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  1. server crash

    so, NCSOFT, NCWEST, Whomever, Seeing as to how the server has just crashed. those of us that had the unwilling misfortune of being in WWV at the time. are you going to refund the 100 rating you just took from us? would be nice not to be penalized because your servers decided to throw a hamster off the wheel. And I know you can do it. you store our information in real time so you can easily track those of us that were in wwv.
  2. How many kills did it take??

    I know right?? I have 1- 1k stack, a 400ish stack and 73 warrior token bags. if they so added it to token vendor I'd be all over it like hot wings and beer!
  3. Add option to create max lvl characters.

    lol why? are you so entitled you want instant gratification rather then working for something? after max lvl is way more boring then leveling up process. but yeah entitled much?
  4. Disconects getting worse

    I have never had a problem with dc's unless it is message 200. and that is bns servers just went and needed cpr. But I have noticed the last couple weeks the load in time to dungeons or zoning has become longer. I have a fios connection (fiber) 50g/sec and play ingame with ping on avg of 28. and I have noticed a HUGE delay in loading. which is very weird. I've also been noticing on my xserver parties lots more ppl d/cing from runs and taking so long to load in they appear offline for a minute or two. so somethings up. I imagine it is probably this stupid game guard and launcher. I miss AION where you could bypass them both and play the game with damn near instant load times. but I feel your pain on loading, just not with the d/c's
  5. Returning player. server population

    a server closest to your timezone of peak time. hence if it is 6pm for you that's a really good populated time. if you try to play on a NA server it would be like 4 am and dead. not to mention the latency problems you'd hace playing from so far away. it doesn't matter how populated a server group is if you can't play when it is peak time for that groups time zone.
  6. How many kills did it take??

    So, I just hit 218 kills on Junghado still no hat. Yet I have a smn friend who has had 3 in 45 kills on this alt of his. what are YOUR horror stories of Junghado hiding his hat?
  7. yes, gotta love the channel hopping 700 ap leechers. come in at the end steal the mobs when they did none of the work to keep the phase going or to protect drills etc. I know on my server now since this stupid as hell link had to switch factions just to get a chance at ssp. and now have about a 1/20 chance of finishing dailies b/c of the bots, leeches, elitist pricks with 710 ap grieving the rest of us doing the work. when ppl work and get nothing in return just so the wallet warriors can continue to run the market and be rewarded for contributing nothing to a phase but porting in to get those important kills. Something needs to change. b/c it's hard as hell when you don't have 600+ ap to get credit on mobs to get keys. heaven forbid they actually make ingame GM's. that would be revolutionary
  8. I mean that's cool. but 99.9% of ppl look at the back of their character while fighting mobs / bosses. so the last thing the rest of us worry about is mouth movement over skill delay or dodging attacks. but if cinematic works for you. go for it.
  9. Compensation for upgrade weapons

    LOLat rushing to get over 700 ap on content that requires nothing over 550. not even 4 man masts. I have 19 runs of it at 552. and LOL at thinking because you rushed 4 years of KR content in 4 months to now be utterly bored, you think you deserve a compensation. just.... LOL make a new toon on a new acct. completely befret of any cash, or "main" farming ability to support that character. see what new ppl are faced with dead old content, trying to solo everything, unable to get help b/c they don't meet you 600 ap requirement to do BSC as a daily. then talk about how you need compensation.. " Pam.. wait wait.. damn it Pam I had something for this" -Archer
  10. Returning player. server population

    server closest to your prime time would be best. also if you started fresh like brand new. BNS has not made it easy. the old content is dead. no matter what time of day. all those pirate emblems, siren emblems, etc etc they refuse to make them acct bound and now farming for them is even worse. siren accessories, pirate accessories. and the cross server community is so caught up requiring 600+ ap for even lvl 45 content unless you come back to a very active guild willing to help you out a lot. the game is toxic with it's singlemindedness atm. but that's just my opinion. I want to start an alt. since I am kinda bored of logging in doing same thing say after day, but knowing what I'd have to go through alone... no thanks.
  11. What can I do with unwanted outfits?

    make a lyn. claim them salvage them mail to main. problem solved.
  12. if you're playing, doing dungeons fighting mobs and have your camera turned to look at your character's facial expressions instead of the mob you're fighting, just my opinion but you might be doing it wrong. the mob is the other direction. lol
  13. Thank you for the dps meter

    The addition of a DPS meter will just do what it has always done. Stroke the ego's of the keyboard warriors. People will push it even more, kill themselves instead of following tactics. Scream for smns to taunt even more, scream for sf's to heal even more. FM's will start to forget to veil or sheath, Hm block will be forgotten. just to top the dps charts. this game had no need for it. if they ever institute bosses in dungeon raids, not 6 man not 4 man but actual dungeon raids where the boss has 100 mil hp. then maybe, it could be useful. But until then it'll be a tool for those with horrible real lives to get on and grieve the rest of us with their leetness on a video game. or grieve those with horrible ping, while grieving the rest of us in parties as they are the first to run in, first to die, first to rage, first to leave a run while calling the rest of us noobs. don't fix what isn't broken and fix what is. SSP, latency, the stupid thrall / cat bug in dungeons that keeps you in constant combat long after a boss is dead. and a plethora of other things that severely need to be attended too. dps meter is far from what should be a priority.
  14. Dear NCSOFT: SSP sucks.

    they are bots. they stand there still. wether there is a fight going on or not. wether we win the channel or not. when the captains come in with their henchmen and their guns, you can lure then over away from the drills and kill the bots. they just stand there, they don't move, do not try to get out of the way. all dressed the same, all in the same clan. they are bots. and as to the above comment get more ap. hmm when you cannot get keys, to get moonstones b/c there are 50 smn bots that trigger on grindtooth so fast with 700ap it is impossible to get enough dmg in to get a chest/ so please stop being elitist there is a genuine problem. these are bots. this wasn't the case before the server link.Sure killinjg the bots is fun brings a little joy. but being all summoners the cat ends up ressing them anyway and it is a never ending cycle of frustration.
  15. Dear NCSOFT: SSP sucks.

    The state of SSP since the server Link is unbearable. the amt of BOTS is horrid. Everyday I bet I report the same 60 bots just standing in SPP not engaging mobs unless it's the strike captains or king grindtooth. They all magically are from the same clan, same hairdo's, uniforms etc. etc. Now we need moonstones to level our weapons since you took the pirate path out of the game. Yet you look at these bots all packing 650-710 AP. and they literally swarm the mobs most needed to complete the faction quests in SSP. and get moonstones. I go there everyday hoping to finish my quests, get some moonstones and do upgrades, without having to farm dungeons all day long to get the gold to buy moonstones, because it is now impossible to get them in SSP. Btw I linked with Jiwan and Soha servers. Only because we are not allowed to post player character names am I not uploading video of an entire mining session showing the smn bots north and south just standing there the entire time unless a strike captain or grindtooth appears. absolutely still. they move for nothing but those mobs. Ok, occasionally they kill terrors. but still they are bots. If you are understaffed, I throw my hat in the ring to be a player GM. I play about 8 hours a day usually, I am a retired adult and I would gladly do it to help the community. It is unfair that those of us progressing in the game as the game was meant, grinding our way through, trying to upgrade fairly, responsibly, are continually punished for the amount of bots, an entire clan, that inhabit SSP. And you wonder why people are leaving the game. it isn't about offering Moonstones for a weekend in the Hongmoon store to boost profits, you need to actually Keep the player base happy that do not want to spend real money on hongmoon purchases. I am a premium member have been happy to have it reoccurring every month and feel I am being cheated out of a very important aspect of the game. Please address this situation. it isn't about how "PRO" you are in SSP. when you're 500 ap going against 50 smn bots 600-700 ap on a mob, well. you won't do the 1% total dmg to get a chest therefore you're being cheated. Anyway I hope someone see this who plays, is a GM, or a person of authority who will check out the bot situation we have now on my linked servers, because it sucks, and it is ruining the game for a lot of people. Have a good day.