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  1. H'okay. So here's my Lyn. Jus' chillin'. "Daym, that is a sweet Lyn," you might say. WRONG. What's up with Lyn foreheads yo?
  2. I'm not talking just cash shop costumes here. I'm saying all costumes. Unless you really do want to refarm all those very rare and elusive costumes on your alts again. As an example, Destiny cosmetics are account bound, and it is a vastly superior system. Bungie, being actually somewhat competent and attentive of their players, realized the grind was burning players out and just did away with bullshit cosmetic grind in a single sweep. Premium is still junk. The only good thing about premium is the wardrobe which shouldn't even be locked to premium. That's a quality
  3. First costumes need to be made account bound or somehow transferable, without limits, between characters on the same account. None of this disgusting money grab bullshit.
  4. And if you have an alt, you have to do it all again! And the outfit is terrible for Lyns! But for other races, you get the almighty ass window for females. This is important. For reasons. Maybe convenience. I don't know. I've stopped questioning these types of things in games a long time ago. You get three for soloing though, so I guess there's that.
  5. I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR SIG SAYS AND IT'S MAKING ME UPSET. Why doesn't NCSoft provide palette swaps. Like the red / black looks good, but I'd be more tempted by maybe a pink / white or sky blue / white or purple / black. Then they could sell more costumes to people who end up on the fence due to not agreeing with the colour scheme and lower the price of their overpriced shit.
  6. What font is this? It's adorbs and I must have it.
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