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  1. Oh, well I've pretty much left my summoner with her weapon skin on alone. Haven't really been motivated to get my sin to 50 either, but he's already got a weapon skin. I guess this one's going to my little alts?
  2. I don't really remember reading anything about founders getting a second weapon skin, but I ended up seeing one alongside the 1 year aniv items. Should this be in the bug reports section? I'm just really confused.
  3. Ever play FLYFF? Bots mail you their spam... so yeah. I'd rather have premium options for mail so we don't get that problem either. $10 for perm outfits? Seriously, Dragon Nest outfits cost $30+ for perm costume sets even with a sale. If we didn't have the money grind, the bots would profit more. Until they go away, we'll just have to grind before the update we want.
  4. These problems could be entirely new for all you know. I would much rather have an English version than not have one at all. Or, have you seen Engrish translations in apps and online game fan translations? It's not at all reflective of quality. As for the bugs... this is a launch, things are always bumpy after new content is released or changes or made. Also, I don't recall a game named age of bull... perhaps I don't care about your reference if it doesn't exist?
  5. Look, if you'd rather play in words you can't read or interpret correctly then by all means play the Korean version. Not everyone is bilingual, and not everyone understands how much prep work goes into localization. The time it takes to get a game to the good 'ol USA is to match an ESRB rating, all while maintaining most of the storyline. Plus, as the staff said... not all words mean the same thing to both countries, and there are definitely jokes that we won't get as often. Such as the quest in Blade in Soul with the letter in the gourd from the sparrow.
  6. Have you tried the Black Ram Supply Chain dungeon? My first time was a nightmare, and I still haven't gone back there without a party that'll stand by me even if I mess up and die first. The aggro is def not a casual one... or one when you're tired and can afk tank.
  7. No... but I ate all my chicke- I mean potions. Yes, I run into the low potion problem because I need my alts to make some for me for cheap... eventually.
  8. Poh was hard at first, then I just learned that the field run was easiest for me if I have the right potions and I can go at my own pace... wait, my party just left me alone again. I'll just meet up with them after... how many respawned behind them?! I thought stealth would be fun to use, but it gets it's bad uses sometimes. But yeah, if you go as a clan, it's easy... long as you don't...lerroy.
  9. Part of localization is change, if we need upgrade material or dungeon change...we can always ask the Korean devs.
  10. Having Blade in Soul out in 2016 rather than 2019 or never is great. We can actually play it in English... without having player made servers or patches without risking our computer.
  11. Rome wasn't built in a day, and coding is not a one day or week kinda deal. It takes time to test everything after change. It may take two weeks to a few months, depending on how much content we have to catch up with.
  12. Yeah, well... I wasn't the one who started it. Anyways... so much money... can't we all just get along without it? No, probably not.
  13. You're asking for an impossible revamp. I already said this a thousand times... money, time, schedule. It's like SEGA possibly pushing back PSO2 due to quest and text localization, matching an ESRB rating, releasing it and then getting told that it's old graphics. Every game runs on an engine, and like a car and your laptop... it runs and looks different.
  14. The WoW high quality focuses on cutscenes, like Blade and Soul on the costumes. Plus, I guess only those who grew up with WoW with their parents showing it to them would understand more about how great WoW is. My friend nerded out showing me an expansion area when I first played. I still don't really get her enthusiasm.
  15. Yeah, the endgame content should be more balanced... having too much content out at once though could bring up more problems than we already have.
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