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  1. Yikes. Its pretty bad. The first mistake was using a Laptop for gaming as its already common knowledge that even a decent CPU can outdo a top gaming laptop. If you have some money to spend on building a PC, do it. Just a heads up though, you shouldn't buy a PC just for trying to play this game on high settings. Its poorly optimized and even people with high end gaming PC's get FPS drops. As for your current specs, you'd be lucky to run the game on 20 FPS + even with nobody around and on low settings. I wouldn't even want to imagine how badly your FPS drop would be during a 24-Man Raid.
  2. Punishment for Undergear and Delaying Players

    Yea hell no, this kind of thinking will only drive away more players that already left the game due to the bots, tiresomely boring dailies and poor optimization. Labyrinth is one thing but I've run Bloodshade with a full team of Awakened Sirens (even a couple True Profane) players with everyone averaging around 350-375 AP and we ran the dungeon perfectly fine. No one was being carried, everyone did their part and we didn't have to rely on having top gear to rely on; just pure skill and good iframes. Not everyone can speed blitz their way through upgrading weapons to meet the level requirement, it takes serious dedication and patience to grind the necessary soul shield pieces along with gold from dailies to get that far. How are players who are "undergeared" supposed to catch up if they're locked out of the content that gives them precisely what they're lacking?
  3. So am I imagining things or did the price of these things drop drastically? They used to go for at least 30 + gold a pop not too long ago and now they're being sold at 17-18? Are people just not interested in crafting anymore that they're demand is no longer needed? Someone talk to me.
  4. Well that really sucks....I wish I was in that group. Could have gotten 10 g for free right there.
  5. Hey this looks like the clan I've been searching for. I'll gladly sign up: IGN: Ignis Zecrow
  6. Bidding for someone else's weapon

    Let me correct you on a few things you seem to be misinformed about: "people who bid a weapon need it to upgrade as breakthrough, evolution or offering is all in same level. so people that need purple weapon for offering has the same chance of rolling for that weapon too" If there are 6 people in a dungeon run and only 1 person in the group is a FM (who needs that weapon for breakthrough), there is literally no reason for anyone else to bid on it. It's completely worthless to anyone else since the amount of exp gained from using breakthrough weapons as offerings is the exact same as any other weapon found off a mob. If its an accessory such as a necklace or a ring then its fair game but what reason do people have to bid on breakthrough items that they can't make use off other than trying to weasel more coin out of those who desperately need it? "and don't say like "but you can get any weapon for offering from the box", well listen up kid... to open a box it's gonna cost 1 key up to 3 key, and since 1 key is 10s, that means it can cost 10s - 30s" You can easily run several dailies that pay off in keys so that whole "10s-30s per key" nonsense in invalid. "so if a purple weapon drop, and a person bid 7s for it as an offering, that's still a good reason for him. cause that offering purple weapon is cheaper then opening a box with key." If a person wants to offer silver for a breakthrough weapon, that's not an issue. What's an issue is if someone else needs that weapon to breakthrough and another player wants to be a dick and up the bid to make that person pay even more than they should. You can bid if you want to if that's your decision but there's nothing wrong with being courteous and letting that player have it. Alot of people have struggled getting breakthrough weapons for their class so I don't understand why you cant cut them a break. "and yes, he can bid. he help you finish the dg. he do his job well, so he have all the right to bid anything that drop from the last boss." That's fine, he/she has the free right to bid on whatever he/she chooses. That's not the issue here that you seem to be misunderstanding. The problem is why bid for the item that you can't make use of? If breakthrough provided substantial exp for upgrading weapons then you would make a good point but they don't. So it's nonsensical for anyone to bid for them when someone else in the party needs it. "kids these days, always want free stuff... "ohh i can use it, can i have it for free ?"... pathetic..." What's pathetic is you generalizing everybody under the assumption that they want everything free and easy.
  7. Hongmoon Upgrade Charms?

    Upgrade Charms won't work if you only use reinforcement stones. You have to use offering equipment.


    When I said "beyond me" I didn't intend for you to take it as in "why doesn't NCSoft implement mounts". I used the wrong choice of words.
  10. MOUNTS

    Even if people don't necessarily need them, there's no doubt in my mind that a large amount of players would purchase mounts if they were available in the cash shop. Why NCSoft has yet to implement them is beyond me but if I were to take a guess, it's just not a suggestion they're willing to throw their time and money into. The demand for mounts is simply not enough to warrant their attention.
  11. Blight Lynblade - Does it exist?

    Of course it exists, the fact that there are Level 45 Blade Dancers in the game proves it. Your just frustrated because of RNGesus *cricket*ing with you. I don't know how bad your RNG is to have to farm that dungeon for an entire week for the item to drop but your only options are to just keep on doing it and hope you get lucky or get yourself a brilliant key (though, i wouldn't recommend wasting them since you'll need them later for future dungeon runs). Gotta keep on trying buddy.
  12. You know, you can get your point across without having to resort to calling people morons or dumb. I get that your frustrated but there's no need to create unnecessary hostility towards people who are only trying to give some advice (regardless if it is good or bad).
  13. So BNS User reviews are bad...

    You call PVE P2W yet don't even bother to explain why? What exactly is pointless about farming dailies for gold? You can easily make 10-15 gold a day if you do all of your dalies and that's not even counting alternate characters. P2W would indicate that you have to pay real money in order to be good at this game and that's anywhere far from the truth. I can't say anything about PVP since I have yet to indulge myself in it and from what I've been hearing about the lag and hackers coming in and out, I won't be anytime soon.
  14. 900 RNG boxes purchased, no Jacket :(

    I seriously hope that this is a troll thread because if it's not, then I must question your mental state for making such a decision. And you expect us to pity you? You gambled away your money knowing full well that there was a strong chance you couldn't get the outfit and now you complain about something entirely your own fault?
  15. Talus Dominion Uniform?

    Wow 6 times lol, must get kind of annoying considering your not able to salvage it for fabric and its only worth a measly 1 copper. Faction Area you say... interesting. I'll check those places out and post my results, thanks.