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  1. First of all, there is no need to be rude. Second of all, I never asked or told anyone to quit and I am staying with my WK theory. Yes, it is true my bf and I have quit but just recently due to this event being garbage. NCSoft lost 2 premium rank 10 whales, but I've quit enough mmorpgs to know that don't mean shit. I am simply here stating what I know from my 15+ year experience with korean mmorpgs and being a whale in almost every single one of them. Again, binge watching game of thrones, so if you don't have anything valid to bring to my forum topic other then nonsense then go el
  2. Over a thousand posts, I'm thinking NCSoft's White Knight or generic forum warrior. Regardless, this rng is extremely unnatural and you should know that if you have near the same experience as I do with korean mmorpgs. To say otherwise simply proves my White Knight theory. Edit: I'm trying to binge watch game of thrones, can ya keep it quiet with the constant replies? Simply state your case/argument and be gone with ya. No need for a pissing test or to be at each others throat. If you've played many korean mmorpgs for over a decade then you would know that my very first post that c
  3. Time does not matter when it comes to an rng event. Events are made to pressure people into spending massive amounts of cash in an attempt to obtain said items. my bf and I are done being a whale's for this game. Two years farming the rarest item though? What game? What item? Do tell.
  4. Don't speak to me as if I don't have patience. I spent 6 months farming the same mobs to get my eminence bow to drop on Lineage II so don't act like you know anyone here enough to judge them.
  5. My bf and I have actually already quit. However, I've been following NCSoft for so many years, since 2002 I had to call em out.
  6. No need to welcome me to korean rng grind fests bro. I've been here in the thick of it for well over 15+ years. I know a bad rng rate when I s ee one.
  7. Look, unless you have a fully MYTHIC Galleon on Archeage then I don't need your "lessons" because I've been playing korean mmorpgs for well over 15+ years man. I am more familiar with rng then probably anyone else on these forums, or rather most of them. I was a whale on Archeage and a whale on Tera. And don't even get me started with my Lineage II rng experience. I know how it all works out across SEVERAL games and I am telling you that from my experience, which is indeed vast in this area that it's EXTREMELY rigged in the area of korean rng.
  8. Nah, I know the method bro believe me, I have a FULL Mythic Galleon on Kyrios. I'm using the correct methods. By korean standards this rng should be criminal. And that's coming from someone who spend 3+ years on Lineage II, Archeage, Tera, Aion etc etc.
  9. You have a better chance getting a Charred BoneKraal Figurehead to Mythic, even a Naval Cannon to Mythic on Archeage then you do getting a stage 7-8 here. Why do I know this? I've done the mythic figurehead/Naval Cannon's but out of 200+ Coralitets, not a single stage 6... This rng is so low even by korean standards that ncsoft should be ashamed of themselves... And when I say 200+ Coralites I mean at a time, several times.......
  10. Actually, you have a better chance getting a Charred BoneKraal Figurehead to Mythic on Archeage then you do getting a stage 7-8 here. Why do I know this? I've done the mythic figurehead but out of 200+ coralitets, not a single stage 6... This rng is so low even by korean standards that ncsoft should be ashamed of themselves...
  11. please boyfriend has 638 ap no legendary his accessorys isnt maxed out yet hell he even has a true siren necklace, awakened scorpio staff and still he made it to floor 40. yeah hes a summoner but don't say its because he is a summoner, even the bm npcs in tower of infinity can still kick your ass if you play a sum.
  12. on yunwa ceru dont get to mine either, dono how it is with junghado or juwol if they let the lesser faction mine or not. i can say for sure that us yunwa crimsons wont let it happen.
  13. crim are more pvp organized on yunwa but thats probably because there is little to no ceruleans to fight and a clan member of mine says that junghado is ceru dominated
  14. Yunwa is crimson dominated with like only one major ceru clan. whats junghado? and is it true that juwol is leaning towards crim?
  15. I reported him for trolling and attempting to derail the topic. If he doesn't like my opinion then thats fine. He needs to keep it to himself and stop trying to troll me I'm getting sick of it.
  16. Please stop trolling. You are being completely argumentative and un-accepting of others opinions and being sarcastic in a hostile tone. If you don't have something valid to post other then an argument over someones opinion then please stop posting and go troll someone else. Shock! Some people will have other opinions that differ from yours. Get over it and stop with the constant forum trolling/derailing.
  17. I've played korean mmorpgs for 15+ years so I was going by experience. If he's not either of the 3 I said he probably was then good for him. That won't change my response however. Go White Knight somewhere else and accept my opinion as a huge possibility.
  18. probably either a botter, gold seller/buyer or speed hacker based off the broken english. Why would ncsoft miss the mark on bans?
  19. I bought the resets mainly for the fast experience consumables.
  20. Ncsoft should be banning people who upload illegal/pornographic images, not punishing the entire community by taking down the entire system. I'm not surprised though, they cant deal with speed hackers so they had to remove the weapon crates instead of dealing with the offenders which are still speed hacking non stop in the open so blatant its just sad.
  21. I have no problem with the current 6v6 battlegrounds. I love it. Yes, I have 630+AP but I worked hard for my gear. It's about time they give us something we can not only use our skills but the gear we earned. I will always love and enjoy battlegrounds as they are. If you are low geared but have high skill then simply man up and gear up. If you want normalization go play arenas.
  22. https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/49n9xy/banned_for_language/ They are doing it a lot. I'm really thinking about going back to Archeage because of how childish Ncsoft is acting.
  23. Actually, because he was dead for every boss fight we ended up basically 5 manning every single boss. Everyone except for him did an amazing job at carrying his dead weight. It's not just all about having enough AP (You should at least be in the basic 520ap range) but its about having a belt to resist asuras brand and having the accuracy for the second and last boss which he did not have. He also kept interrupting our stuns/knockdowns with the wrong ones when they did connect causing me to ESS the spirit bomb a few times to save our asses. I am by no means an elitist. But this guy
  24. You DO realize that the scrub had no belt that gave resistance to Asuras Brand right? Not only that but he didn't have enough accuracy to hit the HM3 mobs for stun/knockdowns during important boss fights, not to mention with his AP, we almost reached enrage on every single boss and would of failed if it wasnt for me being 622ap /w 59.50% critical and 1700+ critical dmg right? I'm not here to pick up slack. He didnt even have the fundamentals needed for the basic boss mechanics let alone the minimum ap required (which is 520ap) Oh right, he didn't even have antidotes so we had to sc
  25. I'd accept you in a run at 520ap / 115% accuracy. I myself have 622ap and 118% accuracy but I don't consider myself an elitist by any means. As long as they meet the minimum requirements they are fine with me.
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