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  1. FM vs Reflect stun

    Hey guys, well perhaps I lack of experience personally but so far I'm able to deal with summoners, and every other class apart 3 specific things on 3 classes, 1: BD, Dest tabbing reflect stun, 2; BM block reflect stun, I maxed snowball to cancel deffense skills ( doesnt work after snowball lands blocks are still working as usual) and hoped that veil would help, but even maxed veil doesnt let me evade the reflect stun, its a really funny thing as soon as I fire i'm becoming stunned and then bursted, once again this goes on repeat, anyone else with similar experience? or is this a matter of an unbalanced arena ?
  2. First of all, I'm not a veteran but I don't intend to wait until I will be to post this sh1t again, I am a KFM, I try not to play with anicancel as 1/3 combos succeed only so its a risky move and mostly they escape from my stuns, I mean after escaping I have to wait another 45 seconds in order to try and do something -- I have strong feelings as further it goes for following classes : Summoner, Blade (C) Dancer Force Master and Destroyer(Only anicancel) First of all, I have more wins on my FM which is level 22 then on my main KFM, im completely new to fm but wining arena seems really easy, Literally I mean practically 3 buttons are needed for arena, I know antistun for destroyer makes sense as he also kinda of a tank, but one of highest dps having antistun + reflect stun seems alittle irritating, blade dancer reflects all stuns, i mean after using daze I'm getting dazed into my ass, Assasins idk whether this is wrong of me to think but the lighting clash or whatever during stealth, I cant manage to hit them out from stealth, they're evading all of my stuns and dazes attempts Summoner, idk how or why, some summoners also have pretty long combo of stuns, the heal sometimes is lil over active as it heals fast the cat's hp. usually some of the cats can be burstet with anicancel combo pretty quick but faced already a few plat summoners that fu*ks me with their stuns and heal if i try bursting cat it heals faster then I can dmg and during actually a combo they call the cat with the E which breaks all of the combo, and then there it goes again, new spamm/heal= cat nearly full again..... find this phathetic Why the hardest game classes are the weakest? BM seems so weak I havent lost a single match vs BM's but havent won a single match against FM, also Destroyers are supposed to be tanks, but with anicancel they can burst your hp faster then an assa,, I wonder if thats supposed to be like this?
  3. Well, topic says it all. I would see myself as a mid skilled player. But I'm giving up on Blade and Soul due to balance, there's infinite CC on a few characters, and other characters has extra features which shouldn't exist. lemme start. 1:Blade Dancer, ( Already known as Blade Cancer) -Unbalances: Has anti-stun, lots of stuns and can counter any stun to daze the one that stuns. the dmg is massive and to master BD is way to easy. -My questions now Why would a dps be able to reflect all CC? Why does he has a graple stacking with damage overtime? 2:Force Master - Unbalances: 24/7 frost, being stuned and focusing on ss/charge to the FM whenever is possible and outcomes of it will be to get stunned and dashed away. My questions: - Why a dps ranged has a stun that wont let you even move around? and it can stack without a cooldown. -Why the hell the massive heal for a DPS ranged char with invulnerability ? I've seen a FM heal 40% of its HP without being attacked. -Is it full auto aim? 3:Destroyers Unbalances: Everything about the class? - Reflects any incoming stun onto enemy. -TAB to win. -DMG for a tank. 3:Summoners Unbalances: Heal, the Bloom skill, cat dmg -Cat has an option to escape any stun -Both have high damage, especially flower, deals probably strongest dmg and is easiest to hit in game -Bloom wont let you use stealth, why? -Has also stealth as a mage 4: Assasins Playing against veteran assas wont give you chance to stand up properly, The stealth burst dmg is kinda very high Has too much of cc for a hide and seek character, feels like its a physical burst rather then a hide&seek class. In the end we have BM&KFM, KFM only viable in arena with a combo which is not even official in the game and BM needs lots of practice not sure if practice helps when veterans fights but can we get a proper BALANCE? right now its a class vs class, what I mean: if you're vs fm,summoner blade cancer as a KFM, you stand no chance, Playing as mid skilled KFM I have no issues facing any BM, or Destroyers, seems like KFM counters them equally. I feel like NCSOFT needs more activity in this forum and game itself, this patch boost made the game more unbalanced.
  4. Login Failed (42).

    Hey guys, as NCSOFT support team does not take any action here I go, the login failed is due to saved IP in your BNS client, you need to restart your modem if your IP is not static, If you have a static IP on the other hand, use a VPN to log in and patch, then once you are on your own IP again, new e-mail will come for the verification and BNS should work, anyways restarting routing for these without permanent IP address will work, or an VPN to restart the saved IP address. Best Regards, -Brogax, (No support team are on the forums or what? they dont manage to support any posts )
  5. Re-Adjust premium store prices

    before saying nobody buys, do have a look in USA que, 2.5k members awaiting to join a server :'D
  6. Few things

    1: You can't do this right now. -I get it often in arena I would say it might be cause of lagg but I tried using same skill standing in place once got same thing as reply, (I'm based in UK) so wouldn't think its caused by lagg. 2: Warlock item drops, -I am tired of seing WARLOCK name on all of bloody items when the class doesnt even exist in our bns, and believe me. this is very simple to fix I myself have little experience with databases and this would take roughly about few minutes. 3: shouldn't u have after respawn 5seconds invincibility? u get rekt straight after u spawn with slower pc.
  7. Hey.. First of all i'm not sure where to start. perhaps, that an outfit cost £8-15 ? extra char slot £4, extra skill tree £4 Premium subscription £10 for a month is the only decent thing. I know Im not being forced to buy anything but if this prices stays as that I stop all my support with my wallet for Blade & Soul as its really hilarous in a sad way, all items are overpriced like REALLY overpriced, the prices should be adjusted by half *AT LEAST* to make it a decent cash shop I' know devs and NCSOFT team atm is prob like this: because they still get their money and stuff but this is just sad for the prices especially that cosmetics are that expensive its insane.
  8. Hey, By now I have played bm/summoner, but kfm seems nowhere near these 2 atm kfm is 15 havent won against anyone in arena no matter how good or bad they are seems like I lack of skills/combos compared to other players at same level if someone could explain how and when KFM becomes viable for solo lvling and arena would be very nice as I'm losing hopes, also. KFM has prob worst skills explanation tutorial like srsly.... all tutorials were for same moves other classes explained detailed at least bout more combos.
  9. To many maintenances.

    First of all, its been few weeks since BNS went on. and already by then its been down so many times, for us in EU, the timing is very bad. this could be rather in nights then days. also, developers should have 1 server for themselfs to update/fix things then just update it into main server which would take way less time for maintenances.