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  1. It didn't work for me at first so went to their main page and tried to go directly to said article, but it wasn't showing up. Refreshed the page (ctrl+f5) and there it was.
  2. Once or twice per day. It usually happens when I'm in mushin's tower and in the cross server lobby
  3. I don't think they lowered anything. I got dark sandstorm in about 10-15 runs and ran the naryu temple thing more than 200 times and got no saberfang mask so far but a friend told me that it took him 150 or so. Some things seem to be pretty hard to get them to drop for some of us :/
  4. Just as the person above said; I like this event and I think the rewards are fair plus it's accesible to everyone, both alts and newbies :D I also got 20 moonstones so far, guess you weren't that lucky :/ Hope your luck gets better so you can get to enjoy it too
  5. Great idea :D I have my vault full atm with 5 rows just for outfits (my vault is fully unlocked) and the rest are all mats I need. I had to stop getting and farming them bc I have no place for it anymore :(
  6. Yus please! I'd love to play that class~ :D I agree on the part of the yun's exclusive class as they don't have any :o ...Or even better, just make every class for every race XD
  7. They should add these and the dreadtide arena ones that they removed Idk why :(
  8. Oh wow you're right, since the sword looked decently enough to me when I crafted it I though the axe would also look nice, but it looks terrible... :s
  9. The first weapon you can craft with the forgekeepers looks identical to the training one and it can be used as a skin. If you don't wanna/can't craft it yourself you can look for it in the marketplace too. --- The silver deva gauntlets are the smallest and better looking atm, imo. It would be nice if they added some skin to the store that are like bandages, fingerless gloves or something like that though.
  10. Yeah, my ping varies from 150 to 350. I think I'd get the same ping connecting to US servers lol
  11. Yeah, it's possible. I love the game and I'm not really annoyed by all the grindy aspects of it, but it is not alt friendly at all and I enjoy playing alts way too much to pass this detail. Making everything that's not tradable account bound would really make a difference and would save you a lot of time doing the same things over and over again. I also don't like how this event works, it is not alt friendly nor newcomer friendly and a big money sink. If the costs for upgrading the weapon were 1s everytime the people who just started the game could maybe enjoy it and progress
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