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  1. *UPDATE: Had the game opened watching the stuttering while closing programs in task manager to see if it fixed. Closed Nprotect, took the game 6-7 seconds to disconnect but in those 6-7 seconds, no stuttering whatsoever. So you can stop trying to tinker with your graphics or w/e, the problem is 100% Nprotect.
  2. GTX 880M here, same problem after the warlock patch, seriously considering switching to BDO, this is bullshit, in my 12 years of gaming i never had to suffer such stuttering in a game.
  3. Same problem, after update every 3-4 seconds game freezes for a split second, very hard to play this way
  4. Same exact problem on my FM, completed everything up to that last item you need to buy with 10 soulstones, you guys had any progress or still broken for everyone?
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