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  1. Yeah you have to just Learn, i am a KFM and when i first started i lost every match. i think i lost 10 in a row then won my first. partly because i need to learn my class and what combos i posses as well as what combos the other classes posses to. i finally learned that if i spend points into grapple and i successfully land it in the clutch i regain health. so i basically have to counter other people moves and CC them then attempt to get a grapple off. i have 4 skills that can knock them down. i find that if i cant get my grapple off at least once i will evidently lose the match. so you have t
  2. I dropped Swtor, im still subbed to that game... IDK i love star wars but like it doesn't seem there doing anything with that game. im sure once the new star wars coems out next few ears ill go back. but this combat is awesome. i wish they made a star wars MMO with BNS coombat
  3. Update i won my first arena duel Match! it took 10 defeats to get it! each time i fought i got better and better. Beat a blade master!
  4. * stands up and slow clap* you dap real MVP, man this should be embedded in the program as a Hint or tip
  5. Its not that i dont care about Balancing Classes, i DO, its just this games a different kind of PVP game. its a Skill based one. I could sit here and cry about how all assassins do is get you in a stun lock and just rock my world every arena match,. or i can learn to counter that move properly. I main a KFM and i fought against one and got my but wooped he kept grappling me and i did not know how to trigger my grapple or counter, once i learned how to do this i was able to counter his grapple and hit him with a grapple of my own. same thing with Assassin once i learned that there attack began
  6. We can all just complain about imbalances.... ORRRRR we can all just learn to counter those abilities and get better at it. i can understand in any other PVP game when one class can be OP but this game has counters and dodges implemented so that before they can do certain moves you can counter it. Nerfing Classes wil most likely break the game. Nefring < Skill
  7. LOL am i really with the minority? people got to stop complaining, what do they expect WOW PVP?
  8. Its a skilled based game. and lets face it if you are sucking its because your not skilled yet at it. I was suckign the only time i got some one down to atleasy %30 was when i was against a blade dancer and im pretty sure he sucked to HAH
  9. Im excited, i need t get better and i cant wait to start getting used to the keys and countering. i have gorilla hands so its sometimes hard to hit the right keys but, so far this has got to be the best PVP i have played in a while. I can see how people can get frustrated but the journey for me is much more fun than the win. of course when you get better youll start to win your matched but. im ok with sitting back and enjoying the journey
  10. SO yesterday i hit 16 and decided to do 1 v 1 i did 4 matches, of course i Lost all of them horribly but my God it was so fun. Im a KFM and it was awesome countering and dodging attacks. At one point i went against another KFM felt like i was in a Kung fu movie. any one else felt like this there first time?
  11. Why is this happening? why is NCSOFT acting like this is the first time they have managed an MMO?
  12. it seems like it was because since recent im not seeing gold farmers :)
  13. gotcha, thanks for the information guys.
  14. IS gold hard to get in this game? am i gonna be grinding forever? lol
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