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  1. Why every single outfit for females looks like costume from sexshop? Can some1 link any great outfit for females in BnS which looks like a warrior, ninja, samurai and not like half naked *cricket*, slut or 9 years old shoolgirl? ..there is something rly wierd about gamedesigners of this game :D..or i just came to the wrong game :D... i regret so much making a female character ..male clothes looks always way more cool than wonas in this game:D.
  2. Title and this coment seriously made my day thanks guys :) I even wonder if they have to spend 500 soulstones ,20 moonwater reproduction stones and 250 gold for act itself like usualy u have to do for everything in this game. And ofc then another 200 soulstones and 200g when Birth comes :)
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