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  1. I guess they want the announcement to be contained within emails only
  2. You people don't know how to advertise dungeon groups. On DCUO, I was known for making the best possible raid groups. Why? Because I was smart enough to be discreet about being an elitist, only my closest guild members and friends knew. I would post on the looking for group channel for only the specific roles I needed with no mention of minimum combat rating or attack power. Then, people would whisper me in private to invite them, and I would look up their names on the database. If they were too low for my standards I would just ignore them and play dumb. This not only let me get the best dps
  3. I think a staff class would be more fitting. They did a great rendition of the monk class in skyforge
  4. You do realize that this game was meant to be predominantly PvP right? smh
  5. Why don't you just make a female toon with a boyish face and flat chest then? It's not like boys and girls in anime never looked interchangeable to begin with
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