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  1. Having summoners recall pet, and all players use S+S can fix this. If you had a poison after thrasher, then you are stuck and need to escape.
  2. I love to make alts. However trying to get stuff done on a melee class is almost impossible now. With the amount of AoE a boss spits out and the mass SMN/FM spam fest trying to get the damage needed to get even the most BASIC quest done is beyond a joke. A simple removal of the "damage to get credit" system that is used would alleviate this problem ENTIRELY. I LOVE melee classes i really do, but when you spend all your time in iframes or blocking while that FM pew pew's away with impunity (until he gets aggro that is) where you then chase his ass not being able to hit it unless th
  3. The AFK timer has no real purpose anymore as queue times are pretty much non existent. It does however help the over-all server load which effects people actually doing something and not just afk for hours on end.
  4. MGT


    The irony is it takes me TEN keystrokes or more to do ONE function. RiP logic.
  5. Oh yea let me go farm enough gold to buy soulstones at 36 per (x70) then buy 4 moonstones then pay the 12g to evolve. Total - 60g Not everyone has the funds to rely on this method. If I could earn 1-2g per run then yes this would not be a problem. Also this method gets even more costly each time, so take that into consideration also. Not everyone can just sell what they get SO much easier than others.
  6. The main issue I have with soulstones is if your ping sucks you will have a quite frankly horrible time getting zen beans to trade for these. 2nd Faction Quests... these are bad unless you roll with more people than the other group or have found a empty (for the time being) channel. Now to alleviate this one function would be to add a High count of the dragon certificates ( like x10/20 ) to trade for soulstones. AND make a separate channel (or 2) for those who WANT to go crazy on each-other. Go pvp with a 300ms latency and try and maintain sanity while farming 2000 zen beans.
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