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  1. no sins

    Whats up with "no sins" parties? i understand minimum ap requierments even tho its stupid since ppl will just inflate ap with stuff like pirate bracelet but run with 500 crit dmg and 1100 crit, but no sins? I have 403 ap 210% crit dmg 58% crit chance and 15% piercing i usually rarely get hit in any dungeon and if its a boss with true sight i have to slow down because i take the aggro 24/7, even from those 420 ap FMs that think they are pro with their pirate bangles. Anyways i dont understand the sin hate, we have a heal on smoke bomb+ projectile defense and we are like revive jesus with flower, so why are sins hated in pve? we have highest single target dps >_>
  2. Seriously, just WTF is wrong with destroyers?

    sin vs lbm favoured ? vs distr favoured , what are you smoking bro?
  3. Seriously, just WTF is wrong with destroyers?

    Do you even realise that sin on this patch has 1 just 1 favorable matchup and that is KFM , and 1 just 1 50-50 which is BM, sin is at a disatvantage vs all other classes in the game. As sin you have to work your ass off for a combo and do like what? 50% hp dmg and you get caught once, just once and you can say bye bye to your hp bar you complain about stealth but what do you want sin to do? to come to you unstealthed and start hittin you right with all those CC sins got out of stealth, get real brah.
  4. Nerf Destroyers

    i think the real issue with players complaining about other classes (except summoner , smn is too powerfull right now) is that they just play 1 class and dont really understand fully how other classes work, after i made more classes and lvled them up and played a bit of arena with them i got a more deep understanding how to beat them and how their skills work.
  5. Bot report KFM EU

    LOL i know this bot, he helped me get plat , won 2 games in a row vs him yesterday. I dont know what class you guys play, but as BD bots are basically free elo if you ever lose to a bot as BD you should consider chaning class, if you are a sin on the other hand...rest in peace.
  6. Blade cancer nerf?

    Too bad i can iframe all your stuff with Z and V .