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  1. I'll post a solution someone posted when I asked the same on Reddit: "You just need to come back to it after you do the awakening quest and switch to pvp talent to do it." Can someone who is awakened try this and tell if it works? EDIT: Reached awakening and I can confirm it works. The training will prompt you to swapping talent. Then all you have to do is chain the x-3 quick enough.
  2. Hello I tried playing Assassin, Blade Dancer and Gunner but when ping starts to rise the delay between attacks becomes troublesome where you rely on short time between actions to survive. Finally I managed to play fire KFM that allows me to stay alive while being moderately affected by high ping (I can still feel the lag but I can spam 2LF and block to survive). What other classes_>elements (or are they called "ways" now?) are there that are least affected by high ping/lags (or at least have good survivability despite them)?
  3. I created a Warlock with the lv 60 voucher today and when going through training in Hongmoon training room, at the advanced stage of Scourge training the skill that should start the combo is Ravaging Curse but it instead shows Distortion's skill Soul Shackle and I cannot proceed. Screenshot:
  4. 1) Daily Dash's wheel shows incorrect spaces. I hit "Spin", but when the wheel stops at "1" the board advances more than one space. 2) In the Training Room I cannot see the cues for combos. The icons don't light up anymore after I press the correct or incorrect button. The worst part is, the timing training doesn't show anything either. Normally there should be white rings closing in on the key icon, but there's nothing. Please fix that, doing KFM's 2LF training without those is next to impossible.
  5. (moved from GS section) Hello there I returned to the game recently because having a tiny Lyn Gunslinger is just too much fun. I play shadow build because I like the machinegun playstyle. But it has been about half a year since I last played and I have a couple of questions: 1) I watched Keroppi's guides on both fire & shadow builds, but I'm still kinda dense on the Q skill - how exactly does it work and how do I use it? 2) What does that bar next to the enemy do? How do I fill it? 3) What do these icons mean? I see them all the time but I have no
  6. I guess the gun's position is fixed and only getting your character's anatomy right would fix that cosmetic issue. You can try using a costume to get them to look as close to the body as possible. It's a common issue, for example with my KFM some weapon skins overlap the hand cuz I made the biggest possible hands :P
  7. (Question moved to Player to Player Support section)
  8. Ok, I get it now, thanks ^^ One more question - at what intervals is it better to order materials - every 6 hours, once in 4 days or in between??
  9. It was quite some time ago I've played, but aren't Soulstones and Sacred Crystals kind of hard to get (in larger quantities)? The only way I know how to get Soulstones is from faction quests in Moonwater Plains and the dungeon daily with Infernal Lord, but even then it's like 10 or so a day...
  10. Ok, how do I do that then? Let's take Forgekeepers for example. I want to make some repair tools for self use but I don't really understand how it all works anymore. And the materials on some recipes look really expensive.
  11. Hello there I'm returning after absence from the game and I notice the old crafting system has ben totally revamped, and frankly I don't understand how it works anymore. In the past my 2 favorite professions were always Forgekeepers + Radiant Ring, with Stonecutters and the metal miners (forgot their name) as gatherers. I'd just craft repair tools and gems/keys for sale. It wasn't extra large income like Soul Wardens or Potters, but it was slow and steady, and the materials were easy to get. Now I see new layout, lack of my favorite craftables, some long waiting ti
  12. Hi, I'm returning to my BD after the recent major patch and I have some Q's: 1) What's the best current lightning build? I use this, mainly because I tend to have high ping, and I like the resists and health regen ^^ Also Lightning Draw 1&2 are my only HM skills. 2) What path should I evolve my weapon? (lightning build) 3) Which badges to choose? 4) Should I just pump all my HM points into offense? If not, how should I allocate them? 5) What gems to put in weapon? 6) For SS I should aim for full MSP BD set > Raven, yes?
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