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  1. i forgot to add, maybe hes hm 11? balance whats that ncsoft !!
  2. i ve never seen a vid from rank 1 so i cant say he use hacks or not. but i see his guild name, i dont think he use. the guidnamme nuck fcsoft is the best name i have ever seen xD. maybe hm skills are required to win in arena idk, i have the standard 2 not more and it sucks. hold gold isnt easy.
  3. its not about sometimes its about, the class isnt playable at all. they to nothing to make it balanced. you see ncsoft make contest, crap that nobody wants to see, but the things that are important, they just ignore it. we play a bit funny guy in the show on bns tv... all is good? people want to see the important work not blablablabla and illusions all the time. but thats what they actually do. the class must be able to protect themselve from instant kills or macrospam attacks.
  4. i play Summoner a while now, and i thaught we get a bit more Balance in this game. Im a Arena Player and all skills, even the new bee skills, "the dot skill too" make not enaugh dmg to kill an opponent. without cat we have no defense no possibilities to disturb an opponent. And when we get hit, we are dead in 3 hits sometimes. that is in my opponion no balance at all. BM resist all the time. warlock leans back, make 2 spells, dead. forcemaster the same. when i think about it.. the heal is pretty useless. 2 spells and im down anyway. i want more protection or more dmg for the summoner. in silv
  5. Yubeiyagyuu


    der doppelte kd vom summoner scheint auch verbugt zu sein, im 4 er nexus, wenn man zum beispiel kurz vor der blauen suppe steht kommt kein kd beim boss an, aufjedenfall e nicht, v ja aber auch nicht immer.
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