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  1. H'okay. So here's my Lyn. Jus' chillin'. "Daym, that is a sweet Lyn," you might say. WRONG. What's up with Lyn foreheads yo?
  2. Blade & Soul's crafting system is essentially a standup comedy routine. Literally, just walk onto the stage like... "So... crafting in Blade & Soul..." <Audience laughter> "Let me tell you about these moonwater jars..." <Audience laughter, some groans> "And then I said to the Dragon Trade Union shorty, get it, cause half of them are Lyns... if you don't stop selling unsealing charms for 10 s, 25 c, we're gonna have to talk..." <Uproarious audience laughter> "Thank you, than
  3. What this guy said? Anybody who didn't spend their childhood eating lead paint chips should be able to do this.
  4. I'm not talking just cash shop costumes here. I'm saying all costumes. Unless you really do want to refarm all those very rare and elusive costumes on your alts again. As an example, Destiny cosmetics are account bound, and it is a vastly superior system. Bungie, being actually somewhat competent and attentive of their players, realized the grind was burning players out and just did away with bullshit cosmetic grind in a single sweep. Premium is still junk. The only good thing about premium is the wardrobe which shouldn't even be locked to premium. That's a quality
  5. First costumes need to be made account bound or somehow transferable, without limits, between characters on the same account. None of this disgusting money grab bullshit.
  6. Every single experienced FPS dev provides an option for players to disable head bob.
  7. It is the opinion of highly esteemed individuals, namely myself, that there should be a thread complaining about the need for account bound wardrobes / better Hongmoon store pricing, etc. on the front page at all times.
  8. If that's what it takes for you to feel a little bit better about yourself, then think what you want. Let it never be said that I've never done anything for the peoples.
  9. Getting awfully detailed there; sounds like somebody is looking for a substitute for a missing daddy. But I ain't that man, so I out.
  10. You're going to need a little more Tabasco than that weaksauce. Gonna tell me to PvP you irl next bruh? Lel.
  11. Why is it going too far? Games have implemented this system in the past, and these systems have never been taken negatively. Even cosmetics you obtain from just playing the game; if it takes you six hours to farm a cosmetic item, do you really want to farm that six hours a second time on an alt? Or a third time then a fourth time? Why is it necessary? That shit becomes pure torture and only serves to burns players out.
  12. And if you have an alt, you have to do it all again! And the outfit is terrible for Lyns! But for other races, you get the almighty ass window for females. This is important. For reasons. Maybe convenience. I don't know. I've stopped questioning these types of things in games a long time ago. You get three for soloing though, so I guess there's that.
  13. Agreed. Every time I watch one of those namecard cutscenes, I always think to myself, "I'd like to watch that again." I dunno, something about the flourishing effects they add as they display the names. It's just so incredibly Asian. Heck, I think in two separate Master Hong surveys, they've asked me if I enjoyed the cutscenes ( not necessarily directly, but "cutscenes and presentation" or something to that effect is listed as one of the options under "what's your favourite thing about the Cinderland?" ), so it would appear the team is quite proud of their handiwork. Doesn't re
  14. What's the point of this reply? I know I'm good at vidya, I really couldn't care less about your approval. I know what I'm about kiddo, and honestly, for your own sake, I hope you're at least better at something in life than you are at this forum stuff. All people are saying in this thread is that NCSoft has as much an obligation toward PvE players as they do PvP players, and honestly, given the design of this game, they're right. Open world PvP in this game is essentially worthless given how easily two or three players can stunlock another player to death... so why push it onto
  15. I say again: then why are you playing this game? Too scared? Competitive-tier players rarely shoot their mouths off like you, so you're obviously not comp.
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