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  1. I Got A Second Founder Weapon?

    Oh, well I've pretty much left my summoner with her weapon skin on alone. Haven't really been motivated to get my sin to 50 either, but he's already got a weapon skin. I guess this one's going to my little alts?
  2. I don't really remember reading anything about founders getting a second weapon skin, but I ended up seeing one alongside the 1 year aniv items. Should this be in the bug reports section? I'm just really confused.
  3. To be honest, I still can't get into Blade in Soul, simply because of Error 4049. I don't know if Game Guard is even updated anymore, and it most certainly has prevented me from playing other games in the past. What I wanna know is, how are the bots? I seriously need to see screenshots of bots that managed to get past Game Guard to calm the rage of a Founder unable to play the game they supported.
  4. "Business Casual" costume nerfed

    Here you guys are complaining about the outfit changes depending on race, and here I am... waiting for Game Guard error 4049 to go away. Be thankful for the Hongmoon Store items you can actually put to use.
  5. Solution For GG error (4049)

    Oh crud, it's back. The Game Guard bs error 4049 has returned.
  6. Why you quit?

    Nexon couldn't do anything about the bots, yet somehow Mabinogi and Maplestory were really popular.
  7. error 4049

    I'm not real sure, I kept reinstalling BnS yesterday and finally was able to get the launcher working. BnS probably just has a really bad downloader/update mechanic. The main problem is NProtect after all, so I've got my money on NProtect as the issue in some coding flaw.
  8. nProtect Game Monitor Rev 2390 has stopped working. I was able to fix this for one day by reinstalling Blade an Soul many times, but here it is again. Windows Says This: Problem Event Name: BEX Application Name: GameMon.des Application Version: 2016.2.25.1 Application Timestamp: 56ce52e8 Fault Module Name: nvinit.dll Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 577400dd Exception Offset: 000066c6 Exception Code: c0000409 Exception Data: 00000000 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 0f04 Additional Information 2: 0f041a9bf71d4e2cc7d27454942787d6 Additional Information 3: a207 Additional Information 4: a2070743d5212fe6a4d995ac076a59cf
  9. Why you quit?

    As a sin I find myself building aggro by accident, so maybe aggro is just damage based or how often you target something?
  10. I honestly don't know why we even have RNG boxes in the Hongmoon Store, seeing how the RNG in boss boxes is fairly unfair requiring so many runs. I enjoy running dungeons for quests, but if I have to do the same thing 20 times over just for materials... the game gets so boring.
  11. Why you quit?

    There are no tanks in this game, unless you have a destroyer or Kung FU Master.
  12. Why you quit?

    1) I agree that crafting takes more than two side gathering factions is more than difficult, it requires either buying off a marketplace where players don't put much thought on the prices, or creating as many alts as I have and maxing them out. 2)I walk by quartz spawns all the time, and they are only there when there are no players on the server (10pm-1am) 3) There are bots in other Korean to globalized games, that's the only way China ect. can know potential money. 4)I agree that the fabric needs to be an item dropped by some boss in a chest or every wheel, but even that RNG would be a pain. Why not make Clan bosses for Clan material drops, or even make Clan crafting mean something by adding in a Clan gathering system? You could add in something like tailoring. 5)Well... in CBT we were able to spend copper to expand for free. I don't see why the devs can't talk with marketing to come up with how many silver or gold it would cost. 6)Moon Water Transformation and Soul Stones do need a drop location from a daily solo quest in order for a steady MP. (As in a PvE option not requiring PvP) 7)I am usually fine fighting Poh, but one party in the 24 man area had me lagging like hell despite the fact that we were the only party there. And finally, I don't see more than a few, if any players hanging around high level towns or even Bamboo village. Heck, the most I've seen is maybe a small clan with maxed out characters hanging out waiting for something.
  13. What do you think when you see Game Guard?

    People were saying that Game Guard was used in MapleStory, but honestly I never noticed it. Nexon has always been plagued by bots in chat and combat, so the only thing we can do is add time penalties like Nexon did and hope they give up. Plus, Mabinogi had open world PvP options and kiting so the bots were lucky if they lived long enough. I still can't get the launcher to work (*cough* Game Guard *cough*) so you got any bot pics to share? I'm really curious to see if this even did anything for NCSoft.
  14. Blade and Soul Trolls! D:

    I almost never read the chat in cross server to focus on the mobs, but hey I wouldn't know what the Yeti or Necopolis look like. I haven't logged in for months, can't login because of game guard, or can't remember those dungeons. Just focus on what you can do, support the party when you're sure you won't be killed in the process. That's what I always do as sin, I always make sure to whittle down HP and hold aggro while dodging all while summoner gets everyone back.
  15. Oh no, no no no... this game will never run properly. Sweet, something easy to get past! To be honest, every time I play a game with Game Guard I can't wait to play an update! But oh wait... Game Guard failed to launch the client not once, but every time. Seriously, who programs this stuff? Now I'm curious as to how often it's updated. The problem is never the Antivirus, so regardless of what a staff member tells you, NEVER EVER turn that off. If you look at Twitter, NProtect doesn't even mention Game Guard. I wonder who's taking care of it if it's not actually NProtect? Wow, that sounds bad. I hope I didn't scare anyone by that.