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  1. Holy Bots, Batman - King Kaari!

    On Soha we had a Destro bot group named after NBA teams. Was actually refreshing.
  2. R.I.P Profile Pictures AGAIN.

    Having a stupid system where people could simply re-name images and upload, rather than a character image generated FOR you was always going to have this happen. Unless you change it to be in-game character as image (or) a file format that isn't easily modded you are never going to get rid of people doing this because they CAN. And or course they (NCSoft) are going to react to this (again...). Parents with 10 year old's (or whatever the age) are going to be looking for this (given any opportunity), and if any image is seen on a person's profile what do think they going to do?. It only takes a few dumb-asses to ruin everything for the rest of the community.
  3. Holy Bots, Batman - King Kaari!

    Guess you missed the 40+ destro farms on Profane Jiangshi. That one was insane, and the stacks of essence on market was actually handy as the rates of profane weapons showing sometimes was horrible. (cheap as hell too, even better.) All bosses were farmed 24/7 at one point. As people leveled up they moved on to the next one people needed. Although I never saw a king Kaari farm by bots.
  4. Ingame harassment

    Faction outfits are for when you are using them for a specific purpose. Not to be worn the instant you get one. Right from launch after head-start lvl 40+ people where farming the *cricket* out of new players who just got their brand new "kill me now" faction outfit. You literally can't do anything with these until you are absolutely sure no one else is around of the opposite faction, or if you doing non ceru/crim kills no one will just equip the opposite and gank you before you know what is going on. Honestly though open world pvp, with no preventative flags or a "opt in" "opt out" system to prevent this purely ego/e-peen massage that certain people enjoy WAY too much gets crazy sometimes. Yes you can press 3 or 4. but you can't get stuff done without these equipped. Pray you find a empty channel and good luck.
  5. Ingame voices

    Probably frowned apon, but many people have changed textures and model files already as well as voice files. (and has been going on for quite a while). If game guard can detect the file versions (etc) and detect it you might get pinged, but otherwise (I doubt it can anyway) you "should" be fine. Saying this, it is best not to alter game files in anyway to avoid getting busted and violating ToS in the process. Shame, as many actually prefer the voice acting on other versions. and as you have subtitles it makes it more "authentic". If this is "legal" however please correct me if I am wrong.
  6. We have better weapons (probably) than KR at that same time, so our run will have higher boss HP pool and even higher demands on AP in CS chat. Just like every dungeon that has appeared. Never know it might be the same (as KR) and all those poor plebs with 500-550 might actually get lucky this time and not have to worry about 650+ AP *cricket*-blocks.
  7. Which class to play?

    Either Summoner or Force Master are great for first classes. Hell they great even if you already rolled everything else, the ease of range in BnS is absurd. Other than that the only classes that take "skill" are melee but they are just infuriating most times with the non stop AoE attacks from bosses causing you to spam blocks and i-frame to avoid damage. Also unless your ping is godlike you pretty much won't get world dailies done, or any quest that requires damage checks to get a drop. The ping lag from range to melee can be like night and day sometimes. Pick either Summoner or FM, you won't regret it.
  8. hackers

    They have known about these guys since forever, they still can't do anything to get rid of them or actually program the core code to stop them abusing skill cool-down resets and teleporting. Putting a persons name regardless of bot, hacker, RMT or whatever actually can get you banned or on notice as it against ToS because it is naming a person.
  9. Lag...

    Or you could try and do PvP with 250-350ms latency and have skill delay + forever be anywhere from .4-.6 of a second behind everything every second of the fight, which is WAY worse than the random lag spike that can cost you. A lag spike is unfortunate yes, but you can just go "damn it" and just try again. Latency is the opposite, as it makes you hate life itself. And you end up almost breaking your keyboard trying to smash buttons praying just one will work. I would love to have a lag spike over my latency any-day of the week.
  10. The rating of a product means nothing when mommy can look over kiddies shoulder even though rating is what 17+? 12 year olds playing with 30+'s should be no reason to ban someone because the old fart said something that offends you (your mom). There is a filter for that if you don't want to see it otherwise gtfo and go play solitaire.
  11. Simple is too hard. #NC$oft
  12. Same with FM freeze press F and it ends. For attacks with 1 hit that need AoE party prevention to not take the damage it helps just as much as any other skill which acts the same way. Regardless of what class used it, whether is FM or Sin. I don't PvP. I never will, unless it just to sit and get my pain over with for my daily box challenge if Asura shows up.
  13. Male Lyn can wear Pirate Princess as well!

    Will that Pirate King outfit turn into queen too?
  14. Summoner has party shields. 3 skill is range immunity + Seed shroud (4+f) acts just like FM Frost sheath for a few seconds, and you can actually move through the duration.
  15. Pay to win is the use of real money to attain an item faster than the general farming method. Farming can take months to even years for super rare 1 (or limited) items that might exist in the whole game. wipping out that credit card is instant gratification + also get you geared a LOT faster in the process. whether it all the same in the end, you are still buying the advantage over others so yes you are paying to win regardless of what MMO you are talking about. Also with RnG boxes ONLY containing gems NOT attainable any other way this also denotes "pay to win" Have you seen the new gem combine? ALL those 5-10 AP gems to fuse to make something a lil better? How else are you going to get those gems? Pay to win.