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  1. Please change how boss in Soulston plain works

    Thast funny coz they spam those aoe like mad - if there are not enough players to actualy cc them then u gonna die no matter what u do. And ofc if u wait and dont rush with attack u dont get any loot or pp...its simple and dumb as that.
  2. Please change how boss in Soulston plain works

    It is a true .... this abomination is almost impossible for melees - terrors and last big pig during mining phase....like wtf is that. Even if u dont wanna farm pp point and u just need daily q done its nightmare to do. Every1 here who said its learnable to dodge are propably ranged in game.....exp melee and go learn it when u get 1 knockback then bam bam dead all in 1 sec. Yes u can dodge it if there arent fps drops like mothafuka and lagspikes- its horrible desgigned. Lets say u are god in the game u learn how to survive now here comes that even better part - u need loot from them so to be ale dodge and survive u have to stop doing damage or slow down to not be locked on global cd to be able iframe those 0.1 sec red aoes = 0damage during that time...u have to run around to be in hitbox of last pig which is charging around like dumbass and oneshoting everything = 0damage during that time - meanwhile every ranged dps just standing here doing their most efective rotation and burst to earn as much pp is possible = negating your damage. and at the end if u manage do those and survive then there is another surprise waiting for you---invisble oneshoting ceru/crimson masked imbecile with gun. This place is seriously a biggest joke of this game.
  3. Outfit wishlist

    Why every single outfit for females looks like costume from sexshop? Can some1 link any great outfit for females in BnS which looks like a warrior, ninja, samurai and not like half naked *cricket*, slut or 9 years old shoolgirl? ..there is something rly wierd about gamedesigners of this game :D..or i just came to the wrong game :D... i regret so much making a female character ..male clothes looks always way more cool than wonas in this game:D.
  4. w/e dudes .. i have job ..working 24/7 then i have 10 hobbies and 6 girlfriends so i have only 2 hours ish per day to play-- 1hour i spend by reading emails and checking whats new on internet then anoter 20 min spend in loading screens of BnS.. and im still able to make 6k golds per day easily just from daylies ..it takes me about 30 min to do so ....stop crying and learn to play. #elitisimistheway
  5. Basicaly this .... Progress of your character always was, is and gonna be the BIG part of playing a RPG game. It rly doesnt matter if u need it or not -- if dont see any progress, upgrade in visual or power way u just leave..its rly that easy. (btw u need gear to get rewards in ow events) If true breeze is designed as a lvl 50 opening weapon which need a BIG farm of material then be it. If u gonna see a big change in power of your character after this upgrade so be it. If u actualy after this upgrade going to feel like u playing a lvl 50 content of NEW EXPANSION of the game so be it. BUT u farm materials for this weapon for months!!! and u get crappy +6 AP negative amount of piercing and negative amount of crit. Another imbecilic amount of time to lvl weapon up to breakthrounght and level it to max...and then WHAT?..ANOTHER INSANE FARm of EXACTLY THE SAME MATS waiting for you but EVEN MORE! ... and wait for it...for another +15 AP... nah dude grind in this game greeeeeatly overhelmed a reward at the end..it is not worth of the time spend at all...not speek about alts-thats just nah.
  6. U need farm those daily bullshit 24 mans to get your break evo gear emblems etc... he said about premade "good for you" so thats basicaly means hes playing alone ...."with decent gear"....WTF man u cant be serious if u have decent gear u obviously dont need to do those zones jesus ...he has to do to get gear = he dont have decent gear = struggle with 2m+hp bosses. Basicaly he said he have hard times in old 45lvl 24 m dungeons coz they are empty now but he still need them to upgrade gear. Your answer is "W/e man it is easy with 550ap+ learn to play omg".....
  7. Unreleased Skills

    I wonder if every new hm skill foing to be so hard to get ...dozens of achi points or hundred od golds or be a god of rng..any exp player can give any info about it for me please?? :-)
  8. Ppl lf players with high ap becase they wanna fast smooth run. Wtf are those shits about ''learn to play'' '''learn mechanics'' - nobody wanna conquer the dung or finally kill the boss and get achiev or title. All its about farm farm farm farm and farm and after u upgrade there is another farm waiting for u but even worse. Idk why is there hate against ppl which are running same dungeon 150 times and wanna fast and smooth 151th run-because of idiotic amount of mats u need for every small upgrade?...if u dont like it or w/e just make your own lobby its free and simply..or go lfp random.
  9. Idk man.... so many posts about whiny ppl leaving the game..so u just decided to take justice into your own hand and make whiny post about ppl making whiny posts.....to that p2w part - this is technicaly a f2p game but its definetly a p2w or p2progress aswell..there are emblems which are nessesary for upgrade and they are rare to obtain in game.-pirate siren(dead content) ...then there is a part about weapon drop rate ...man i swear that weapon will be alwas a first part of upgrade what u get done in every stage after pirate weapons.....if u dont buy darts then u have to do a hundreds of runs to get them. Alt unfriendly game af...they release a new class.-tons of ppl rerol and then come sfm expansion shortly after so ye tons of guys stuck with low geared char and underleveled lock walking in empty 24 mans to get upgrades done. Take those ''leaving posts'' as a feedback or if u dont give a dayum then u can take it as a warning for new ppl who wanna check this game out.
  10. How do the Yun reproduce?

    Title and this coment seriously made my day thanks guys :) I even wonder if they have to spend 500 soulstones ,20 moonwater reproduction stones and 250 gold for act itself like usualy u have to do for everything in this game. And ofc then another 200 soulstones and 200g when Birth comes :)
  11. Farm gold and buy it. It is rly stupid tip but there isnt any other way how to get them ( tomb of exiles but isnt eficient at all). And if u arent melee then ss plains isnt realy that much pvp ..its pve in faction costume.
  12. Upgrades are wayyyyyyy to expensive

    Whats the point then? ofc u dont need bis gear to do content but whats the point of having new expansion if u can solo it in lvl 45 gear....since silverfrost release i managed only 1upgrade - bracelet so im wearing 1 lvl 50 item --- damage output same, gameplay same ( soulstone farm, daily grind, ss grind, dungeon runs over and over again) --- the point is that if im gonna farm that shit ton of materials for true breeze from true pirate it takes me like month or more to do it. Thats completely fine if u get something visible for it ... JK u do upgrade and striaght up u get negative amount of crit a negative amount of piercing and +6 attack power ...A *cricket*ING 6 ATTACK POWER for like 2 months of farming for casual player ---- 6ap for like 500g+ ..even if u lvl it up to max your damage doesnt rly change much ---- grind is insane and isnt rewarding at all....atm im gonna make this upgrade and see whats next if its gonna be like 500 soulstones 25 silverfrost trans stones 80 tablets 2000 frozen darts 200 naryu silver and 250g upgrade itself im out...its just same shit over and over again every day for almost nothing.
  13. Introduction

    Dont wanna be ** cricket** but be warn. If u dont have already character at level 45 with atleast 390 ap u are gonna struggle af. Enjoy farming outdated content for weeks or month just to upgrade your equip to decent stage. Outdated content= ghostown 24m dungeons where u need item from boss which spawn after u kill 12 or so another bosses (fun do it alone or in 2-3 ppl). Also if u still dont have much time as u said above (when i say time i mean 6-8 hours per day for mad grinding ss and gold) then there is no way (except currency exchange p2w to buy everthing) to catch up with other players and be able do actual content in some decent way (not be carryed everywhere). Especialy when they keepmreleasing new contents every 2 weeks or so...... If u wanna do pve or not struggle in daily quest then u need that gear - or u gonna be judged by those elitists in dungeon party. Anyway i wish u have fun even if u have to do those shits. WELCOME TO BLADE AND SOUL (read ''grind and farm'')
  14. Ani- cancel

    Hello guys, is there any good soul what can explain to me - ani canceling in BM case? I like to know any overall guide what is ani canceling all about, what is exact profit from doing that and stuff like that. How should i train it - how can i recognize that im doing it right :D.