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  1. WTB a optimization patch or a Direct X 11 version of the game. the game runs on DX9 right now, and there's no way to force dx11 on to the game besides lighting.
  2. Please expand our blocked/spammer list, mines is almost full, since the server merge, instead of blocking 6 a day i am blocking 18 every 12 hours. And also the same person spams me friends requests even though they are blocked/reported?
  3. it's not against the rules and it's not consider griefing, to rush through a dungeon. and Today Blackram narrows is part of the daily challenge
  4. the silverfrost ones up in shiverstone are always open. there's a couple that yield 5+
  5. the surplus pouches you wont open them. they have just given you 108 pouches in total you can acquire. which 60 pouches is enough for you to obtain the gem. If they wanted the charms to be account bound they would have done it at the start of the event. I contacted support bout this issue and heres what they told me.
  6. we generally get 5-6 channels on good days, 1-3 on server resets cause all the bots are off. Generally mornings to afternoons cerus come out in force. night time is ruled by crimson bots. anyone below 580 ap dont get credit on grind cause of server lag and the mass amount of people who show up along with suljin, meteorites and bodies are generally up for grabs but 97% of the time a speed hacking bot will snatch it up before you even get there. As far as quartz for moonwater and silverfrost, the rich nodes are camped out by bots.
  7. there will always be a way, the game strives on microtransactions
  8. like i myself have 2 characters that can do the daily challenge, and i am sure there are others out there with more than 2. if NCwest can clarify on how to obtain more, it be much appreciated.
  9. the problem starts when you have multiple characters that can do the daily challenge
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