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  1. A standard rush down combo ( it's been a while, forgot the term gattling combo ) doesn't really use animation cancelling, it uses frame buffering ( inputting the next move before the current move is complete so the move comes out as soon as possible ). There's no conditioning or special requirement, you just do it naturally because you input faster than what happens in the game. Plus... I'm not even 100% sure if Guilty Gear did reduce some of the cooldown animation for moves in these combos. This is a game. We can solve many issues with better mechanics without resorting to gimm
  2. Cutting your losses? First reasonable decision you've made. k, bai bai~
  3. Claims not to see bots. Obvious troll post.
  4. Of all the arguments I made, you picked the most inconsequential one to try to argue. Why?
  5. Just like how they do it in fighting games! By design! As you take damage in a combo, you gain passive damage resistance. The more damage you take, the greater resistance you gain, until you only take 1% damage from incoming hits. The passive damage resistance expires on its own after maybe a second of you no longer taking damage. Since it's based on damage and not hits, you gain the same reduction from 100 damage over four hits as 100 damage over one hit. This system applies the same mechanic to all classes, makes infinite strings near impossible and is easy to twe
  6. You know nothing, Jon Snow. In RTS, as you micro, you are constantly making decisions. I'm going to take your own examples, and prove to you how wrong you are. How do I split the marines? Where do those split marines go? How many marines in each squad? When do I split? Everything is a decision. And that invites counterplay. Does your opponent go all in with all banelings? Does he try to bait you with other units? Does he anticipate and have some banelings burrowed adjacent so you split into his banelings? When does he build banelings? It all fits into beautif
  7. The entire topic went right over your head. You didn't even hear the whoosh as it went over your head, you were so far. Okay, we're gonna buddy system on this one. I'm going to break down everything into a numbered list so you can tell me at which number your eyes start glazing over and things stop making sense. 1. There are many ways to increase DPS. For example, making the numbers actually bigger. 2. If we make the numbers bigger, DPS goes up. This would be an intended change. 3. Animation cancelling was not intended to be in the game.
  8. Ah, gaming notebooks. This year is going to be the year guys. The year when they're finally decent. I know I said that in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 aaannnnnnddddd 2015, but this year, it's gonna be different. Animation cancelling was an accident. In StarCraft, every action is the consequence of a decision. In Blade & Soul, animation cancelling is filler. There are zero consequences for performing animation cancelling, but consequences for not performing animation cancelling. There's no decision there, it's just what you do
  9. I've said it multiple times: a combination of issuing warnings and banning players who buy gold, with GMs performing moderate fieldwork is the way to go. Find a bot, track transactions. They'll lead you to the players buying the gold, handlers or other bots, all of which should be banned.
  10. As I've stated earlier, this is more of a thought exercise, and I have no real expectations of this issue being taken seriously by NCSoft. They've never really given a shit about non-KR players, neither have they any particular talent for making games. In fact, reading the responses, I've realized I'm pretty much the only person juxtaposing to other games, or really just breaking down the game mechanics. It's almost as if a lot of people here only really have experience with mmopergers. I guess I was hoping to see some better counter-arguments? I haven't. It's kinda disappoint
  11. H'okay. So here's my Lyn. Jus' chillin'. "Daym, that is a sweet Lyn," you might say. WRONG. What's up with Lyn foreheads yo?
  12. I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie World. Life is plastic, It's fantastic. I like to ride my horse, *cricket* intercourse.
  13. About a week ago, I wanted to find out more about gems, so I google searched "Blade & Soul gem guide" or something. #1 result: Bladeandsouldojo or whatev. #2 result: Gold seller website. #3 result: Gold seller website. #4 or #5 result: Some cosplay blog wtf? So as per my normal operation, I just opened the top three in background tabs to read up without paying attention to the URL. Got suspicious when I saw a second inline advertisement for "FAST BLADE & SOUL GOLD" or whatevs. GG me I guess. Hoping Gameguard doesn't activel
  14. Why aren't there any classy two piece suits for female characters? I love the sophisticated, business look on women. It's sexy.
  15. I get what you're saying. I've explained aggressor advantage as a combination of lag compensation and client side hit detection more times than I care to count. That's not my point. My question is whether mechanical difficulty is conducive toward a good game. Let's define what I mean by mechanical difficulty. Aspects of the game not directly related to how you defeat your opponent, but how you physically, in the real world, perform actions. Accuracy and consistency of input is mechanical. We are human beings, we make errors. Because of that,
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