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  1. Everything is pretty much balanced after scummoner and warlock got nerfed hard.
  2. Upgrade my ring or get my moonwater soul?

    Take moonwater soul, your main damage output is in Fury/after Smash anyway. You wouldn't want to have only True Siren Ring, would you? It would look badly :( MAX looks sexy. Stage 5? Not so much.
  3. Let's be serious guys. Summoner is UNDERPOWERED

    Yeah, that's why I lost to 45 H5 KFM. Logic so hard QQ Still, Destro bots with NO CD hacks and perfect counters are pretty hard for 21 level scummoner with no skills other than Sunflower. I think they should be nerfed so I don't have to actually try against destro bots. I literally can't possibly escape from NO CD Fury Typhoon before and after Blitz, Ram and Pull :/ OP!
  4. No, Summon means SUMMON. Telling someone to come to you. English too hard I guess.
  5. He means "Ali" at E you freaking retard... it deals AoE damage that brings sins out of stealth if they get close (and you can do it while stunned). Also, your Doom'n'bloom brings out of stealth.
  6. PvP is balanced.

    Then that's not first second. Same thing, you can't be high in the air. Unless you get switched in the air, but that's another skill. They can't stun you from flying sparrow in the air O.o BD using dash is imbalanced, but you using dash is okay? I thought both people doing the same thing would be considered "balanced" but oh well.
  7. PvP is balanced.

    Sin stealth at first second means he sacrifices 10% hp heal and projectile defense for 10 sec on a 36 sec cooldown. I'd be glad if sins used this shit against me. LBM/BM skill works only on a target on the ground. Easy to counter, really. Scummoner, well is OP.
  8. Let's be serious guys. Summoner is UNDERPOWERED

    Oh noes, next person who trolls to make scummoners look OP and honest serious people look bad :/
  9. Let's be serious guys. Summoner is UNDERPOWERED

    I don't get it but thanks for joining me in this petition to buff Summoner! I'm taking one for the team! Hate me spank me you will never break me! Summoners let's all strike so they buff us! How can we ever lose on 21 level against mere 45 HM5? LET'S NOT PLAY PVP AT ALL UNTIL THEY BRING OUR OLD DOOM'N'BLOOM BACK!!!
  10. Weapon progression

    It's print screen of the exact same thing just without a party lol
  11. Weapon progression

    He already proved you wrong and you still try to make yourself less stupid. xD
  12. Weapon progression

    Hahahhahaaha Please queue to shut up this moron...
  13. Weapon progression

    Lol you are dumb af. It does specify, you have a name, it doesn't specify damage etc, but it has class restrictions. You are in the wrong because IT WAS POSSIBLE to discern. You didn't.
  14. Weapon progression

    See? It wasn't that hard to admit you were in the wrong and it wasn't game's fault. Oh, and it DOES specify class restrictions. You just saw an icon and didn't check anything else.
  15. Let's be serious guys. Summoner is UNDERPOWERED

    I am not lol. You are just like those people screaming "Summoner OP" when KFM and Destro are clearly better and should be nerfed :/