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  1. Would REALLY appreciate it if anyone had a link somewhere to this song, I've looked everywhere with no luck.
  2. Failed to connect to server (200) EU

    Login servers are down I'm guessing.
  3. 191 Runs of 4man Poh

    I've felt your pain (To a less extent) took me tell my 42nd run to get the Pirate Princess and the full set.
  4. Warlock Event Rewards?

    NCsoft being slow, nothing new.
  5. Be Ido Music (NL Clown Boss)

    Oh god, have my children, I love you man!
  6. Anyone know where I can find the song? Youtube and google have failed me.
  7. every bot is a destroyer

    Yup, got 3 sums in 3v3 4 times in a row, did nothing the entire fight and readied at the same time.