1+ to this (sad knowing that not gonna happen)
  3. As a FM i feel your pain really , especially in pvp 6v6 scene .... FM is being forgotten, and sometimes I just want to change class, but just like you, I've invested too much time and resources to change now, at pvp sometimes I just want to throw my computer out the window. Not to mention that we do not bring anything for a party, Frostsheat? > bm> destroyer> sin> somun pretty mutch all have a pt protection , buff? nope, damage? hek top dps? GS beat your ass with less gear
  4. This is already getting disgusting, and lack of respect for EU players. Not even a reason nothing , they simply trow announcments and thats it
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