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  1. Getting wrecked by a summoner? OMG SCRUBCLASS PLAY A REAL CLASS Getting wrecked by a class other then a summoner? OMG P2W CREDITCARD WARRIOR Yours sincerely, Blade and soul community
  2. This thread is full of useless statements and arguments. What the people here are demanding is a "goverment controlled market", wich obviously does not work. The current rate is what people would want to pay for, and what people are willing to sell for (Well, not really, there's a min price set wich goes lower if people constantly buy the min price and supply refills the min price orders). You're not going to get a brand new Ferrari for $100,.. If there was a 1:50 min exchange rate at this very moment, the currency exchange would be a dead place. No sane mind would pay 50 ncoins for 1 go
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