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  1. I'm kind of conflicted between Legacy/Eon/Limitless. Legacy = Primal + Transcendence Eon = Holy Fire + Transcendence Limitless = Holy Fire + Courage Half the fire gunners I see have legacy, so I'm assuming towards endgame gear, that extra bulletstorm is a huge dps increase. Then I've seen a couple with Eon and Limitless and those effects seem to look more appealing. Any input on which I should go for? Assuming all endgame gear has been obtained (bracelet/raven9+/leg mystic,stage 10+ bt access.)
  2. Which soul badge is better to have for fire gunner? I was originally leaning towards holy fire but someone said primal because of the extra 2 seconds for tab. Plus I already have HM RMB so I wasn't sure if holy fire would make a difference to proc triple shot.
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