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  1. I don't know, be the bigger better more mature person, and let it go, it's just a game? And maybe make the things you can bid on, contribution based, so people who have AFK'd the whole time, or not really done much at all, can't bid, or something, so both sides win, the people who can use the item are the only ones who can bid, and the ones who just leached, can't?
  2. There needs to be a way for Class Specific items to only be biddable on by those of that Class, this would lower the amount of people who place "Troll" bids on items they can't use, allowing those who can, only to bid on it. IF there is no one of that items "Class" then it will be offered up as a freebie for anyone to bid on, for those who are going to use it for an offering, ect.
  3. Need advice on Class.

    I am NA, so I was thinking an active server, that has a fair amount of Red on it.
  4. Hey all, a NEW player here, and I have some questions! I am new to BnS, haven't even created a character and chosen a server yet, since I am the kind of player who tends to like to gather as much info about the game, ect. before jumping in to it. So like I said I am new to this game, but not MMOs in general (Been playing MMOs for the past 17+ years.) so as far as understanding certain game mechanics and what to do, I am just fine in most cases. So onto what I want/need out of my character. 1. Solo ability, now I am not saying that I don't want to group up, but, I don't want to have the feeling that I am being carried, or I'm holding back the group by being ineffective, ect. 2. Farming, I like to grind mobs/bosses/dungeons ect. as well as crafting, to make my money in games, so a class that excels at doing so, would be super. 3. Group worthy, when I do group up for dungeons, ect. I want to feel like I am one of the necessary cogs in the machine to keep everything running smooth, I just don't care to be just another, "X" in the group, lol. 4. PvP, I don't intend on doing any real Serious/Hardcore PvP, maybe just once in a while, and the only PvP I plan on doing is Faction vs. Faction in open world content, so a class that can handle him/herself is important. 5. As for a Faction, I want to be a member of, The Crimson Legion, so when it comes to a Server, I would like one that it's either populated evenly, or CL has a slight edge in active members, because I don't feel like getting steamrolled consistantly, rofl... Anyways, thanks to those who can post, and help out!
  5. NA/EU only class Gunslinger ?

    Having a Gunslinger class in BnS would be great fun, I hope they put it in.
  6. Would Destroyer be the Go-To class for those fresh to Blade and Soul, but not MMOs in general? I plan on doing mostly PvE content, and outside of defeating people of the opposite faction, I don't see myself doing much "Arena" style stuff. Also is this class also a good pick for someone who wishes to farm bosses/dungeons/mobs ect. for money, or would that be someone else? Thanks!!!