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  1. You dont need 500ap for any of the content why do people keep believing this.
  2. By the way guys players set the AH price, if you don't like the price boycott it. And wait for a cheaper price. If the player base really can't afford the items the price will have to drop if market forces actually exist.Insert other media
  3. Well? Cause i haven't gotten anything and I maxed my BM on the 20th.
  4. Anyone get there event items yet?

    Think i should open a ticket?
  5. So i was running bloodshade 4man we all wiped except for the cat, and suddenly the cat turned into a GLORIOUS BEAM of light and res'd us all and we killed final boss. You summoners all look like this to me now. Also thinly veiled summoners appreciation thread. No seriously thanks.
  6. I seems that the people who got the the boss are just TOO FAST
  7. Why im gonna switch to BlackDesertOnline!

    Why come here and tell everyone you want us to to console you? Or convince you to stay? Do you want to shepard players who feel like your or something because im quite certain most players who don't like the game just leave quietly. Anyhow bye.
  8. I have never in my life seen looting currency from mobs locked behind a paywall. NCSOFT seriously this is gonna bite you guys back in the ass fix it!
  9. New Here

    Sorry to say to you premium guys the ability to loot mobs for gold is game breaking. Please don't say its not a big deal because my premium and you don't want non premium players to leave to strut your advantage, and its a massive one. I just hit level 40 and weapon breakthrough is 2.5g. I barely have 50silver. Its a great game i struggled thru it to 40 with out premium but the closer your get to cap the more you see the p2w aspect. Again please don't see its not an advantage its like a rich guy saying all this money doesn't give me happiness.
  10. I know open world isnt supposed to be balanced but im a 39 forcemaster and level 42's are resisting everything i send at them, i don't mind the damage scaling but if i just can't do anything wtf is the point in world pvp?