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  1. I documented one of the first sidequests: Soup Her Man Feel free to use it as a template for other sidequests also not sure if coinsidence, but "Soup Her Man" sounds like "Superman". I put it down as an Easter Egg
  2. Hey guys as much as i love puppies and ducks and other cute animals, lets focus on more important entries maybe like NPCs and quests and stuff? We need a lot more of those in the wiki
  3. I was just at the yonkai work camp while reading this thread so figured I'd give it a go: http://orcz.com/Blade_and_Soul:_Yonkai_Work_Camp Template for (area) includes: Overview Location Minimap NPCs Utility Map Explore nearby Strategy guide/tips Screenshots Hope this helps. Will do more areas as I cover more grounds.
  4. Try opening task manager and shutting down process
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