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  1. So after last update my game crash without any error notification,one second I play the game and suddenly everything dissapear in less than a second,the game dissapear like it never ran before.This type of crash is even faster than closing an windows tab.Before this update I never had a problem,only 1-2 crashes per month with error notification and black screen etc but now the game crash and dissapear sudenly.
  2. So after this event oil I never saw them on f10 and I've looked everyday for them...they will be back on f10 or they removed them completely?
  3. When I made a ticket for class reroll they said something like this may happen in the future via F10!
  4. I won't choose gunner...the thing is I never play tank roles especially melee...when I created this class I was thinking its dps I saw katana user etc I didn't knew anything back then,and after finding out this isn't my style was too late,I had max level,alot of slot inventory unlocked etc...and now I won't change class without my achievements,inventory slots,items etc that why I ask if this thing its even possible...Force Master would be my style btw!
  5. So I recently heard from someone that it is possible to reroll your class if you make a ticket...I have BM class right now and I play since begining of 2016 when the game was released and now I would like to switch it to dps class and I want to know these things: If this thing its possible: 1)I will keep my current items? 2)They will carry over the achievement points,HM level,slot unlocked on vault and other things that was bound to my BM class? 3)The nicknames will be switched?
  6. Altmost 200 runs in Naryu Labirynth and still never saw any Wind Aura...they removed it or what?
  7. One of you scammed him into bid that...he tried to DC but didn't do that in time!
  8. He deserve to be nerfed to the ground...after summoner is the most OP class in game...is that kind of class where I go afk before a match in pvp!
  9. You just "copied" my message saying the same things with different words...read again what I said...we agree each other!
  10. From 1:30 new skills for these 3 classes! Assassins will have Kagebushin no jutsu! ps:that 1:24-1:30 hope we will get that empress suit!
  11. Community already have ap for Holy Naryu.People already have above 800 AP(Ive seen) and as far I know NCSoft doesn't care if that player used Visa Card or not...they will see many players with that AP and will think that we are ready....what they don;t know is that 90% of players above 720 AP still fail Yeti:)) ps:I hope in future PayPal will make a tutorial for Yeti dungeon before you make a transaction:))
  12. Of course there is a limit so that F2P won't catch up Pay2win players!
  13. There are 3 legendary soul shields(best one is Black Tower)...we will only get one this year...or maybe all of them,they kinda start changing what they writed in letter anyway! The 8 piece bonus for my BM are useless from all 3 soul shield sets...best ones is -30% cd reduction to Blade Call wich is useless.So the best option is to have 5 pieces legendary and other pieces from Citadel!
  14. Why it will be hard?...Midnight its a 24 man not a dungeon....let me tell you what makes hard a boss in this game:not the hp,not the damage....the reset...when you try to beat Ak Bul and he go after a FM he reset himself and that is what makes world bosses imposible sometimes!
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