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  1. Poor Summoners. Not~

    Getting wrecked by a summoner? OMG SCRUBCLASS PLAY A REAL CLASS Getting wrecked by a class other then a summoner? OMG P2W CREDITCARD WARRIOR Yours sincerely, Blade and soul community
  2. This thread is full of useless statements and arguments. What the people here are demanding is a "goverment controlled market", wich obviously does not work. The current rate is what people would want to pay for, and what people are willing to sell for (Well, not really, there's a min price set wich goes lower if people constantly buy the min price and supply refills the min price orders). You're not going to get a brand new Ferrari for $100,.. If there was a 1:50 min exchange rate at this very moment, the currency exchange would be a dead place. No sane mind would pay 50 ncoins for 1 gold. "Good" players are making hundreds of gold everyday, and not even playing that hardcore for it. 1 Asura daily nets 10g min, you guys are demanding that the goldbuyers have to pay 500 ncoins for a single asura run.. Back in the days where 1 gold costed 50-70ncoins, gold was not available in the quantities current content offers. Due to the fast pace in content, inflation took insane heights. Struggling 3 months ago to make 20 gold a day, now you can earn 20 gold in less then an hour without even breaking a sweat. You cannot compare 1 gold in the past to 1 gold now. Also, some people in this thread are doing like 20-50g a day, and are mad about how few hm coins this equivalates to. Well, dear people, hate to bring this up but, most players i know make 200+ gold a day, no hard core farming. Your gold gain per day is NOT a standard for all players. This forum is litered with threads about how pricey stingers are, how bad the economy is blabla and its all the game publishers fault blabla. Such nonsense... You are free to set a price for any item, only questions are, would people buy it from you? Or Would you be able to buy this item for this price from anyone? If both awnsers are negative, then you've likely set a wrong price and you should look at the open market to look for a correct price indication. But all in all guys, this place doesn't look as horrible as some crypto subreddits, don't worry.
  3. got a second ruby, can't place it on the market. RIP 10g and 10 MTS pick :(
  4. peeps like us keep games like these running, no worries :3 the only things you cant get outside of these boxes are the outfits, and those aren't really gonna help you kiellllll faster no it stays untill you buy something or reroll the chest
  5. o well, lets pump another 100 keys and see if they are really tradable :3
  6. Did it have "Hongmoon" in its name? Because i passed 2 sapphire's in favor for 20 venom stingers thinking those gems aren't tradable
  7. Easiest way to get the relics is to solo the trash and minibosses in NL. If you're lucky, Indy spawns and drops 30 artifacts. This is way faster and more economical then bidding 20s for a single one. Soulbound stone drops from terrors RNG The ornament is a RNG drop from F7 and 8 towers, also drops from Last boss in LB and from the loot box. All in all, took me about 4 houres grinding trash, and getting 3 indu spawns, about 15 mushin tower runs for the ornaments and bought the soulbound stone from market since our server doesnt do terrors that much
  8. Do you guys seriously think captcha's would stop botters? Ever heard of captcha breakers like gsa en dbc?
  9. Tablets to play BnS

    Oh sorry, no all you reply's made perfect sense and where in no way flaming legit reply's. In no way did you cause the spam yourself, im sorry for any inconvenience caused by my reply's
  10. Tablets to play BnS

    Yea i know you only want to read the things that voice in your head is telling you. Its obvious, no need to confirm that, stop spamming
  11. Tablets to play BnS

    Learn to read... you obviously only want to hear the things the voices in your are are telling to you. Keep on dreaming that you can get a tablet for 300 euro that can play a game where high end pc's are even strugling with. Go take an extra shift flipping burgers, maybe you can afford a descent system in 6 months. The only tablet that has enough cpu power is a surface pro 4, as i stated before. All other tablets have power saving cpu's with 1-1,5ghz. This is a cpu intensive game that doesn't utilize multi core.
  12. Tablets to play BnS

    i have almost the perfect setup, 5820k has one of the best clock for clock and its only a 1hour drive to the server
  13. Tablets to play BnS

    ^ this. Im running a 5820k @ 4.3hgz, 16gb ripjaws and a 980ti, all on watercooling. Still, when i get 30 fps @ bosses, im happy :D
  14. Tablets to play BnS

    Yes :) but frankly, those are the only "tablet" options, no other tablet would be able to run this game. And yes, for that kind of money, you could get a laptop with a i7 6700k and a 960m :)
  15. Tablets to play BnS

    Your best bet is a microsoft surface pro 4, but those are pretty expensive and the older versions won't be able to run this game properly cause of the low clocks on the cpu Tablets usually have power saving cpu's with very low clocks, it just won't cut for a cpu intensive game. Surface pro 4 is a "tablet" with notebook hardware,