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  1. I checked this forum to find tips for my summoner and my lil' Frisky in pvp, yet I see people trolling saying "Summoner is OP". Really? You can't be at least honest? You think NCSoft will nerf it even further when you lie that it's overpowered? Name one skill which is OP. Oh? THANK YOU. Now go play your spin2win Destro. How does this shit even slide? I'm 21, okay? I have like SEVEN skillpoints. I have HALF of my skills. I have a LOT, okay? I know I don't have True Friend which is a huge buff and I know I need to spend literally all my skillpoints on Sunflower, Backstep and Doom'n'bloom, which leaves me with absolutely NO utility or damage. But still. I LOST TWICE. Against freaking 45 HM 5 KFM and 45 HM3 Destro BOT. It's ridiculous. I'm smart, my face is big so I press many buttons at the same time while facerolling on my keyboard. I met TWO bots. TWO. AND THEY WERE DESTROS, MY WORST MATCH UP! Only KFM can compare with its ridiculousness. :/ They should completely remove Searing Palm pvp spec and change Tremor stun to daze. This shit is too OP. I lost TWICE? TWO FREAKING TIMES?!?! ONCE TO A FREAKING NO CD TYPHOON W/ TELEPORT? BUFF SUMMONER SO I CAN WIN WITH THOSE BROKEN CLASSES LIKE DESTRO AND KFM ON MY 21 LEVEL!!!!
  2. Everything is pretty much balanced after scummoner and warlock got nerfed hard.
  3. Upgrade my ring or get my moonwater soul?

    Take moonwater soul, your main damage output is in Fury/after Smash anyway. You wouldn't want to have only True Siren Ring, would you? It would look badly :( MAX looks sexy. Stage 5? Not so much.
  4. Let's be serious guys. Summoner is UNDERPOWERED

    Yeah, that's why I lost to 45 H5 KFM. Logic so hard QQ Still, Destro bots with NO CD hacks and perfect counters are pretty hard for 21 level scummoner with no skills other than Sunflower. I think they should be nerfed so I don't have to actually try against destro bots. I literally can't possibly escape from NO CD Fury Typhoon before and after Blitz, Ram and Pull :/ OP!
  5. No, Summon means SUMMON. Telling someone to come to you. English too hard I guess.
  6. He means "Ali" at E you freaking retard... it deals AoE damage that brings sins out of stealth if they get close (and you can do it while stunned). Also, your Doom'n'bloom brings out of stealth.
  7. PvP is balanced.

    Then that's not first second. Same thing, you can't be high in the air. Unless you get switched in the air, but that's another skill. They can't stun you from flying sparrow in the air O.o BD using dash is imbalanced, but you using dash is okay? I thought both people doing the same thing would be considered "balanced" but oh well.
  8. PvP is balanced.

    Sin stealth at first second means he sacrifices 10% hp heal and projectile defense for 10 sec on a 36 sec cooldown. I'd be glad if sins used this shit against me. LBM/BM skill works only on a target on the ground. Easy to counter, really. Scummoner, well is OP.
  9. Let's be serious guys. Summoner is UNDERPOWERED

    Oh noes, next person who trolls to make scummoners look OP and honest serious people look bad :/
  10. Let's be serious guys. Summoner is UNDERPOWERED

    I don't get it but thanks for joining me in this petition to buff Summoner! I'm taking one for the team! Hate me spank me you will never break me! Summoners let's all strike so they buff us! How can we ever lose on 21 level against mere 45 HM5? LET'S NOT PLAY PVP AT ALL UNTIL THEY BRING OUR OLD DOOM'N'BLOOM BACK!!!
  11. Weapon progression

    It's print screen of the exact same thing just without a party lol
  12. Weapon progression

    He already proved you wrong and you still try to make yourself less stupid. xD
  13. Weapon progression

    Hahahhahaaha Please queue to shut up this moron...
  14. Weapon progression

    Lol you are dumb af. It does specify, you have a name, it doesn't specify damage etc, but it has class restrictions. You are in the wrong because IT WAS POSSIBLE to discern. You didn't.
  15. Weapon progression

    See? It wasn't that hard to admit you were in the wrong and it wasn't game's fault. Oh, and it DOES specify class restrictions. You just saw an icon and didn't check anything else.
  16. Let's be serious guys. Summoner is UNDERPOWERED

    I am not lol. You are just like those people screaming "Summoner OP" when KFM and Destro are clearly better and should be nerfed :/
  17. Reached platinum on my summoner but still get hate?

    If you find Sin's easier than Sum... well, you can't play faceroll class that Summoner is. Ask anyone in a big guild which class is best for Brightstone solo farm. 99/100 will say Scummoner. One person will say Sin. Statistics that NC showed? Well, burden of proof is on you, come on, I'm waiting for you to prove this baseless gibberish. Also, you should consider the fact EVERYONE has a Scummoner BECAUSE IT'S SO EASY. People do Scums for Brightstone solo runs, people do Scums for ez zen beans farm. Not any other class, just Scums. Unless there are like four times as many scummoners, those statistics are useless. Of course I flamed every Scummoner. Because every Scum here was an idiot that wanted to convince himself their class was balanced and their gold actually means they have SKILL.
  18. Weapon progression

    Wait what? It specifically says "Razor" "Axe" Lynblade" "Dagger". When you put your mouse cursor over it you have full info about it. XDDD They are IDENTIFIED and not UNSEALED. Hahahahaha god, you are mentally challenged. You can't queue to dungeon, you can't bid on a weapon. Is there a single thing you can do?
  19. Let's be serious guys. Summoner is UNDERPOWERED

    Thanks for the words of encouragement! But PvE... it's even worse! Those mobs don't even look at me. I don't want to hit them in the back, because I AM their opponent. Yet they ignore me and I can't even take damage. I'm always waiting for them to actually attack me, but they never do. I even use Q so my little Frisky hides and doesn't take damage. Yet they always ignore me and try to attack him. I don't want to be cheap, I'm a real warrior, okay? How do I kill them then? I don't want to put Frisky in harm's way. :(
  20. Reached platinum on my summoner but still get hate?

    First of all. Sin being cheap shit? LOOOOOOOL. Yeah, it can permastealth, but lots of bosses see through or have AoE skills or skills that penetrate stealth. Also, Sin doesn't have huge damage. Compared to scum/FM it falls short. And sin has to keep track of CD of 5 different abilities unless he just Dashes to enemy's back, which is buggy af. You obviously NEVER played Sin. Scummoner on the other hand, has to stand in one place and spam skill while cat taunts. Watch Scummoner soloing BSH4. NO SIN HAS EVER DONE IT. No Sin will ever do it on 45 with current weapons. Proof that there are more summoners than any other class? Proof that Diamond Scums have other plat classes? Also, could you explain why their Diamond is on Scummoner and they can't get to Diamond with their other classes? Maybe Scummoner is easier and with the same skills they can't get out of plat with different classes? Intellect- one of top Scums last season mains FM but decided not to bother with FM and played Scum for the prize. As for Spin2win crap, THEY ARE DEFLECTING all your attacks. Come on, how can you penetrate spinning axe. Before you can actually hit Destro's body you'll meet his axe. Why doesn't he throw up? Special training? People complain about Scums because they are OP class that even devs described as "targetted at female audience". Look at twitch. 90% of girls play Scummoners.
  21. Weapon progression

    Bullshit, you just didn't pay attention lol. Noone ever encountered this problem. Unless you messed with the client.
  22. FM cannot beat BM unless BM is mentally challenged

    Yeah, you never said that, but it was all QQing, so I just made it short so people don't need to read it again. Quote is so you know I'm replying to your post. That is not the point of this thread, so I literally named my topic "FM CAN'T BEAT BM UNLESS BM IS MENTALLY CHALLENGED" and not "Paper scissors mechanics" If he does block when you are in Freeze, you have 0,3s window to stun him. If he doesn't, his reaction time can't possibly match up to Glacial Beam's speed. Soooo, nah. No BM can really counter it UNLESS you run down whole timer that he can see and he can time it all perfectly.Or unless he expects you to do that. As I said, mix it up. I never have problems with hitting with my snowball. And I never go past 8m mark. From 16m mentally challenged BM can easily see an attack and block it for easy stun. But hey, you are RANGED, right? So you just run as far as you can. Double aerial also disables block for SIX seconds. You can't kill BM in 6 seconds? You can't freeze BM in 6 seconds? Change your class then lol
  23. FM cannot beat BM unless BM is mentally challenged

    You do realize that's EXACTLY how 1. Summoners 2. Destroyers 3. Hell, even Sins Feel about FM, right? Why are you crying about BM? You are on of those FMs that think they are ranged, aye? Nah, you are not. Double air combo requires being in range, to get most of your skills you do it after Grip/Q/E so you need to be in range to use those. Snowball lets you do your whole RT1 combo and shit on anyone. What? He SS'd? What a bummer, learn to use your skills in less obvious ways. After Q and E maybe? Most people don't expect instant Glacial Beam/Snowball right after freezing. (Do note I mean FREEZING, not unfreezing. People think we will stay in it for few seconds for cooldowns etc). And for the rest, just mix it up. Of course, they are easy, but what did you expect if you spam RT hoping to get 3 chill stacks? 1900 MMR? No wonder, Destro bots are ez pz til 1700 (then they disappear, they can't get higher), then we have army of Sins and Scumms because Destros are also ez pz for them. Thank God both Scummoners AND Sins are ez pz for us. Instead of whining "this matchup is impossible" change your tactics. Bevv did 49-0 on FM Sooo, QQ more.
  24. Solo Bloodshade Harbor 4-man

    Oh, it's a different topic. I also flame a guy saying you can't solo Brightstone with Scummoner and I linked your run. It's in a topic about Junghado :D That's the thing. Other classes require sooooo much more than positioning. You just go into corner to avoid all AoEs except for one (at Hae Mujin) and spam sunflower. It doesn't require skill or cooldown management or maintaining stacks or anything. I'd feel bad recording such faceroll. You knew it was coming and you KNOW it's faceroll that doesn't require skill. That's why you put nice little disclaimer "let the hate begin". Nice gear though.
  25. Solo Bloodshade Harbor 4-man

    You can't dodge everything by walking lol. You avoid Jung's Pentaslash by walking? Oh sorry, you don't even know what it is, it all is eaten by cat anyway.