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  1. Well guys i know mostly left cause of a 200++ ping(some of them live less them 100km away from the servers...),bugs/hacks and botters in arena.. but they were actually looking for a PvP game.
  2. So for the first time in weeks im actually playing some at prime time yesterday and today. so friday/saturday at 7-22pm And i noticed that it seems like barely anyone is playing anymore compared to a month ago. In arena i met 80% bots between 1600 and 1800 across 3 diffferent chars. Misty woods barely fills 4-5 channels anymore on whats supposed to be one of the biggest eu servers (starfall crater) at prime time. With shitty 1700 rating on my KFM atm im top 700(!) ? so there are what, 5k people in whole eu actually doing arena more then once a week? Blue dungeons are 50% bots
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