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  1. Asking your guys opinion "multiboxing"

    The reason i ask this question is. I only have one computer, and it is impossible for me currently to get a second computer or I would just do that. To trade with a second account because currently there is a bug that will not allow me to send mail to my accounts other characters. so my choice with no extra spending money currently. (got real life to deal with) is to figure out how to multi box the game so I can get my characters the necessary items from my main character without needing a third party so to speak. already lost some Moonwater T Stones T.T
  2. "OK I'm just putting this out there. Multi boxing on one computer is not against the TOS." PROHIBITED AND IRREPARABLY HARMFUL ACTIVITIES CONCERNING NCSOFT You acknowledge that You may not, without signed written consent from a legally authorized representative of NCSOFT, do any of the following: Misappropriate, violate or infringe any third-party IP right; Use any NCSOFT IP right except as permitted under this agreement or otherwise permitted in writing by NCSOFT; Use, or provide others with, any software related to the Game, including any automation software (a.k.a. "bot") or software designed to change or modify operation of the Game; Use, or provide others with, any "hack," "cheat," "exploit" or "mod"; Use, or provide others with, any service related to the Game, including but not limited to: any service that interacts with the Game; or any service that that would change characteristics related to an Account or Character ID, such as increasing the level of a character (a.k.a. power-leveling); Engage in any activity prohibited under Section 2(f) above; Knowingly affect the Service, the Game, or Content via any bloatware, malware, computer virus, worm, Trojan horse, spyware, adware, crimeware, scareware, rootkit or any other program installed in a way that executable code of any program is scheduled to utilize or utilizes processor cycles during periods of time when such program is not directly or indirectly being used; Be a party to any commercial activity related to the Game, including but not limited to: providing or obtaining any Item; or use of the Service, the Game, or Content at an Internet café, cyber café or computer gaming center except in North America or European Economic Area so long as there are no players sharing accounts and You are otherwise in compliance with this agreement; Use, obtain or provide data related to operation of the Game, including but not limited to: software that reads areas of computer memory or storage devices related to the Game; software that intercepts or otherwise collects data from or through the Game; software that redirects communications from any Game or Service; or software not provided by NCSOFT which creates or maintains any communication to the Game or Service, including but not limited to any software that emulates the Game or any part thereof as well as any server that emulates the Service or any part thereof; Violate any law or governmental regulation related to the Game; Violate or infringe the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, including but not limited to 17 U.S.C. §1201 et seq. and any other copyright legislation, in any way such as circumventing any NCSOFT technological measure intended to effectively control access to the Service, the Game, Content, or any other NCSOFT IP right, circumventing any protection afforded by a NCSOFT technological measure to any NCSOFT IP right, or engaging in any trafficking related to the foregoing; Institute any arbitration or other proceeding against NCSOFT except as permitted under this agreement, including any legal proceeding in court or before an administrative agency; Provide anyone whose Account was terminated under Section 3(b) any access to the Service, the Game, Content; or Help others violate this agreement. This being the only section in the TOS that could directly relate to Multi boxing. There is nothing against it. To those who do not know the Def of multi boxing it is simply having 2 accounts open at the same time on the same computer. however commonly thought to be boting this is not the case. a person can not control both accounts at the same time without having a program "aka boting". so all tho bots may use multi boxing, multi boxing itself is not the act of automation they are talking about in this section of the TOS. Now I may with that explanation done ask my question. does anyone know how to multibox blade and soul?
  3. GameGuard is gone - now the game is full of bots

    ill show you a wall of stupid.
  4. GameGuard is gone - now the game is full of bots

    .................. ok, when you rez you go through a loading screen. during this loading screen you can be attacked. hence when you come out of loading screen he prity much has you dead. second i can hit you from on the tower spawn point as my fm sin and even my smn. its not hacking just bad loading mechanics
  5. GameGuard is gone - now the game is full of bots

    Better yet if you dislike the game SO much cus the Publisher sucks. Why not make your own FTP MMO distribute maintain and show up these incompetent publishers how its done and set the bar for them to follow.
  6. Servers just get pooped on?

    bet you 300 gold its the bot users that are now constantly geting banned if this is a DDoS attack
  7. Lets talk about Dumb Requirements.

    never been willing to pay money to play a game since i quit WoW 6 years ago and not on the game right now. so couldnt tell ya
  8. Lets talk about Dumb Requirements.

    if you make a second character and want to send them items/gold to make your life easer upgrading and so on you will understand the importance of this XD
  9. Lets talk about Dumb Requirements.

    The reason I said what I said was because you didn't read the post. and second it Requires a program to send commands to the second or x# of accounts to control them at the same time. this would be considered as I said to be boting/macro which would be considered to be against the TOS. but the simple idea of having 2 games open at the same time aka multi boxing is not against the TOS. if i had a second computer i would just have the game open with my other account. multi boxing is a similar idea but with just one computer.
  10. Lets talk about Dumb Requirements.

    To your first point. how does loving PVE mean I have Tons of gold? yes I do all my dailys but when the price of 4 soul stones is 1 gold prity much so the daily gold doesn't get you far in that regard anyway. and all im saying is that one should not be forced to pvp or rather (PVP setting) to complete there pve goals.
  11. Lets talk about Dumb Requirements.

    You are incorrect haven't got one group to complete those 2 world bosses due to the Cerulians being dicks only willing to attack when we are fighting a boss. and second the only reason you consider my opinion to be invalid is because you think your opinion is the only one that matters. some people dont like being forced to pvp. and yes it is forced every day no matter what chan i go onto im being constantly hunted by jurks who are looking to complete the one daily which makes it take about 1 hour to complete what should only take about 20 min.
  12. Lets talk about Dumb Requirements.

    Again. I hope you can learn to read. however i will explain in greater detail. multi boxing does not mean that you control both accounts at the same time. simply means you have both accounts open and have to switch between one or the other to control them separately. Using a program to control them at the same time would be considered macroing and or automation which would be against the TOS however multi boxing its self is not a bannable offense.
  13. Lets talk about Dumb Requirements.

    yes however there is nothing against it so long as you dont use any form of automation.
  14. Nothing against the TOS

    I read through the TOS and as long as there is no form of automation there is nothing against running multiple instances of BnS on one computer. so how would one accomplish this.
  15. Lets talk about Dumb Requirements.

    Well i just finished reading blade and soul TOS and there is nothing against multi boxing so anyone have a way to do it?