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  1. I guess they want the announcement to be contained within emails only
  2. Coming from a Chinese person. the foreign hackers (aka lots of chinese players) would never abide by this
  3. 156 gold?? I need to start running asura
  4. because they're just starting to realize that bd is more of a cheese class than destroyer and possibly summoner
  5. I've never ran into anyone in game with the spider fang. I myself have run tomb at least 50 times when i was carrying my friends' alts, still nothing.
  6. The blue that is shown on the force master yun template has yet to come and it looks the best anyway. They said that best friend will be avaible again at some point but ncsoft has a reputation for not living up to their word. For instance, they take away daily dashes earlier than their announced deadline and they end pvp seasons early sometimes. I would honestly skip the rng best friend and go for the better looking blue one unless your toon has a hair color that clashes with it
  7. You just gave all that gold away to random scrubs? Bruh, I would have at least given them to the people on my friend list D:
  8. Any chance of the devs fixing that weird little spike that falls in between the cleavage line for the gon version of the white knight outfit?
  9. you should be able to solo them up until level 40 dungeons
  10. I'm in mushin, the most populated server, and even the cinderlands is dead now. The only time I ever see other players, even on the weekends, is at the golden deva. Thank god my alt is a force master so that the world bosses are soloable. Sucks to be a melee class
  11. you clearly never played dcuo or marvel heroes
  12. Once you reach end game expect to do a lot of grind unless you are willing to pay to get gold and upgrades fast. Once I hit lv 50 I lost incentive to grind dungeons and dailies for 5 hours every day so I only log on for about 30 minutes every day to do the login rewards and maybe one dungeon. This is coming from a person that used to play anywhere from 6 to 10 hours of DCUO a day back when it was still good. In addition, there are hackers in pvp arenas as well as open world, bot spam problems, lag issues from the client, and overpriced cosmetic items in the store. In conclusion, don't expect t
  13. I hope you are joking because Tera is and has been dead lol
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