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  1. Does gameguard even do anything?

    Well at first it wouldn't start untill you shut down the program (note it didn't tell you anything people had to figure that one out on their own). Asfar as i noticed now it simply shuts down your app when you start BnS now ... which in my oppinion isn't a whole lot better, since i like recording my gameplay .... Gamegaurd is there to make normal players their lives miserable i suppose, since the bots/gold sellers are still there.
  2. Does gameguard even do anything?

    Yes ... yes it does. It shutsdown legit players that use non hacking programs like AMD gaming evolved app (recording gameplay program). So it does something alright ... just not what it is supposed to do.
  3. Everything is just a grind now.

    I have to agree that this game is a MASSIVE grind. That said i'm in no hurry to actually get all the end-game stuff anymore. Started when BnS went live lvled a KFM to 45 in 4 days. At the moment i'm still at profane and don't feel like upgrading the weapon anymore for now. The high costs killed trying to progress for me. I like doing fun thing and simply grinding gold is not in my list of "fun things". In the meanwhile i simply play some PVP against bots, lvl some alts and in general try to find people with the same mindset to spend some time with. At first i tried as hard as i can to keep up with players from other servers with shitloads more experience. Seeying how that drove me mental with the high costs i simply took like 6 steps back and started enjoying the game instead of trying to get to the "end" as fast as possible. I have no idea how long that will last, since it seems outside of upgrading your weapon/gear there isn't a whole lot to do. Personally i feel it fails a bit in the "random" things to do, but other then that it's a ok game to play. If something like C9 combat comes out with open world i'm gone from this game though thats for sure. I admit this game requires skill in pvp, but more then that it requires knowledge about your opponent and i'm not sure i'm intrested enough to actually learn that in this game. Oh well for now i'll keep on playing till something more worthwhile comes out. TL:DR it's a ok game for now. Edit: Games like C9 and dragons nest is what i call "action mmo's". This game feels allot more strategic then action based in my oppinion.
  4. You gotta admit it

    The problem i see here is that blade and soul actually shows you what you need to gear up. Other games hide this behind walls and walls of dungeons. You first need complete set awesomezor + weapon before you can start at higher dungeons. There you farm complete set extremeawesomezor + weapon before you can start the next dungeons. there you farm the complete evenbetterextremeawesomezor + weapon ok now you are ready to raid etc etc etc. Although i like that system ALLOT more then what BnS has it's practically the same. The only thing being you can't get "lucky" in this game. Other games sometimes grand you great fortune and give out 2 pieces of your gear in one day if not even more if your luck it with you. Here it's all behind a HUGE wall of farm without variables and thats a bit demotivating.
  5. Dear forum lurkers, posters, readers

    1. First match yesterday when i tested out arena again to see if there where many bots. 1v1 against a destro bot. As you already mentioned they are easy to beat, since they don't change up their gameplan when they get beaten. Still i came here to fight a human ... not a bot. 2. Yes they are trying to find a solution for this, but asfar as i recall they only said "we are looking at a long term solution" not a ETA when this actually would be implemented. I could be wrong, but thats how i heard it atleast on the stream. Still they could have put a few GM's or volenteers on the job as a quick fix. I'm glad they are looking at a long term solution ... that doesn't mean however that i wouldn't like a quick fix now in the meanwhile. 3. Haven't seen any myself aswell. Still there are video's about them on youtube so there is proof. Although you don't see them in droves they are there. 4. I don't have allot of latency issues myself, but i doubt the people here are talking out of their arse. Especially during the "initial new mmo rush" allot of people reported this. Why you only see a few posts here and there now is because most of them already left. No reaction towards this problem except "there are allot of things we cannot controle this is your ISP" ... "we do care though!" .... Yeah caring will fix the issue most likely ... As said i don't have this problem myself, but i can see it being a problem with so many posts. 5. The AFK'er are a problem. I don't feel like switching party every damn time a leecher is there. Mind you i have very fast loading times so it's not that much of a problem. Now imagine you have to load for 30 secs per loading screen ... There is like what 3-4 before you are actually back in the dungeons again ? Thats 2 mins for everytime a leecher is there and to be honest they are quite common even if you don't want to believe that. 6. If this game was down for like 1-2 times since launch outside of the normal maintenance and if that downtime was only like 1-2 hours nobody would complain. Still i think some people already missed DAYS in total premium time not counting maintenance. They should at the very least get the lost time extended. Nothing too difficult and seems fair enough. 7. Well this is most likely the one point i agree on. Every game nowadays has a shitty protection. Still just because shitty protection is the standard doesn't mean it's fine then. Well atleast expect people complaining about it and they are in their good right to do so. 8. Mate of mine got worse FPS after the "optimization patch" while i'm uneffected outside of some artifacting that wasn't present at first. Even with names off, people off and on battle mode. He got a good 50-60 before and now it's down to 30-40. So thats sound to me like a legit complaint. Whatever they did should be made public so the people that actually have a decrease in preformance and turn back whatever it "fixed". All in all your experience differs allot from what others report and although i'm largely uneffected by most problems i still realise people have a reason to complain. I could post that everything is on their side and need a better internetz + hyper pc from nasa, but realisticly ... no this game has some serious issues.
  6. So About Our AFK Problem..

    the only thing NCsoft really has to do is make AFK'ing in dungeons bannable, since it seems most people use that as a argument why afk'ing is ok. "It's not in the rules so it's ok" simple adjustment that can be made here really. Just a few lines of text shouldn't be that hard to change. The only reason NCsoft hasn't done this is most likely, since it generates work. The bot problem could have been solved short term by banning them with in-game GM's. Seeying as how they don't like "short term" solutions (read allot of work involved) they will never add this "do not afk in dungeons" rule. Instead they rather let players duke it out for themselves apparently. Still if they actually want us to take care of the problem they shouldn't be suprised with people getting paranoid and very toxic/abusive towards leechers or suspected leechers. that however is not allowed. To me it feels allot like the dicks in this game are getting protection whereas the normal player simply has to endure in silence. TL:DR this will never be fixed and NCsoft seems to think that by simply letting the community switch parties and whatnot this is already "fixed". That it generates needless frustrations and that players will actually leave the game over stuff like this in the long run is something they have not realized yet i suppose.
  7. I think they hired "humans" this is the second positive report of the CS today! Keep up the workflow lads!
  8. They are working on allot of stuff, but the same as OP i'm not sure i will last to actually see this put into action. Sofar i survived the que times, lived through the so called optimization, stayed clear of SS ogong, kept clear of any bot interaction, have not send mails to alts with high ammounts of gold, dealt with the disconnects, the frame drops at wyrm, the PVP unbalance, little to no end-game .... etc etc etc. There is a limit to my patience however and slowly but surely i'm getting to that point of "why should i even keep going". I have postponed asking myself this question, but i don't know how long i can go on fooling myself. I love the combat and game in general, but there is so much wrong that it's getting harder and harder seeying this game in a positive light.
  9. Punishment for Undergear and Delaying Players

    I have a friend that plays this game aswell although casually (he is like 44 at the moment and played from when it opened). He is a summ so i told him we could do the 4 blue dungeons with just us 2 (well we are both new so you can imagine how well that idea went xD we made it to the boss and that is where the fun ended :P). Still the biggest laugh i had that night was telling him that if he sees a red circle it means he needs to run into it to avoid damage. Ofcourse he took the advice to heart and ran in like 4-5 times till he found out if was messing with him xD .... I'm mean i know. Still for me thats all part of the fun. We took like 2 hours orso before giving up. Not time efficient in the least, but we had a few good laughs and that made it totally worth it ^_^.
  10. Punishment for Undergear and Delaying Players

    Thanks for the offer i'm on the hao district though. I wish i could just find some "new" players like myself or a few friendly players like you to run these dungeons. For me dying and learning the dungeons is half of not 3/4 of the fun related to MMO's. I wonder where the times went where people actually laughed while having a wipe instead of cursing and flaming the people that don't know the dungeons.
  11. Punishment for Undergear and Delaying Players

    I'm a fresh player (as in played no other versions) lvled a KFM 45 in 4 days and this mentality you have OP is what keeps me out of POH 6,4 BSH 6,4 and the new dungeons that came with this patch. I have true profane with a mushin tower/bsh soulshield set. Got 35k HP 45% crit. Most likely i can go into POH 6 and BSH 6 easily. Still i haven't even tried yet, since i know people will expect me to tank. Now how am i gonna learn to tank POH or BSH if i never run them ? Still even knowing this i never tried, because i actually fear being matched up with people like you. We don't need to lock down new players we need a "i don't want to be matched up with elitists" button so people like me can start running the dungeons we are long overdue for.
  12. why i see less and less everyday?

    Multiple reasons for this effect you experience actually. 1. the hype train has stopped. You see this in every mmo nothing new really. There are allot of MMO-Hoppers that simply go from one to the next. What they are looking for no idea but i do know every mmo has these in the initial rush. This is actually a very big group. 2. Preformance. Some players have hideous preformance in this game and altho they will play awhile at one point the framedrops and stutter gets to them and they quit. 3. Unsatisfied with customer care/support. Which i sadly can understand a bit. Although i do not experience most troubles and have not made reports yet i have seen allot here on the forums that where very disappointed so most likely a few of those left. 4. I joined one of the first servers and i do believe the "initial" servers are still the ones populated most because it's filled with people that waited a long time for the game. 5. Forced PVP at end-game. I think this is a big turnoff for allot of people. I can relate to that i actually dislike that part aswell, but work with what is given to me. Still for some this will be a reason to leave. 6. Overall very toxic community. I'm a friendly person, with a pretty thick hide, but if your simply friendly this community is very very uninviting. Just look around on the forums you will find examples plenty. Yet another reason to leave. 7. Not to much end-game sofar. I mean it's pretty much poh and bsh. Sure you could say 4,6 and 24 would make 6 dungeons, but in the end it's simply 2 with slightly different mechanics and more hp,damage. We will get new content really soon, but if you are impatient that would be another reason to leave. 8. Reach max gear upgrades etc. these are people that most likely will come back when new content arrives still for now they are gone from boredom. I could go on and on, but in the end i don't believe the game is really dying. It is however not ment for everyone. Very casual unfriendly enviroment so to speak and lets be honest most gamers are actually casuals. Oh well i'll just keep on playing and see what happens, if it lives good! if not ... oh well on to the next.
  13. Game already dying.

    Well slowly i do have to say the NCsoft seems a bit on the uncaring side indeed. There have been many many threads with problems that still exist today (from back in the beta even). Although NCsoft does reply it's all sorta "we can't help it, but that doesn't mean we don't care" awnsers. Very political correct, but that mentality doesn't fix problems. I do have to say maybe just maybe there are things that are indeed out of their hands or above their heads that they can't handle. It would be fair to simply admit that it actually is that way and would stop allot of us from asking the questions again and again. In the end player to player communication on these forums brings nothing, absolutely nothing. No1 makes report/writes threads No2 responds agree/disagree No3 reponds agree/disagree etc etc Thread boils Mod jumps in gives political awnser that doesn't say anything and it goes quit for a good half hour. After that its rinse and repeat. Untill NCsoft is going to give us real awnsers these kind of threads keep popping up and with good reason. Although i get tired of seeying them pop up you can hardly blame the people making them. They care and slowly as said i'm starting to believe NCsoft doesn't or can't.
  14. Well at the end of the day a MMO should be about playing with other people. Else i can recommend allot of coop-games or single player that will give you allot more intresting story/gameplay/graphics and pixel boobs+butt can be found in almost any game nowadays. Hell some games even have a dedicated mod community that focuses almost on nothing else (read skyrim CBBE anyone ??). Let's put it like this i don't understand why you would play any sort of MMO if you are not intrested in banding together with strangers, since thats pretty much what mmo's are about. Everything else related to MMO's is z-rated in comparison to single/coop games. That said i have never see such a big group of mutes gather at one place at one time xD. It's like 90% of this community has that problem. Is it fear ? Is it elitisme ? Why you no speak ? Sadly i think MMO's are kinda dying out since the biggest part that draw people to them (the community feeling) is simply not present anymore. P.s. This is not directly aimed at people in this thread. This is just in general what i noticed while playing this game.
  15. Well you seem honest about it though. Still imagine you being new to the game. not in high gear and no real understanding of the dungeon since it's your first time. now imagine another you as you are now in the party. Would you like it ?