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  1. dam =( that su cks awell gonna try go in and lvl get game crash so often its not even funny
  2. SAme here bro almouste evry time hard to lvl =(
  3. so like in about 4hours then? nice wanna try lock =D
  4. havin same problems but in my case its the portals to new areas and raid dungons =( iv tryd all the tricks still not working=(
  5. same got same dam prob ... prob quitting game getting crashed evry dam 10min even bought over 30 Days premium pff
  6. im out wish u all best off luck happy gaming=)
  7. been waiting 4 game come out few years geting way beyond annoyed atm
  8. same tryd like all things in here whats been said and i got a brand new spanking computer =(
  9. realy starting get verry annoyed even boughtpremium servuíce cant use it lol get dc game crash evry 10min maybe il q , love game but still try devry dam thing i can . hope il get some kind refund loss off my premium servrice awell Think il take break from game until they fix dam game crash
  10. still have windows 8.1 =( cant even play get dc game crazy evry time i log on or go in a dougun=(
  11. il join uppup to iff possible=) ingame name Pwnagee
  12. HAVE same prob getting very annoyed
  13. iv been playing but game crash evry dam 10min =(
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