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  1. Blade & Soul: Call of the Deep Item Change Preview

    Finally i can upgrade mah weapon :D
  2. Mushin 8 is haawd.

    ninja ninja ^_^
  3. yeah the track record of the anti-hack program is minuscule compared with the other anti-hack programs whats up with ncsoft getting this one in their system anyways i dont get it.... p.s. just remembered rf-online getting this. It just made it worst
  4. Hello gameguard, Hello Disconnect again

    sometimes updates get buged so try to reinitialize the patch via launcher....
  5. Let the bot's have their way!

    patience is key ......enough said! of what is and what are going to be.... and what not. But the thing is its a working progress .....It will be sorted i hope.....i am also wondering why this is going on but they have their methods....(hoping not to get banned too)
  6. Spammers/ server check.

    yeah and waste time leveling the sucker ....yeah you have a point but i think its better than nothing for now.... Then the new system will be in placed if there is any ....
  7. Spammers/ server check.

    or they can implement a chat ban on those who are abusing it ^_^
  8. Stupid maintenance time

    Share the source
  9. Stupid maintenance time

    what reason is the reason why im doing a reply on this ?
  10. This Game is Broken (WHY?!)

    perhaps you need to look at guides ?
  11. Spammers/ server check.

    that too will work admin hiding like a normal player then get them by the ballzies......nice but again that going to take a lot of work server side (i dont mean they cant do it but still we are still human)
  12. Spammers/ server check.

    nope just report it then let admins do their thing. It's their job to do something about it you just need a lot of complaints.
  13. Spammers/ server check.

    nice thought but you'll prolly be bankrupt but nice ....
  14. just updated to Windows 10 ~ problems

    That hell...i still have memories (nightmares) on that t.v.
  15. BUMB this so it shall be done
  16. may the bot hunt you IRL (wish this bot be all of it and that will be done) look here a bot .......(takes a remote) DIE!!!!
  17. Stupid maintenance time

    duh what huh ? ohhh your one of those guyz i get now
  18. Stupid maintenance time

    yup this is the pain i was talking about!! go fap or do what ever guyz and yeah fap away!!! meh going to read up on those sweet guides ^_^
  19. Stupid maintenance time

    2 hours of pain in the gut ......
  20. Help in dungeons? Anyone?

    well the question is if you can bare to follow a solo player ....if you can maybe i'll see you in game. same name right here at forums
  21. United Arab Emirates

    dont mind the driver admire the car hahaha
  22. United Arab Emirates

    about 4 hours of pain ...(thinking and doing nuthing .....)
  23. D f what now ? huh that... that .... going to clean my head with detergent !!
  24. well whose going to take some checking if its up already ?