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  1. Can't Create lvl 50 with voucher?

    I have the same issue and like people have said previously its not as simple as ''emptying the stuff ahead of the vouchers'' as some of us have weeks/months worth of stuff saved in there that's ahead of the voucher and to withdraw the on a alt would mean its locked on there or even if account bound would cost 1000's of gold in mailing fee's simply due to a bug where the client cant find the voucher, this is not a fair solution, and now also i join the list of people who have missed out on the first day of warden due to this. Wouldnt it be more simple just to delete the old voucher and place a new one in slot 1 of the mail? instead of giving people these replies after a 5 hour ticket, n then them having to make a another 5+ hour ticket to relay this info back?
  2. White Orb - Get rid of this item

    Agreed, I don't even know why its on a damn daily challenge considering 90% of the alts wanting to do it waste 20+ mins joining and leaving parties in the hope someone actually has a white orb. Mandate and ColdStorage are both very outdated and theres nothing that comes from them that can warrant people being locked out due to not having a white orb .
  3. Weapon gem slots

    Time moves on, the game changes, as older players get further ahead, they have to get new players into the game easier, otherwise they would just quit as it would be impossible to somewhat catch up.
  4. It would seem so, they seem hellbent on destroying any solo goldmaking methods.
  5. What do the bloodstone crystals do anyway?
  6. Which is why I made this forum post, Support have said it's an intended change, even thought it was nowhere in the patch notes but also they commented that the trade in costs should be cheaper aswell, when in reality they are exactly the same amount of Prestige Points required when trading in, but the monsters are nerfed Prestige points for a second time randomly after a patch.
  7. Dead in what sense? considering its one of the only remaining ways to solo farm gold :S
  8. So since the patch the Invading Captains (Hogdonnys) have gone from 180 prestige points per solo kill to 27? and all the static side npc's have gone down to 1-3 Prestige each, Clearly there is a problem here as its now ridiculous for anyone trying to farm here. Here is before the patch : Here is after the patch: I've raised the Issue with support and the response was pretty much there is no bug and nothing has changed, but for someone who has been farming there for months I instantly noticed the change since the latest patch. So I'm making this thread to try and get someone in the NC Offices to look at this as this is twice now that the prestige points have been drastically reduced after a patch, with no mention of it on any patch notes, which kinda ruins what little solo farm content for money options there is left. Please reconsider the decision to change to the prestige points here as otherwise theres next to no where available to solo gold farm when cross server dungeons are not active etc.
  9. Myself and others have been waiting a long time for these to come back but they never have, could staff give it some consideration please? :D
  10. Cool, atleast that guy can stop creating new forum accounts to post ''same here'' lol
  11. Quality of life changes that NEED to happen

    My main annoyance is the 20 hour cooldown on all expcharms from using a festival exp charm, how is this still a thing?!?
  12. MSP Raids becoming less and less...

    thats true lol
  13. MSP Raids becoming less and less...

    Yup it seems anyone who were unable to farm it like mad in the first 2 weeks , are now sufffering hard. If anything the double loot should have been a later incentive to keep people going there, not at the start and then have them taken away. All thats done is let people get their 8 piece set really quickly and now people trying to do it are suffering because no groups do past stage 4 and the rng 8 pieces come from after 4. In its current state it would take weeks upon weeks of farming just to farm enough plants for 6,7,and 8. On average 215 runs stage 1-4 taking around 30 mins each these days= 107.5 hours grinding just for bits 6,7,8, ON PREMIUM and thats without adding the stat RNG factor.
  14. Login problem?

    They announced ingame it will be down for 30 mins for maintenance.