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  1. tl;dr there is no excuse for entering the current max end game dungeon with 421 ap they had plenty of time to hit 500+. again i'll say the same to you. there is no excuse for entering the current max end game dungeon with 421 ap they had plenty of time to hit 500+.
  2. i've always managed to get the lifeblooms and yeah i guess thats what matters most but still no one should be allowed to run asura in csd with lower then 500ap its just plain stupid. you can easily get past 500 ap there is no excuse.
  3. lol no, he doesn't pull his weight we managed to down 3 bosses with him but we almost hit the enrage timer on asura and the kd/stun boss because he wasn't putting out enough damage. the kd/stun boss we had 50 seconds or less on the timer by the time he died and everyone in the party other then him was at least 550 or higher. asura we made it to the 1 minute 40 second mark and still thats to slow. so no he didn't pull his weight he was dead weight. only suitable stat that he had was his accuracy which was 117% that's the only thing he had right. everything else should be barred from
  4. expect to carry people? wtf are you talking about the min req for this dungeon should be 500-540 this guy had 421 that's yeti and necro level or lower naryu lab. no one should be queing for asura with 421 ap and evo accessory's(they aren't even hongmoon accessory's) he had a siren weapon how the hell did he even get in to asura when the weapon requirement is scorpio or breeze.
  5. premade but had to recruit someone after one dc'd which is why they need to make a gear check for LFP.
  6. running sogun's lament a party member dc's and this is what we get to replace them. seriously wtf no kick option no gear checks and he won't leave.
  7. it shouldn't be like this they need to fix this, its unfair to male lyn players.
  8. one don't bring religion in to this that will just cause a massive argument with me. (no i'm not catholic or christian) i was in iver's clan before i switched, i switched because my boyfriend switched factions on his alt to get his moonwater arena soulshield since cerulean couldn't keep a single channel in misty woods at the time, they still can't he was going to switch that alt back to cerulean but then he saw how easy bw was and was making money off it to progress he later ended up maining that alt so i said screw it and switched factions too. if cerulean was top faction i'd be c
  9. crafting doesn't take alot of soulstones if you just sell crafting mats like i don't know polished granit, you can also always craft gems which yes they take soulstones to craft certain items but those items can be bought off the market place and the end product the gem pouch sells for more then what it costs to craft. avalanch den is easy, lair of the frozen fang is easy, awakened necro is easy anyone thats 420 can do any of them don't give me that shit about needing gear. if you're not 420+ by now then somethings wrong with you. again make gold buy soulstones, screw t
  10. too bad for you faction dailies aren't a requirement you can always buy soulstones to progress in pve and to get the gold to buy soulstones run dungeons, craft. with the new drop rate of frozen stingers i'm pretty sure you can run a few dungeons just to get 20-25 gold to buy 50-100 soulstones just from people bidding on stingers. argument destroyed sorry better luck next time. why would i play on a dead faction it doesn't benefit me, when i first started playing i was cerulean but then the cerulean faction on my servers were cowards and wouldn't contest blackwyrm so
  11. 6v6 isnt server based its every server put in to one battle ground party matching which is why its in csd
  12. did it once, don't see a point in doing it again. i don't have a problem with non equalized bgs but this one is just plain stupid because it costs so much to upgrade your gear and if you are still have true breeze you'll get ran over easily in whirlwind by people who already have scorpio or legendarys. tera's fraywind canyon was fun it wasn't equalized but with a little work and farming fraywind you'd eventually get pvp gear to survive and combat other players, but in a game like this where you only have one set and the only way to get better gear is to spend thousands of gold the
  13. i'm not like everyone i don't like blocking people unless i absolutely have to also seeing the salt from them in say chat or region chat is amusing i just don't want them spamming me with whispers as for calling out unidentified target its kinda hard if there are multiple players wearing the mask so they won't know which one to attack, yeah not everyone will be wearing one but majority of the players are now getting clan outfits and clan assassin masks which the mask works the same way as a normal assassins cloth does but it adds one extra effect that lets you use it in place of th
  14. sorry welcome to a pvp game if you can't stand dying in pvp then junk all your pvp outfits simple as that. doesn't make someone a douche bag just because they kill someone who knew the consequences of wearing the outfit it comes with the Territory. but other then that i think there is a corner some where here that you can go cry in if it makes you feel any better. *looks around*
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