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  1. Warlock buff suggestions

    Nice one? :D Too bad it resist cc
  2. Warlock buff suggestions

    Agreed to Q and E skills while thrall is down... Would be great. Also another stun like our 3 would be great vs KFM or bms with their stupid permanently HM counter... fck how I hate to face KFM!!! Also it would be nice if we could use Q two times while thrall is up instead of 1time. Ohhh yeee and leech shouldnt be able to fail idc if the opponent has iframe on no fcks given... leech should go through it! Thanks.
  3. Am i alone?

    I feel you man, I feel you!
  4. Merchant of Wonders?

    Ive done like 3-4 runs in a row of necro this NPC has mental problems to spawn. And everytime he spawn... The things I can purchase are shetty. Should've made the NPC spawning every run so 100% ... or all Items you can buy/gain from it will be listed once he spawn! But nooooo...... >.>'
  5. Merchant of Wonders?

    Lol guys... Just go farm ... it took me 3-4days farming Yeti 4man to get 250 stingers, 80 Moonstones, the requierd soulstones and what ever I had on costs to upgrade my weapon to awakened Scorp., to get high AP isnt hard :D! I may have only 604ap too but its enough to get all my stuff done neither I have any issues to join a party! :D Farming is the solution :P
  6. Mob Resetting

    Just take max. range at the mobs of Frostacle Basin and they keep resetting. Hit them with Dragoncall... Chain them ... Boom Reset. Biggest and most annoying shet ever.
  7. HongMoon Letter

    Daran hab ich nicht gedacht dh. also ich bekomme nicht alles sondern muss wählen ? :D
  8. HongMoon Letter

    Hey, Ich weiss nicht ob noch wer anderes den Bug hat oder hatte momentan sieht es so aus als wäre ich die einzige. Den letzten Letter von lvl 45 kann ich mein Feedback abgeben zu BnS aber ich kann nicht mehr auf Confirm klicken um meine Rewards zuerhalten... Jeder konnte es anscheinend nur ich nicht. Sorry für die englischen Wörter :D Ich bin den Englischen client gewöhnt :D
  9. new sexy character