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  1. Lyn Warlocks tail issues

    any outfits with hanging parts probably clip
  2. Lyn Warlocks tail issues

    im almost certain wolfskin will clip with it
  3. Lyn Warlocks tail issues

    well i mean...clipping happens, you just have to deal with it..your tail is very puffy, and im sure it isnt just the razor that clips im sure some outfits clip with it so with it or if it really bothers you just create a new character.
  4. Weak crafting system.

    Its not a struggle, you're clearly not reading what the NPC's are telling you because theres literally a whole tutorial sequence on crafting and marketplace at lvl 16, you ignored it obviously...dont try to complain because you messed up
  5. So, Bye Bye my 23 march level up challenge...

    you have 13 can literally level up like 2 or 3 characters in that time without money and soups...i got my character to lvl 45 in one day and i didnt fund it or give it soup....stop whining man
  6. Lyn Warlocks tail issues

    Stop using that puffy tail then
  7. These threads always pop up...i know you want to play the game with a good ping but really stop just asking, you really really need to look at the actual reasons why they can or cant...They would need to pay more people. they would need to build a new office, they would need to buy hosting rights, etc etc. theres so many things that need to go into this for it to actually work, and the company might just not have the money for it.
  8. I'm done with these forums

    because the bots are trying new ways to spam, after 1 thing gets fixed the bots find another thing...just give them time, and no dont ask them to tell you what they're doing because if they say what they're doing exactly to fix things then the botters will just create ways around it
  9. Can't Write my name.

    do you have a foreign keyboard? is your keyboard language not in english?
  10. Did not get the free character slot

    next time use search function cause literally like 10 minutes after server went up i put up an explanation on how to get the free character slot
  11. Few questions about the game?

    no racial differences other than looks and class availability (like only Jin can use assassin and only Lyn can use summoner)
  12. Few questions about the game?

    id stay away from servers that say "new" and i once played on junghado and hated how empty i was, i currently play on Iksanun and its pretty populated, but im pretty sure the top populated servers are Jiwan(considered the ERP server) and Old Man Cho
  13. Few questions about the game?

    1. No idea, unless you accidentally chose a different voice thinking you chose another one. 2. People say theres more PvP but i disagree, this game has quite a few PvE instanced Dungeons and the only real PvP is Arena ((and very little open world pvp in moonwater plains) 3.No because you can reset skills at any point 4.Just youtube it, if you want something fast then of course Assassin(its a ninja basically) will be fast, but again, use youtube 5.the unnofficial way to check server populations is to check out the server section of the forums and see which server has the most threads/posts
  14. where are the new costumes

    the temptation outfit? its not only for warlock and to get it you have to level a new character to lvl 45 before march 23rd its on the wardrobe, just look around for it
  15. Seriously, NCSoft, are you joking?

    Yes...we all have college and they have jobs...sorry that you personally cant make it work, but other people make it work and are advancing at a decent rate into the end game